Claim Jumper Happy Hour 2 & 0.77 cent dessert

Claim Jumper Restaurant
12384 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92128-4616

I had recently posted about excellent deals at Claim Jumper here. Well this is belated post but sometime during September they sent out this great e-mail for $0.77 any dessert. Man their desserts are HUGE!

However I was greatly disappointed by their service! There was very long wait. Then it took over 1+ hr from ordering our food to receiving the food. Perhaps it was the dessert sale or mad-rush for Monday Night football but really unacceptable. We spent tons of time trying to get the notice of our server about the food and everyone just kept asking if we ordered. >< It was ironic that as soon as our food arrived the servers just kept stopping our table to see how we were.

But at least the food was still good or else I’d avoid this hassle.

Parmesan Zucchini Spears $3
(Delicious! I loved fried veggies.)

Mini Tri-Tip Sandwiches $6

Onion Ring $3
( still a pleasantly large amount, tasty sauce but batter really crunchy. I prefer the zucchini)

BBQ Chicken Pizza $4 (Absolutely yummy! Still one my favorites)

Are you ready for this? It’s the monstrous Claim Jumper eclair!
Eclair has layers upon layers of yummy goodness for $0.77! WOOT! (normally $10)
For awhile we sat by the dessert making bar and after seeing them all we decided on this masterpiece

Eclair has:
Bottom layer is 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream
Middle is pre-made elcair filled with custard
Topped off with tons & tons of whipped cream & chocolate syrup.

It was AMAZING! It made the service-lacking night a great one because of the deal. Claim Jumper has some great desserts that you should check out and share. However, I’d avoid Monday Night football rush.


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