Plum District Deal: $20 for $40 on + Free Shipping (until 10/22/11)

Check out this deal at Plum District is an amazing site with a huge variety of products from top brands, plus unbiased customer reviews to help you find new products

I just purchased one of these and I’m super excited to do some beauty shopping.

My Top beauty pick from
1. Beauty Blender Sponge
2. Stila cheek color in coral
3. The Balm eyeshadows
4. RedKin Shine Flash Spray
5. All Natural Badger Balm salve

p.s. Use Plum district coupon code: Fabulous for 10% off!


My First JewelMint Order


My first Jewelmint order is Aqua bomb ring -oxidized silver with milky aqua stones sz. 6 (retail $30) (I paid $12 shipped!)

*I can’t tell you about quality yet because I literally just ordered the ring after much debate but the coupon pushed me over. ^^

So I guess the aftermath of being addicted to watching Youtube Beauty videos is that I’m always up for trying something new. There’s been a lot of  ‘buzz’ about this company called Jewelmint. I guess it’s all the rage to have a monthly subscription…well this one is for jewelry.

The jewelry is created by actress Kate Bosworth & Designer Cher Coulter. It’s monthly subscription because you are “charged” monthly a fee of $30 = 1 credit with that you choose a piece of jewelry. All jewelry is limited edition and one of kind design to their company.

..Lastly you do this fashion quiz and you get a “special showroom” created for you. Nevertheless you don’t need to purchase only things in your showroom as I didn’t. I like how you actually can choose from their entire selection.

To be recognized $30 a month is a quite a splurge for me on jewelry.  ..but you can SKIP a month, between the 1st-5th of the month and you can CANCEL anytime. Free shipping and lovely packaging …I saw another youtuber show and it looked quite fancy.

Overall, what I like about this website is that the jewelry not stuff you would see in stores. It’s definitely not something you could buy on a dime at Forever 21. It’s hip and interesting. I also see a bunch of EBay people buying the jewelry and selling them for exorbitant prices since these are limited edition.

Well today I jumped on the bandwagon because FIRST TIME ONLY CUSTOMER get a special Memorial deal.

Jewelmint click here for link
5/28/11 (One day sale)
When checking out use code “Memorial18” and choose any 1  of the pieces for only $12 us dollars. 60% discount!!!

**I paid with my own money because I like the ring – the end**

Recycle old brushes for NEW free brushes from ECO-TOOLS

So I was alerted by that Eco-Tools is once again revving up their brush recycling campaign. I love Eco-Tools because they are 1% for the planet company and they make all their products from earth-friendly and/or recycled materials. You can purchase them at, Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Wal-Mart, and Target.

I currently own 3 brush sets from Eco-Tools. I really like them. They are soft, affordable, portable and high quality. Plus when you buy them in a set you get a lot more value for the price. If you would like to read more detailed review just comment below and I will create more comprehensive post.

Eco-tools 5 pc Brush set $10.99 (check it out here)
(eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush)
I got mine from Target Store. My favorite brush out of this set is concealer brush and it came with $1 off coupon in package.
Eco-Tools 6pc Bamboo Eye Set $8 (check it out here)
I got this set on using my free Amazon card from Swagbucks through internet surfing.

To learn more about Swagbucks and free swag you can go here... I’ve been a member of swagbucks since 2009 and I’ve redeemed $150 in Amazon swag. Swagbucks is a free search engine website that give you ‘points’ for searching.

Eco-Tools 5-pc Mineral Brush set $13 (check it out here)
This is by far my favorite Eco-tools set. I bought this one at Ulta stores (you can use Ulta coupons on this item.) I was weary at first because it does have 2 blush brushes. However this is very high quality and I love the blush brushes. It’s very portable set and I prefer the mineral fibers hairs to the original set.

I bet now you are interested in recycling your USED & OLD brushes…ng better!
To find out more about it the Choose to be Beautiful Campaign: click on their website here.

How it works:
Mail in your new or used beauty items* to the Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign. In return for your donated product, you will receive a coupon [valued up to $7.99; limit two coupons per person] for a complimentary EcoTools product.
Single brushes are $4-8, I bought brush sets so a bit more.

Instructions:  Mail products in or Go to Eco-Tools Recycling Event
(campaign is per person, so I believe if you live with others, they can participate too)

Mail in your products, along with your full name and mailing address to:

Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign
c/o Skirt Public Relations
2320 North Damen Ave, Suite 2D
Chicago, Illinois 60647

*Please allow up to six (6) weeks for us to process your request
*Eco-tool is having recycling events in Chicago, IL, Santa Monica CA, and Washington DC.

Beauty Items include (new or used):
-Cosmetic brushes
-Containers which hold body wash, lotion, scrub and beauty creams
-Body mist containers
-Body Sponges

No Expiration date on the Campaign  but sooner you mail it, the earlier you get your freebies!

Remember this crazy looking brush I have? Guess what…it’s going to go bye bye. So I can get a lovely new Eco-Tools brush!

I sent in this brush + one of the wet n wild brushes from their compacts and it costs around $1.20 to mail them to Eco-Tools address. I’m giddy with excitement for my new Eco-tools as I really want a bronzing brush and face finishing brush.

*Everything was paid with my own money ^^

Hoping it Rains tomorrow, ( Buy 1 Get 1 50% shoe sale)

So ever since I bought my zig zag rain boots it has failed to rain! It rained a bit today so I have high hopes for tomorrow. Never in my life have I anticipated for it to pour. But right now I really wish it would.

Anyways, I’m still searching for that perfect shoe. It seems that my shoes searching has comes up with lots of shoes that are either too big, too small, not in stock or down right ugly. It’s funny b/c I just posted a shoe haul. Sad to say they did not work out me. Target Isabella grape shoes are too big, my clogs are too small, my aerosole wiseguys are borderline ugly & too big, my ugly aerosole streetcars are way too small, my silver dress shoes too small for my toes, Isabella red heels are way too big, and the search goes on!

I do however love the fact that many shoe retailers have great return policy meaning free shipping and free returns.

Oh so I attempted to make a another order last night for shoes. Only to find out that today they are having Buy 1 Get 1 50% off on shoes & handbags. Gosh! Why couldn’t I predict the future and know that within 24 hours my shoes would go on sale. X_X ???

So that’s my weekend. Gah terrorized by shoes!

Ulta Promotion: 17pc ulta set free with $17.50 ulta product purchase

(Set comes in 3 different colors!) Receive a FREE 17pc ULTA cosmetic set with any $17.50 ULTA cosmetics, ULTA Minerals, ULTA Implements or ULTA beauty tools purchase. Excludes ULTA Professional, Color Kits, Mineral Kits and clearance.
Click here for more information

Plus right now if you order online they have free shipping if you spend $25 with code (51532)

Cool things to check out from ulta:
Automatic Eyeliner Pencils (I love the black & olive ones I have)
Lip crayons ( I haven’t tried them but they look comparable to NYX pencils)

That’s it for now. -S

Bath & Body Works: B&BW LUV CLUB (January Freebie)

So back in December Bath & Body Works started a B&BW LUV Club.
It was free to sign up and you got mailed a monthly punch card where you receive monthly free items.
This is what I picked up in January…I was glad I waited because I was able to snag some tropical items for free!
January Month Freebie: You got to choose a full size hand soap, pocketbac santizer and pocketbac holder
I got Caribbean Escape in Anti-bacterial hand soap with pump. ( I LOVE THIS, it makes me want to wash my hands 24/7)
I got Citrus Crush pocketbac which is cute color combination and great citrus scent. Also I really like the new pocketbac holders that they came out with to match all the wonderful tropical items.

Lastly this is a silly photo of what I did with my pocketbac that are going to my cousin…in the meantime they’ll become a really rather strange and fantastic art display.

“Like” Charlotte Russe on Facebook, get FREE jewelry (CR HAUL)

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to try you about a cool Charlotte Russe promotion that is going on and my recent Charlotte Russe haul. As seen in the picture above I’m wearing my new blue feather earrings. Basically for the CR promotion you just have to like them on Facebook on their facebook page and then you print out a coupon in the tab that says “Free Jewelry”. If you don’t have a printer and you have a data plan you can also have the code sent to your phone.

“Free Jewelry” is free item from their $2 for $8 jewelry line with ANY PURCHASE.
They have tons of stuff on clearance now and sales bins at the counter for $1-2.
>> Hey Boys! This can be a really great coupon to snag something a little extra for Valentine’s Day. ^^

So during this shopping trip I dragged my friend Mike with me so I was able to snag two freebies. I found these tank tops in a special clearance rack for only $2 each. In the summer I had purchased a grey tank top in the same style and I really liked it. Tank tops were originally $10 dollars. Oh they are 100% cotton with adjustable straps.

I saw my friend Annie had some feather earrings from Forever 21 and I really liked the look so I decided to get some too.
These are very light weight and I love the added sparkle the top piece gives off. I think even for 2 for $8 regular jewelry sale that it’s a great deal so I was glad to snag these for free.
I love this bangle set. I think is a rarity because I normally find that bracelet in general get in the way of my typing or that fashion jewelry tends to smell like “metal”. I’m weird I hate the smell of metal. Anyways, these bracelets have held up great and no smell. I really like that this set offered a variety of color, shapes and styles.

My Charlotte Russe Haul: $4 dollars (retail $28)
1 Pink striped tank top
1 Pink lace tank top
blue feather earrings
pearl & gold bangle bracelet
= Very Happy Sophie ^_^ ❤

Anyways, go check out Charlotte Russe and tell me what great finds you are able to get!
I think coupon last until late March 2011.

Disclaimer: I am not affililated with Charlotte Russe or Facebook. These are my own opinions and I purchased everything with my own money.

How to ‘break’ into Couponing in 5 easy steps!

Couponing comes in all forms, sizes and intensity. It’s the 21st century you don’t have to spend all day searching for the perfect deal. By no means should you clip every coupon or snag every deal that you see. Everyone is different. We all need and like different things. all about having the right tools, moderation and timing.

A) Live in the now by being aware. I found I became more successful at couponing when I became more attentive to details (coupon policies for stores, expiration dates, sale dates, rebate dates).

B) Don’t Settle! A lot people limit themselves by staying in their comfort zones and never find what’s perfect because they settle for what’s good.  I mean that’s great and you do save money if you only clip coupons on the things you always use. But to score spectacular deals you need to become more open minded and willing to trying new things.

C) Finally be confident! It takes time to learn what you like, what you need and even though you can’t always picture what you will want in the future. Getting to know yourself better is very useful tool in keeping your couponing in moderation. Just because it’s a cheap doesn’t mean you should get it. Sometimes an ok deal will work out better for you. I think this IS the most difficult part in couponing, knowing what to get, what to avoid and to regret your purchases. It’s important to find balance but once you find it, it will not only help with couponing but you’ll be a lot happier and make better choices in life.

(Dude it’s totally ok and normal every now and then to splurge on something or make a mistake. That’s life. But you’ll have a lot more savings & sanity if you buy with a purpose in mind)

**Here are 5 steps that I found really helped me save a lot more money and everyone can do it!**

1. Figure out an organization system
The worst feeling is when you get to a store you can’t find your coupon, your bag is a mess and you still need to buy the item. So if you are going to spend the time clipping the coupon you should get an organizer. It doesn’t need to be bulky or “mom-ish” or filled to the brim with coupons for everything.
I use a coupon binder the size of envelope that I found in the Target dollar section and I love it.

-coupon binder
-coupon holder using clear card inserts
-hold coupons, shopping lists and coupon policies

2. Buy copies of the Sunday Newspaper
The Sunday newspaper has long been the place to get coupons. They have hundreds of savings on daily necessities, food, weekly ad flyers and restaurant deals. Just by using 1 or 2 coupons, you’ll get your money’s worth from the paper even if you don’t usually read the paper.

-check to see what coupons they are offering in the Sunday newspaper
-See where they offer discount or bundled paper for discounts
*Vons sells 2 copies of the San Diego Tribune for $2.20 (1 paper $1.79)
*I got sweet deal from Groupon for LA TIMES Sunday newspaper subscription $10 ($0.20 a paper)
*LA TIMES also offers this deal occasionally, just call in and ask!

3. Always have a working printer
This is crucial for couponing because Facebook,, and variety of other couponing website offer printable coupons. Facebook often offer FREE item coupons or high value coupons and they go fast! It really sucks when you see a great deal but you can’t print it out.

-Office Max Rewards from time to time offer free printers and you get $ in rewards
-Office Depot often has $10-$25 coupons off anything in the store, you can pick up a discount printer
-Check or for free or affordable printers
-I buy my Epson Printer Ink from Double2Ink on EBay.
The cartridges are refillable and only cost $12 for a full set of 4 colors! It lasts me a long time!
-Save your printer cartridges and many office supply store offer a credit for returns
-My mom uses Cartridge World and they also offer discount ink cartridges

4. Join your grocery store’s loyalty card program.
The grocery stores around me (Vons & Ralphs) have their own loyalty card programs. From time to time they send me personalized coupons, I rack up points = $ money back, and you can use the cards to join digital coupon websites. These websites allow your store card to store coupons and there’s no clipping needed plus you can still use your paper coupons = double savings!

5. Follow a couponing blog.
Want to know all the great deals but don’t have time or the patience to sort through everything that is going on in the internet? Well couponing bloggers do all the legwork and you just follow their deal scenarios! They find an item on sale and show you want coupon to use. They also update frequently so you get the latest deals. I’ve saved thousands of dollars, got tons of free samples and full size products and following a blog is FREE. It’s also sweet to read the comments and see what deals work or don’t. (search bar is great for forum comments or details) (Tab: Daily Deals combines all group buying sites + free pts,