Spring Makeup – Beauty Favorites

Spring Makeup Favorites

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (cream)
L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Eternal Sunshine (pigment)
L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe (pigment)
Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie (lipstick)
K Palette Tattoo Eyeliner in Black (liquid pen liner)
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black (liquid pen liner)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Shadow Pencil in Sin (cream)
Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara in Blackest Black (mascara)
Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum (liquid gel for acne)

Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara in Blackest Black
I’ve been on a great mascara hunt trying from Revlon, Maybelline, L’Oreal and finally to Rimmel.
I really liked the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, but I’ve come to find that this one takes it up a notch!
This mascara is very interesting contraption where it able to give volume and length.
The invention is a mascara wand with a long tube in the cap that can either pile on mascara or squeeze the excess off.
I find the volume wand gives me lots of product to build up my lashes and the length allows me to define the tips.
It can be a bit tricky at first getting the right amount of product. I really love the effect.

K-Palette Tattoo Eyeliner in Black & Dolly Wink Eyeliner in Black
These are foreign brands, can be purchased at Ichiban Kan & Sasa.com for US buyers.
They claimed to be one of the best and darkest liquid eyeliners in Asia.
I’ve come to prefer them for their depth in color and easy of application compared to my physician formula eye booster pen.

(Swatched On Hand – KPalette, Dolly Wink)

The two pens are extremely comparable in formula, wear, pigmentation, packaging and design.
I use them interchangeably for my black winged eye look.
Click here for super detailed review of the two pens

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum
(sample size)
“This stuff is magic” say E …and well it sure feels like it. 🙂
Thank you for Birchbox for allowing me to find this.
Recently I bought I splashed out and purchased the full size bottle of this product because it was just that good.
It’s definitely a higher end acne skin product at $30 for 2-oz  but for once just trust me it’s so worth it!!!

The product is a clear watery gel that you can either use as all over face serum or just spot treatment for acne.
I only use it as a spot treatment on breakouts/irritated skin.
I avoid using it as entire face serum because I do have dry to combination skin.
The product quickly soothes my blemish and absorbs into the skin.
I find it provides next day results where my blemish is cleared or significantly smaller.
Another benefit is that a little goes a long way. 🙂

Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie
Revlon lip butter are hybrid product with the pigmentation of a lipstick and feeling of a lip balm.
They come in a huge range of colors from pinky nude to sizzling red.
I really like to use raspberry pie both as a intense pop of color and lightly as a lip stain.
It feel comfortable for a day wear, easy to apply and smooth texture like butter 😛
I would highly recommend trying out this drugstore goodie.

Ecotools Mineral Kabuki Brush (I have reviewed the whole set in blog archives)
This has been my go-to makeup brush for most of the spring.
It’s light, small, compact, durable, soft synthetic bristles, bamboo handle and picks up the right amount of product.
It’s doesn’t shed and holds up great.
I use it for translucent powders, bronzer and blush powders.

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Eyelash Curler (I have reviewed the item  in blog archives)
I recently raved about this eye lash curler and it’s a steal for $7.
I’ve been using it frequently over my Sephora Gold Karat curler as I’m not afraid to bring it every where with me.
It’s light, simplistic design, no spring and gives a great full curl.
It’s a great partner to my Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara.

Latest * HOT * Spring Eye Products
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (cream)
L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Eternal Sunshine (pigment)
L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe (pigment)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Shadow Pencil in Sin (cream)

These are must have in my collection and I pull them out on a daily basis.
I’m even tempted to just stick to these above all other eye shadows I have… dare I say I am tempted.
These hot new release are on par with their high-end counterparts!!!

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer – UD Sin, Maybelline Bad to the Bronze, L’oreal Eternal Sunshine, & L’oreal Bronzed Taupe)

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Shadow Pencil in Sin
I like to use UD Sin as both a all over lid shade and a shimmery primer for the lids.
The UD 24/7 eye shadow pencils are a dream to work with.
They are incredibly creamy, fast drying, smooth and a gorgeous color.
They seriously last all day without creasing or fading – A+ in my book!
* Currently on sale at Urban Decay Website for under $10 for a set of 5

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
I hear these have been compared to Mac Paint Pot, Makeup Forever Cream and many more high-end brands.
All I can say is RUN! to the store and buy this bad boy.
It’s a wonderful bronze that med-tones, shimmery and great for both base/lid use.
It very blend-able, fast drying, creamy, doesn’t crease, lasts all day and is $6 bucks!!!
It’s dare say my best find of the year.

L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows in Eternal Sunshine & Bronzed Taupe
I’d say this item is closest to a pigment product.
However, it provides the best attributes of pigments and pressed eye shadows.
It’s incredibly pigmented, vibrant, smooth texture and it’s NOT MESSY because it stays a strange malleable solid form.
It’s also been compared to Chanel Ombre / Giorgio Armani Eye to Kill eye shadows.

These are for sure something a beauty lover needs in their collection.
The colors provide great depth and dimension to the eye.
I often use Maybelline Bronzed Taupe as a base, L’Oreal Eternal Sunshine as all over lid and L’oreal Bronzed Taupe for crease color.
I can only compare this to how great the Lorac little black baked palette performs – impeccable!

p.s. Don’t you think Eternal Sunshine is such a wonderful name?!?

Yep those are my spring favorites 🙂

Cheap Thrills – Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Review

(Love & Beauty Line are all FINAL SALE item at Forever 21)|

There’s something both alluring and fatal about buying cheap makeup.
Often it can really suck but it’s so cheap that the dent won’t be big.
Yet when you do find a goodie it’s just extra great because you saved so much!!!

Now the question is are these worth the worth the risk?

Well I’m trying to figure it out.  ( read on)

Here I am in the crowded store with my hands clutching these new makeup items from the Forever 21’s makeup line.
I haven’t seen many reviews on Love & Beauty products.
I also find many of the items have non-descriptive names making it incredibly difficult to research.
Yet they are so reasonable priced even compared to drugstore prices  it’s hard not to want them.

Forever 21 / Love & Beauty Makeup
– Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in  Natural / Multi $3.80
– Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Brown/Multi $3.80
– Love & Beauty Blush in Pink $1.80

* I want to thank my good friend Emily for giving me the Love & Beauty – Brown/Multi palette.
All other items were purchased by me.*

Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in  Natural / Multi $3.80

It comes with 4 Shadows, tool and case (no specific labels)
– Pale Pinky with a white sheen
– Light dirty gold with a golden shimmer
– Toned Olive Grey with a golden flecks
– Rustic brown with a golden shimmer
– Double Ended Sponge Applicator
– Slim clear cover, hinged with black base

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

The eye shadows are very easy to swatch and appear smoother than expected.
They aren’t chalky. However they lack the buttery texture of higher end eye shadows.
I find the colors to be true to pan with except of the olive green which appeared duller.
There’s no glittery but it has a shimmery/sheen based formulation.

(Swatched on Watercolor Paper – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

I think these colors would be great as stated for a “Smoky Eye”.
I can see myself using the two lighter shades for brow and inner corner highlight.
The two darker shades can be used for all over the lid and crease definition.

The difficulties I experienced with this eye shadow palette were minimal.
For the price I am I found the eye shadows definitely better than standard $1 shadows or large 88 palettes.

I really like the slim and simplistic packaging
I like the size of the pans (quarter)
I felt it was fairly pigmented and easy to use for the price
It’s a cheap thrill, priced better than drugstore item

I felt the olive lacked depth in the color
The texture wasn’t spectacular but use-able.
I felt you needed to wear primer as the color fades quicker (3hrs)
Caution – you need to dust underneath the eye area after application because in direct sunlight I did notice small amount of shimmer fallout

Overall Would I buy this one again – No b/c I mainly got it for the olive shade. I think it’s a fair price and a – ok product

Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Brown/Multi $3.80
This is amusing because my friend Emily originally got this eye shadow as I convinced her mattes are the way to go.
Unfortunately for her it didn’t really jive with her very pale pinky toned skin.
Yet I found that I really enjoyed this palette a lot more than that previous one due to the light brown tones.
Ha – perhaps next time I’ll just have to switch with her 🙂

It comes with 4 Shadows, tool and case (no specific labels)
– Pearlscent Shimmery White
– Matte Soft Tan
– Shimmery Pinky Peach
– Matted Dark Brown with a hint of reddish shimmer
– Double Ended Sponge Applicator
– Slim clear cover, hinged with black base

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

They are formulated exactly the same as the 1st set with the except of the matte tan.
The tan to have a soft quality about it, a bit powdery if you press your brush harder.
Personally even though I felt they showed similar feel and texture. It appears this set is a hint more pigmented.

(Swatched on Watercolor Paper – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

I found these to be great for my Asian skin tone that leans a bit more yellow and tan.
I like to use this quad for work as it simple, neutral and easy to carry.

I didn’t experience any fall out or chalky texture from this palette.

I really like the slim and simplistic packaging
I find it pigmented
I think it would be great for work environments
I really like the matte soft tan color

I felt you needed to wear primer as the color fades quicker (3hrs)
Caution – you need to dust underneath the eye area after application because in direct sunlight I did notice small amount of shimmer fallout

Overall Would I buy this one again – Yes, I really like the color combination with matte / shimmer.

Love & Beauty Blush in Pink (clear plastic outside packaging) $1.80

Currently, Love & Beauty offers many different blush options.
It’s sort of hard to differentiate between them as they look very similar with slightly different exterior packaging.
The packaging is simple, sturdy and easy to view.
I found the pan size to be generous close to wide bottle cap.

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer, Love & Beauty Blush in Pink)

This blush is pretty.
It comes off a light pink with a pearly sheen. It’s not glittery or shimmery.
The texture is smooth and has strong pigmentation.

– Easy and Simple Packaging
– Large Pan size
– I like the satin sheen finish rather then shimmery
– Pigmented
– Super Cheap!

– Wear time (3-4 hrs) you will likely need to reapply during the day
– Line not distinctively labelled

Overall, Yes I would buy again.

Was it worth the risk? Yep, I would do it again 🙂 …actually pretty soon I have a really awesome Forever 21 dupe post!

Cotton On & Forever 21 Haul

Here are some bits I got from Cotton on & Forever 21.
I really like the Cotton On store. If you haven’t been to one they specialize in casual wear for both men/women.
They make really comfy and affordable plaid button up shirts – that’s how I got hooked. 🙂
The store often has stellar sales for $10.
Also they support a charity called the Cotton On Foundation which is pretty neat.

Most people have been to Forever 21.
If not, you are missing out!
I like it because even they always seem to have super trendy clothing and accessories for really affordable prices.
The one thing I don’t like about Forever 21 is their stores are usually a bit disheveled and it’s hard to find stock.

They have very limited stock! Like it? Buy it now or regret it.
They are my main place to go for awesome accessories.
I always manage find a pair that I need to add to my collection.

Forever 21
Boombox Earrings
Style – Hooks
Price $1.50

I really like these earrings because they are funky, small and dangle just slightly.
I’ve worn these several times and I like how they wear and how light it feels.
I’m always on the lookout for quirky new earrings.

Cotton On
Medium Size Red Bound Calendar for 2012
Type – Limited Edition
Price – $5

This may seem a bit odd to get a calendar so late in the year but it was on sale and it’s never too late to start writing.
I’ve already began using this journal. I like the size which isn’t too big.
I love the feel of the red bound cover and how the width of the lines are big enough for my chubby hand writing.
I like to write lists and sometimes when I have the time – I will write whole long journal entries!
Someday I’ll come back and read this… know what the heck I was up to or so I hope.

Cotton On
3 – set of Braided Charm bracelets
Type – Arm Candy
Price – $3

These were at the check out counter and they beckoned to me with their vibrant braids and cute little charms.
I think this was a steal! I loved the colors, it adjustable and easy to wear.
The only con was that after use I felt that the red braid started to bleed color slightly onto the yellow leaving a slight stain.
I didn’t find that the stain transferred on my hands or clothing, just a bit on the other bracelets.
Overall, I really like these bracelets and I felt they were amicable quality except for the stain issue.

Cotton On
Grey Knit Beret
Type – Hat
Price – $2 (exclusive pricing)

Cotton on is quite good at marketing to their customers at the last step of their purchase.
With that being said I quite like this knit beret for $2.
It was behind the counter and on a discounted price if you made any purchase in the store.
I do look a bit silly with all my bangs going crazy every which way.
But I like how the beret is able to control most of it.

-_- It’s simple and sometimes that just what I need.

Snazzy New Sunnies

Sunglasses $5.80
Forever 21
The Shops at Mission Viejo Mall

Hi Everyone,
Recently I lost my favorite sunglasses and with the prospect of a cruise on the horizon I needed to find a new pair.
So I’m very excited to show off my new sunglasses that I picked up at the Mall today with my friend Mike.
I absolutely love them! They are plastic with a floral inlay print and they are quite comfortable to wear.

Forever 21 had tons of new sunglasses at for really affordable prices.
Some that were similar in design, others were bold one-color and they also had a large range of aviator glasses.
Best part was that I get 100% UV protection and that’s important!

What do you think? What are your favorite style of glasses?

*Other things I’m wearing white flower clip from Pink Zone, Earrings from So Good Jewelry,  Teal Knit Striped Sweater from Forever 21 and Sunglasses from Forever21*

Birchbox – April 2012 Earth Day Box ($10/Month)

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription service
This means that it will automatically renew & charge $10 fee each month like a magazine will be delivered to your house each month. You can cancel at any time before your next box is shipped.
Birchbox Website Link -Sign Up Online

FAQ about Birchbox
1. $10 a month + free shipping (auto – charge)
2. They deliver 1 box a month
3. You will fill out a survey and it can change what it’s in your box, every box can be different
4. Each box is filled with 4-5 deluxe size samples of high-end makeup, skincare and beauty products
5. Option – Each time you write a feedback review for each item in your box, you get 10 Birchbox points
Birchbox Store 
10o points = $10 dollars to use in the store

FYI – You don’t choose what it’s in your box, it’s a surprise.
After the monthly box is sent out you can’t purchase the current month’s box due to cut-off dates.

April 2012 – Earth Day Box
1. Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Cleanser
2. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift Perfume
3. Willa Clear Face Moisturizer
4. Alima Pure Nourishing Lip Balm
* Le Palais Tea Bags

Willa Clear Face Moisturizer
Right off the bat, I really like how cute and well packaged this deluxe sample is. It looks like a cleanser bottle but actually a clear moisturizer. The product has a very plant/earthy smell to it but the scent goes away after application. The consistency is very water-based and absorbs quickly into the skin. I did feel soft and smoothness after use and I think it would be a good daily moisturizer for oily/combination skin types. However being prone to dryness I don’t think I would end up purchase this one.

Alima Pure Nourishing Lip Balm – Full Size
I’m really pleased to have received this product. I never heard of the brand but I’m always ready to try a new lip balm as my lips are often in the state of being chapped. The packaging very slim and travel friendly. It has a twist up application.
The color I received in Rhubarb is dusty rose with a very strong minty scent. So far I’m enjoying it and I will be doing a lip balm “wars” post soon to tell you more about the throw down.

Taylor Swift’s Perfume in Wonderstruck
This is a very popular perfume and has easily recognizable bottle. I think this scent is complex floral and I can see how it would make as a nice gift. It’s not too strong or too sweet. There’s definite floral and fruity tones to it. I could seeing myself wearing it.

G-1 Cleanser – Defective
So this was a teeny tiny sample…yes that happens once in awhile. However, I think my sample was defective because no product came out of the tube. Thankfully Birchbox has AMAZING Customer Service and they gave me 100 pts when I told them about the situation so basically I ended up getting this box for free. 100pts = $10 Birchbox store dollars. I didn’t get to try it but I’m ok with that.

Extra – Teas
I don’t really drink teas. I felt these were packaged beautifully and looked very exotic. But with that being said I can’t offer any idea whether it was good or bad.

Overall, I’m happy with the April 2012 Box. I was ecstatic with the Birchbox service over the damaged sample.
So I’m sticking with my Birchbox and I seriously can’t wait for the May Box. These boxes are getting addicting!

Birchbox Website Link -Sign Up Online

What Sophie Buys – Makeup Haul

So I don’t know what it is about hauls but I always find myself being such a sticky beak.
I’m always interested in seeing what is trending, what people are buying and why they are buying it.

Anyways, these are some recent purchases I’ve made in last 3 months.
Maybe it would be interesting to you to.

Sephora Lorac Unzipped Palette – This use to be a Sephora exclusive but I think you can get it at Ulta now too.
Anyways this palette makes me a very happy girl! It showcases Lorac super pigmented, smooth texture eyeshadow and it has a array of both shimmery & matte shades. I’ve been using it all week and I adore it! More to come!

Anastasia Brow Pencil in Brunette – This is random but I won it on a Facebook Anastasia giveaway. I haven’t used it yet, I don’t know when I will but nevertheless I have it.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream – Is one word – Amazing! I got this with my Birchbox points because I’ve been looking for a new hydrating cream. This cream has a lovely scent, light, hydrating and overall been great for my skin.

Limited Edition Sephora Mini Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface & Bronzer – This was a sweet deal at the Sephora checkout counter. The duo was $15. I would recommend it for the blush alone because it’s really refreshing pink color.

E got me some Bunny stickers from Ichiban Kan – so very cute!

TheBalm Nude’tude Palette – I’ve had my eye on this palette for some time but it’s rather hard to get because most stores don’t stock TheBalm. I used my Birchbox points and snagged this one. TheBalm has 2 version of this palette’s background – nice / naughty. I wish it was the naughty palette but I suppose that’s a bit risque. I will be doing a review of it soon. But from preliminary swatches I think it’s very pigmented, buttery texture and looks like a winner.

It’s a rare find these days for excellent customer service.
I went to the Body Shop with the full extent of returning some items that didn’t suit me at all.
However, I came out with 3 more. The lovely store manager @ Powell Street, San Francisco, CA help me pick out some new stuff to try after a quick consultation. Oddly, I had never even seen these products before. I’ve been using the Vit E scrub and I really like it. It doesn’t dry out my skin, sensitive but I can still feel the beads at work. I’m trying out the toner. Lastly, I love the Vit E moisture cream but that’s always been a staple of mine. Go Vitamin E! 100% Guarantee!

Vit E Intense Moisture Cream
Vit E Cream Exfoliater
Tea Tree Toner
@ The Body Shop

More goodies from Ichiban Kan which is similar to Daiso so prices ($) – yay for me!
Ichiban Kan Small Eye Shadow Brush
Ichiban Kan Large Eye Shadow Brush
Cute Pencil Case which I’m going to use to hold brushes, other side is mesh
*From Target, ELF Studio Eye Shadow Brush – dense, firm, I’m excited for this one!

@ Ichiban Kan
@ Target

Limited Edition Summer Collection – Sonia Kashuk Brushes
So it’s true I got suckered in by the adorable summer print. However, I’ve always been curious about SK brushes because they are sold at Target and so affordable (sets $10-20). I’m testing these out so I’ll tell you more later.

@ Target

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV
It’s dangerous right now because it seems like Urban Decay has been having a lot of things on sale that I want to try out.
I was drawn to the book of shadows because it was half priced, nice variety of shades, and cool packaging (though you can’t see it in this photo). I really like the shadow colors – Lost & Bust for their pigmentation and texture.
It also comes with a portable speaker, mini perversion liquid eyeliners, primer potion and mascara!
I got my Hautelook but they are still on sale for $29 on their website and I saw at Nordstom Rack.

@ Hautelook
@ Nordstrom Rack
@ http://www.urbandecay.com

Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette
I’ve been staring at this packaging for ages. If you don’t know now, you will soon enough…I’m a sucker for cool packaging.  I got this off EBay but you can buy it from Urban Decay site for $13 (super on sale). Anyways, I think this is a great alternative for portable Urban Decay Naked 2. It has similar cooler toned neutrals. The colors are pigmented, smooth and very travel friendly. The set also comes with eyeliner/lip gloss.

@ EBay
@ http://www.urbandecay.com

Birchbox – March 2012 Teen Vogue ($10/Month)

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription service
This means that it will automatically renew & charge $10 fee each month like a magazine will be delivered to your house each month. You can cancel at any time before your next box is shipped.
Birchbox Website Link -Sign Up Online

FAQ about Birchbox
1. $10 a month + free shipping (auto – charge)
2. They deliver 1 box a month
3. You will fill out a survey and it can change what it’s in your box, every box can be different
4. Each box is filled with 4-5 deluxe size samples of high-end makeup, skincare and beauty products
5. Option – Each time you write a feedback review for each item in your box, you get 10 Birchbox points
Birchbox Store 
10o points = $10 dollars to use in the store

FYI – You don’t choose what it’s in your box, it’s a surprise.
After the monthly box is sent out you can’t purchase the current month’s box due to cut-off dates.

Mar 2012 Theme: Teen Vogue

1. Twist Band Hair Tie
2. Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Perfume
3. Essie Luxeffect Nail Polish in A Cut Above
4. Shiseido Pureness Oil Control Blotting Papers
5. Tart LipSurgence Lip Tint in Joy

Twist Hair Ties
Honestly, this is a dud. I don’t know if it’s really a popular trending item because I’m seeing them pop up in a lot of places. This is basically an elastic band with a knot at the end. It’s very simple to make and frankly, for my hair it doesn’t work.
After a few uses, the elastic stretched out and broke. I would stick with my scunii hair bands.

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Perfume
I don’t really remember this perfume other than I didn’t enjoy it very much.

Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish in A Cut Above – Full Size
OMG! I was so excited to receive this polish and now I’ve worn it 3 times I really can say I love it.
Recently, I’ve been really jumping on the glittery, sparkly nail trend. These flecks are rather large and lean more towards silver than hot pink. They are easy to use and dries pretty quickly. I would recommend it if you like something a bit more special and fun.

Shiseido Pureness Oil-Blotting Papers
I think this was a really nice sample with 10 sheets and I immediately popped it in my bag. It’s always nice to have something to keep matte. I don’t know if I would necessary splurge on these sheets. They get the job done but I don’t see anything to special about them.

Tarte Lip Surgence in Joy – Full Size
I’ve been really interested in trying out the lip surgence products as they look like jumbo lip pencils. The color Joy would be very nice for the summer as it’s coral -red and easily sheered out to preference. I found the product to be slightly minty, smooth texture and even application. I would definitely be willing to try out more of these.


I loved this month’s Birchbox and I was very pleased with the Teen Vogue collaboration. I really liked the variety and sure some of them not quite my taste.  But I got to try out 5 new products of which 2 were full size ($34 value) – well worth the price!  I think soon I’m going to upgrade to their yearly plan because I really like this service. Oh! Recently I picked up the Juice Beauty Blemish Serum in Full Size b/c it was so freaking awesome in my Feb box.
Don’t forget to click on your products on the Birchbox site and review them!
10pts per review, 100pts = $10! in Birchbox store.

Overall, I’m quite happy with March 2012 Birchbox so I’m stayin’ on.
Birchbox Website Link -Sign Up Online

Makeup Haul for NYX & Essence @ Ulta

I was lucky that I was able to hit up a Ulta store in the last month and these are some of the goodies I picked up.
Items can also be purchased online at Ulta.com.

(Berry Me & Trendsetter)

Essence Stay with Me Lip Gloss
Retails for $2.29, certain colors on sale $1.09!
The applicator is spongy hourglass doe foot and it’s very easy to use.  I really love the colors, smooth texture, gel like consistency and the price! I would highly recommend this product as it was in my best makeup of 2011. The two colors I’ve chosen are very similar but Berry me is a bit of darker berry shade.

  • Trendsetter 04
  • Berry Me 06

Essence Eyeliner Pen
Retails for $2.29, on sale $1.15

  • Color is a deep black
  • Felt Tipped Pen Applicator
  • Long lasting formulation

First Impressions are that the felt tip is easy to use and I do find the color to be dark while being long lasting.

NYX Eye Shadow Trios
Retails for 7.99, on weekly sale for B1G1 50%

  • Dune (matte tan, brown, pinky champagne
  • Cherry/Cool Blue/Hot Pink

First Impression – Dune reminds me of Stila’ Limited Edition Trio at Sephora. The eye shadows are pigmented, large pans and offer a nice variety of colors. I’m definitely interested in looking at more trios.

Stay Tuned for Detailed NYX Trio Reviews to be posted soon!

So the cool part about shopping in the Ulta store is they usually have a coupon floating around either mobile app, flyer or online printable coupon for $3.50 off $10 or 20% of an item.

Total = $12.80! (with sales / coupons)

I Heart Inglot Cosmetics Haul (eye shadows)

Inglot Cosmetics is a Polish based cosmetic makeup company that was established 25+ years ago by Wojtek Inglot.
Recently, they have been expanding their business and opening makeup counters around the USA.

Purchased at Inglot Website & Inside Inglot Counter at the Macy’s Store in Union Square @ SF, California

$5 per freedom system eyeshadow pans
$10 2-pan magnetic palette
$14 10-pan magnetic palette

I currently own 2 freedom style palettes. At first when the lady at the counter was talking about the palettes I thought meh, what’s so special about it? Well now I can say that I wholeheartedly that  love Inglot’s freedom style palette! They are great because of their simplistic design that is both functional and beautiful.

Inglot Freedom System Palette
– Really Sturdy Hard Plastic
– Frosted Clear top for easy viewing
– Incredibly strong magnets (careful when removing)
– Easy method to remove pans and insert pans
– They comes in a variety of sizes and shapes

To remove a pan use the magnetic bit on the lid by placing it over the corner of the pan and slow move it around until it
the pan lifts/tilts up out of the palette as it becomes magnetized to the lid.

Inglot offers tons of different makeup products from nail polishes to lashes to eye shadows. I was very intrigued by the hype the blogging community has given to their shadows. Is it worth it?

Inglot eye shadows are very affordable as they offer both versatility, amazing pigmentation, and a wide array of colors. The freedom system eye shadows (pan only) are $5 each and they come in a variety of finishes (matte, pearl, double sparkle, shine, AMC, pigment, trios).  You can also purchase them in container form for $12.

* I love the Freedom System Concept – pick and choose what you want *
Affordable for $5 pan
Variety of finishes – I love the ‘pearl’ finish
Saturated pigmentation so that you get what you see
Tons of different colors from bright yellow to matte black to hot pink
Interesting square pan packaging
All pans are individually airtight sealed when purchased

All the colors are labelled with numbers, not names
When placed in palette it’s very hard to see labels

Colors I purchased according to (above palette photo)
I currently own 9 Inglot shadows and I’ve included descriptions of what I think color is like

Top Row
Matte 382 – Ripe Watermelon Red
Matte 361 – Romantic Peachy Pink
Pearl 399 – Metallic Lilac Pink
Matte 337 –  Soft Chocolate Marshmallow
Pearl 405 – Bronze Gold Rush

Bottom Row
Pearl 397 –  Illuminating Light Pink
Pearl 451 – Steel Gray Blue
-Blank pan
Matte 366 – Heirloom Tomato Coral
Pearl 450 – Rustic Magenta Burgundy


(From Top- Down Pearl 451, Pearl 450, Pearl 405, Pearl 397, Matte 337, Pearl 399, Matte 366, Matte 361, Matte 382)

YT Michelle Phan’s MyGlam Jan 2012 Beauty Box ($10/month)

Here’s another monthly beauty box to try out 🙂
It’s called MyGlam was created by YouTube beauty blogger Michelle Phan!

I purchased everything with my own money.

Quick FAQ
* US Exclusive Beauty Box*
– Monthly beauty box subscription service
– It (auto-charge) $10 dollars/month + free shipping
– 4-5 deluxe beauty & makeup samples, there’s special discount codes!
– Each box is wonderfully wrapped with a cute makeup bag
– Youtube style videos to accompany MyGlam box products

Jan 2012 MyGlam
1) The Balm’s Shady Lady Eye Shadow in Luscious Lani
2) Sheer Cover Duo Concealer in Light & Medium
3) Freeman Peel Off Cucumber Mask
4) Wen Conditioner in Almond Mint
5) MyGlam I love Nature makeup bag

My first response to this beauty box is GET IT! Jump on the MyGlam wagon because the products are amazing and I got 3 full size items, generous deluxe sample + makeup bag. I’m uncertain if this generosity is because MyGlam just launched in Dec 2011 but I’m not complaining 😛 It was way more value than $10 and I would recommend trying this service over Birchbox. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy my Birchbox but MyGlam is freakin’ AWESOME.

MyGlam’s I love Nature Beauty Bag – 6 X 8
This bag is adorable! It’s a small travel bag, green zipper and cotton fabric. I think these makeup bags are a very nice touch to the product.

Freeman Peel – Off Cucumber Mask (Full Size)
Can be purchased at Freeman Beauty and CVS stores
This full size product is $3.99 for 5 fl oz

I love masks and I immediately tried out this mask. It’s very affordable and comes in a huge bottle! The mask is a clear gel formula that smells slightly like cucumbers. You apply to your complete face and wait 10 min. Then you peel it off. It’s a bit weird looking because looks like you peel paste off your hands…almost like a layer of skin. It’s very easy to do, completely painless and afterwards my face does feel firmer. I believe this bottle would last you a very long time.

My Glam Limited Time Special (Save 16%) get 3 Freeman Masks for only $10, click here

The Balm’s Shady Lady Eye Shadow in Luscious Lani (Full Size)
This item can be purchased at The Balm store
This retails for $16
3.4g / 0.12 oz

First off, this eye shadow pan is huge! It’s probably 1.5 inches round, it’s almost size of some of my blushes! It comes in a simple packaging, twist off top and leopard print logo. I was very excited because this particular color is one I always gravitate towards. It’s a shimmery pearl peachy pink. This would be great for highlight the inner corners of your eyes. The shadow is buttery, smooth, and very true to pigmentation. This product alone was enough to satisfy me!

Wen Conditioner in Almond Mint – 1oz
Can be purchased at Wen Store

I haven’t tried this yet but I’m very excited because I’ve heard great things about the Wen brand. I’ll keep you posted!
My Glam Limited Time Special – (Save $20) 5pc Wen hair system for $30 here at Wen Store

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer in Light / Medium (Full Size)
This item can be purchased at Sheer Cover
This retails for $29, however I see plenty of their kits with this item for much less!

I’ve never tried or heard of Sheer Cover. I went to the site and I see they mainly specialize in mineral makeup.
I love how their concealer is a duo concealer. It’s a cream based formula and comes in handy clear case. I’ve tried this under my eyes and it wears quite well.

My Glam Limited Time Special – ($100 value) $20 get Sheer Cover kit  + 3 gifts here

Well that’s my first MyGlam Jan 2012 Beauty box.
Am I satisfied? – Hell Yes 🙂
Would I repurchase/recommend – Yep!

BTW if you are interested in getting MyGlam you should do it as soon as they sell out fast as they have limited boxes.
They also do gift subscriptions!