Cheap Thrill Forever 21 Love & Beauty Romantic Palette $5


Forever 21 (exclusive)
Love & Beauty Makeup Palette
Price $4.80

*Can usually be found in displays and buckets near cash registers

I was immediately drawn to how cute the packaging was for this palette, the easy to handle $5 price point and how it looks almost identical to the style of Stila Palette seen here. * different from texture of Stila

I actually took this palette on my cruise with me so I’ve been able to better test out the shadows and wear.
I’m impressed with how sturdy the packaging is and how it is very travel friendly.
The packages comes with a clear plastic protective cover (reflective glare in photo) but it can be easily removed.
It also comes with 2 sponge tipped applicator. I prefer to use my own brushes.

Swatched on Hand without Primer (In order from Top Row to Bottom Row – L to R)

All the colors do have shimmer.
I find them to be smooth and fairly pigmented.
The colors themselves are in the lighter range.

Easy for application
However there is a tiny bit of shadow fall out when the brush is hard pressed
I really love the color variety as it projects both pinky colors and neutral shades.

Top Row
Cream Beige
Walnut Brown
Light Pinky Purple
Light Rose Pink
White Grey

Bottom Row
Champagne Pink
Soft Gold
Royal Purple
Ballet Slipper Pink
Medium Grey

Overall, I am pleased that I have purchased this palette and I think it’s good value for the price.

Bonus! Love & Beauty Makeup Line doesn’t test on animals 🙂

Cheap Thrills – Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Review

(Love & Beauty Line are all FINAL SALE item at Forever 21)|

There’s something both alluring and fatal about buying cheap makeup.
Often it can really suck but it’s so cheap that the dent won’t be big.
Yet when you do find a goodie it’s just extra great because you saved so much!!!

Now the question is are these worth the worth the risk?

Well I’m trying to figure it out.  ( read on)

Here I am in the crowded store with my hands clutching these new makeup items from the Forever 21’s makeup line.
I haven’t seen many reviews on Love & Beauty products.
I also find many of the items have non-descriptive names making it incredibly difficult to research.
Yet they are so reasonable priced even compared to drugstore prices  it’s hard not to want them.

Forever 21 / Love & Beauty Makeup
– Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in  Natural / Multi $3.80
– Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Brown/Multi $3.80
– Love & Beauty Blush in Pink $1.80

* I want to thank my good friend Emily for giving me the Love & Beauty – Brown/Multi palette.
All other items were purchased by me.*

Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in  Natural / Multi $3.80

It comes with 4 Shadows, tool and case (no specific labels)
– Pale Pinky with a white sheen
– Light dirty gold with a golden shimmer
– Toned Olive Grey with a golden flecks
– Rustic brown with a golden shimmer
– Double Ended Sponge Applicator
– Slim clear cover, hinged with black base

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

The eye shadows are very easy to swatch and appear smoother than expected.
They aren’t chalky. However they lack the buttery texture of higher end eye shadows.
I find the colors to be true to pan with except of the olive green which appeared duller.
There’s no glittery but it has a shimmery/sheen based formulation.

(Swatched on Watercolor Paper – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

I think these colors would be great as stated for a “Smoky Eye”.
I can see myself using the two lighter shades for brow and inner corner highlight.
The two darker shades can be used for all over the lid and crease definition.

The difficulties I experienced with this eye shadow palette were minimal.
For the price I am I found the eye shadows definitely better than standard $1 shadows or large 88 palettes.

I really like the slim and simplistic packaging
I like the size of the pans (quarter)
I felt it was fairly pigmented and easy to use for the price
It’s a cheap thrill, priced better than drugstore item

I felt the olive lacked depth in the color
The texture wasn’t spectacular but use-able.
I felt you needed to wear primer as the color fades quicker (3hrs)
Caution – you need to dust underneath the eye area after application because in direct sunlight I did notice small amount of shimmer fallout

Overall Would I buy this one again – No b/c I mainly got it for the olive shade. I think it’s a fair price and a – ok product

Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Brown/Multi $3.80
This is amusing because my friend Emily originally got this eye shadow as I convinced her mattes are the way to go.
Unfortunately for her it didn’t really jive with her very pale pinky toned skin.
Yet I found that I really enjoyed this palette a lot more than that previous one due to the light brown tones.
Ha – perhaps next time I’ll just have to switch with her 🙂

It comes with 4 Shadows, tool and case (no specific labels)
– Pearlscent Shimmery White
– Matte Soft Tan
– Shimmery Pinky Peach
– Matted Dark Brown with a hint of reddish shimmer
– Double Ended Sponge Applicator
– Slim clear cover, hinged with black base

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

They are formulated exactly the same as the 1st set with the except of the matte tan.
The tan to have a soft quality about it, a bit powdery if you press your brush harder.
Personally even though I felt they showed similar feel and texture. It appears this set is a hint more pigmented.

(Swatched on Watercolor Paper – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

I found these to be great for my Asian skin tone that leans a bit more yellow and tan.
I like to use this quad for work as it simple, neutral and easy to carry.

I didn’t experience any fall out or chalky texture from this palette.

I really like the slim and simplistic packaging
I find it pigmented
I think it would be great for work environments
I really like the matte soft tan color

I felt you needed to wear primer as the color fades quicker (3hrs)
Caution – you need to dust underneath the eye area after application because in direct sunlight I did notice small amount of shimmer fallout

Overall Would I buy this one again – Yes, I really like the color combination with matte / shimmer.

Love & Beauty Blush in Pink (clear plastic outside packaging) $1.80

Currently, Love & Beauty offers many different blush options.
It’s sort of hard to differentiate between them as they look very similar with slightly different exterior packaging.
The packaging is simple, sturdy and easy to view.
I found the pan size to be generous close to wide bottle cap.

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer, Love & Beauty Blush in Pink)

This blush is pretty.
It comes off a light pink with a pearly sheen. It’s not glittery or shimmery.
The texture is smooth and has strong pigmentation.

– Easy and Simple Packaging
– Large Pan size
– I like the satin sheen finish rather then shimmery
– Pigmented
– Super Cheap!

– Wear time (3-4 hrs) you will likely need to reapply during the day
– Line not distinctively labelled

Overall, Yes I would buy again.

Was it worth the risk? Yep, I would do it again 🙂 …actually pretty soon I have a really awesome Forever 21 dupe post!

I just did my nails in pink and glitter

Recently I’ve being really loving the glittery gradient nail trend that’s been hitting the beauty blogs.
However with that being said glitter isn’t always work friendly as it can be super flashy.
This is where I found my happy medium. A bit muted but still fun and flirty.

I like how Zoya’s Shay apply evenly on my nails and lasts a long time without chipping.
The color is very creamy, soft and perfect for interviews/professional environments.

Then I used 2 Wet n Wild Sparkle/Glitter polishes to amp up the WOW factor.
To create the gradient effect I proceed to layer WnW Hallucinate polish 3/4 of the way of my nail
and then WnW Kaleidoscope from 1/2 mark.
Then I applied it in layers 2-3 times emphasizing more towards the bottom of my nail. (Effect more apparent in person)

I enjoyed how the 2 glitters came in slightly different shapes and textures that blend well together to form dimension.
Plus they are a steal at the price!
I do love a good bargain when the product works as well as higher end glitters.

For these nails I used:
Zoya Nail Polish in Shay $7.50 (from the intimate collection)
– Creamy Light Pink
– 2 coats
– Great for work environment, professional
– Available at Zoya Website, Ulta, Birchbox

Wet n Wild Shine Polish in 460D Kaleidoscope $1
– Metallic Grey Large Sparkle/Glitter
– Glitter pieces are bit larger
-Very Affordable
– Available at most retailers & drugstores

Wet n Wild Shine Polish in 469 Hallucinate $1
– Clear Shimmery Sparkle/Glitter
– Very Affordable
– Available at most retailers & drugstores

What do you think? Are you loving glittery nails?

Cheap Thrill Awesome Eye Lash Curler for $7

Say Hello to my new favorite eye lash curler!

Sonia Kashuk Eye Lash Curler
Purchase – (Online Only)
Costs – $7
Buy Here.

Prior to really venturing into the world of makeup, I was really quite frightened of eye lash curlers and I still maintain a love-hate relationship with mascara. The fear of the strangely shaped tool that suddenly goes way too close to my eye.

However, I longed for my short and pin straight lashes to be swooshy and beautiful.
I came upon this eyelash curler on a whim while skimming and I was intrigued by the price. Seriously I own from the cheapest $1 ELF eye lasher curler to the $17 Sephora gold eye lash curler so how would this particular lash curler fit?!? (BTW Sephora curler is equally awesome but pricey)
MBBlog Review Here

The Sonia Kashuk has become my go-to model. It’s performs like a much higher-end tool with a affordable price tag.
The tool itself look similar to any run of the mill lash curler. It’s simplistic, satin black finish, comes with handle grips and one lash plastic piece. I suppose that’s the downside there’s only 1 lash plastic piece when tools usually come with 2 but I’ve never used a curler to the put I need a new one so I’m ok with it.

I like the simplicity of the design. It’s lightweight and there’s no spring.
I find the curve of the tool fits perfectly my eye shape without pinching my skin.
It gives a wonderful curl and very easy to use.

– Affordable
– Simplistic
– Slim
– Satin Black

-Comes with only 1 lash plastic
Available only online => free shipping $50 & go to coupon mountain to find $5 off $50 coupon

Overall, I’d highly recommend this tool if you are in the market for a new one!

UK Cosmetics – Sleek Makeup! Haul

Today I’m bringing to you some lovely presents I got from my boyfriend after his visit to England. I was really thrilled as Sleek Cosmetics and Makeup Academy (MUA) are really hard to come by! * I love Kinder Surprises! If you haven’t had one before they are chocolate eggs that half white chocolate/ half milk  chocolate and inside there’s a toy. It brings me back to the 8th grade when Amanda use to bring them to lunch. I also got a tin filled with nice smelling tea, Jack Willis Journal and a London guard shaped mug. I’m quite a lucky girl 🙂

* You can purchase Sleek cosmetics from their website, however it’s pretty steep shipping ><

Sleek eyeshadow palette in Sunset

Sleek eyeshadow palette in Sunset (swatched without primer on notebook paper)

Sleek eyeshadow palette in Oh So Special!

Sleek eyeshadow palette in Oh So Special! (swatched without primer on notebook paper)

Sleek eyeshadow palette in Storm

Sleek eyeshadow palette in Storm! (swatched without primer on notebook paper)

Brief Overview of Sleek Palettes
I really like Sleek palettes as they offer both neutral and bright eyeshadow shades. They come in a sturdy black packaging and are very “sleek” in appearance.  It comes with a large mirror, 2 ended sponge applicator, easy to open, and very rich colors. Plus they are only $10 US dollars or 6 pounds per palette so they are a steal!

– Affordable!
– Large Variety of Colors
– Pigmented
– Smooth Application
– Travel Friendly / Portable
* Comes with a large mirror & applicator

–  Can be hard to locate outside of the UK
– Some colors can be more powdery, mattes

Would I repurchase – Yes! Highly recommended. I’ve got my eye out for the Sleek Palette in Me, Myself and My Eye.

(Future Review on MUA Heaven & Earth Palette, Sleek Contour Kit in Light)

Hard Candy First Flush Kit (Living Doll Blusher)

Hard Candy First Flush Kit
Living Doll Baked Blush
Glow All the Way Face Luminizer
Sheer Envy Primer (not pictured)
Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss ( not pictured)

Can be purchased exclusively at Walmart here
Retails for $8 dollars
All items are mini-sized (deluxe samples)

Living Doll Baked Blush
I was really interested in trying Hard Candy’s baked blushes and Living Doll was on the top of my list.
It’s a hard pressed baked powder.
Net Wg 5 grams 0.18oz (1 inch pan)

The color appears a hot pink fuchsia in the pan however applied to the skin gives a very soft flush.
It has build-able color  gives a sweet pearly pink sheen.

( Glow All the Way Face Luminizer, Living Doll Blush)

Glow All the Way Face Luminizer
This is a great cheek highlight!
It’s comes with a easy squeeze tube with a shimmery cream consistency.
It’s very easy to use, blend and a little goes a long way.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer
This is a silicone based primer that is white mousse texture and it applies clear.
It does have a distinct silicone smell but the smell fades.
Previously I have owned the full size and it does makes my face really smooth for application.
I would use this for drugstore makeup primer.

Hard Candy Lip Plumping Serum Lip Gloss – Pink
Unfortunately, I’m very sensitive to lip plumpers so I didn’t review this.
It comes in travel friendly packaging, doe foot applicator and is a opaque light pink.
In general I think the color not that flattering due to opaque color.


  • Affordable
  • Travel Size
  • You are able to try 4 Hard Candy products for the Price of 1
  • Color is very build-able


  • Lip Plumping Gloss ( I don’t enjoy lip plumper/color is too opaque)Would I repurchase > Yes if I didn’t already own it but maybe on re-buying because…
  • I say maybe because these products will last me a long time as little bit goes a long way.
  • I do recommend buying this product if  you are interested in trying at least 2 out of 4 products.
  • This set is great value for testing out new products and to give you a innocent pink flush ❤

Makeup Haul for NYX & Essence @ Ulta

I was lucky that I was able to hit up a Ulta store in the last month and these are some of the goodies I picked up.
Items can also be purchased online at

(Berry Me & Trendsetter)

Essence Stay with Me Lip Gloss
Retails for $2.29, certain colors on sale $1.09!
The applicator is spongy hourglass doe foot and it’s very easy to use.  I really love the colors, smooth texture, gel like consistency and the price! I would highly recommend this product as it was in my best makeup of 2011. The two colors I’ve chosen are very similar but Berry me is a bit of darker berry shade.

  • Trendsetter 04
  • Berry Me 06

Essence Eyeliner Pen
Retails for $2.29, on sale $1.15

  • Color is a deep black
  • Felt Tipped Pen Applicator
  • Long lasting formulation

First Impressions are that the felt tip is easy to use and I do find the color to be dark while being long lasting.

NYX Eye Shadow Trios
Retails for 7.99, on weekly sale for B1G1 50%

  • Dune (matte tan, brown, pinky champagne
  • Cherry/Cool Blue/Hot Pink

First Impression – Dune reminds me of Stila’ Limited Edition Trio at Sephora. The eye shadows are pigmented, large pans and offer a nice variety of colors. I’m definitely interested in looking at more trios.

Stay Tuned for Detailed NYX Trio Reviews to be posted soon!

So the cool part about shopping in the Ulta store is they usually have a coupon floating around either mobile app, flyer or online printable coupon for $3.50 off $10 or 20% of an item.

Total = $12.80! (with sales / coupons)

Affordable Brushes – Eco Tools 5 pc Mineral Brush Set

Eco Tools is a drugstore brand that focuses environmentally conscious beauty products.
Their products are very affordable and great quality for a low-end makeup brush. ($5-$15)
They comes in sets as seen above and can also be purchased individually.
I’ve seen them available at Target, Walmart, Drugstores and on

Currently I own all the available Eco Tools sets as I find they are a great value for the price.
{Regular 5 pc brush sets, Eye brush set, Mineral set, Kabuki Brush and the Bamboo Bronzer Brush.}

Eco Tools 5 pc Mineral Brush Set
Retails for $10-12 dollars

* The mineral brush set is made for traveling *
The handles are shorter but the brush heads remain almost the same size as the full size sets.
1. Kabuki Brush
2. Powder Brush
3. Blending Eye Shadow Brush
4. Concealer Brush

  • Zipped hemp makeup bag
  • All the handles are made from bamboo
  • The ferules / metal is recycled aluminum
  • The brush heads are made from synthetic taklon bristles
  • I’ve found them to be long lasting and they don’t smell, bleed, or shed.

Kabuki Brush & Powder Brush
The brush bristles are very soft, dense, and easy to clean.
I find that both of these brush heads to be similar in size.
It can be used to apply different powders and blushes.
I find it easy to pick up pigment and for buffing.

Blending Eye Brush
This is my favorite brush of the collection.
I find the shape to be great for blending eye shadows.
I have two of these brushes and the newer model appears to be a bit longer bristles.
I enjoy the design and it’s easy to use.

Concealer Brush
I use this brush to apply under eye concealer.
It’s slim and the has firm density to the bristles.


  • Eco Tools uses a portion of recycled and sustainable materials
  • They donated 1% of profit to charity
  • Affordable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Easy to clean without shedding
  • Brush bristles are soft and dense
  • Full size brushes with smaller handles (similar to a full set)


  • I would have preferred a contour brush vs. 2 round brushesWould I repurchase > Of course! I already own 2 sets as they are great for on the go!

Cheap Thrills $2! LA COLORS 5 Color Metallic Eye Shadow Palettes

I found these gems tucked away in a little beauty store called INVU at the Great Mall (Milipitas, CA). Yet I found these palettes can be a bit elusive as I haven’t seen them in any local drugstores. But I would check local beauty stores, the Dollar General and they are available online at  Cherry Culture.

Anyways, I was psyched to find them!
I purchased LA COLOR 5 color metallic eye shadow palettes for $1.99 each.
I was really impressed by the color selection available, the intense smooth pigmentation, and the slim packaging!
These have a no-frills packaging. They have a easy view clear lid, comes with a  double sided applicator, the pans are  nickle sized, and travel friendly.

The quality of these shadows are much better than the LA COLORs $1 line!

I’ve taken photos of the individual palettes, swatches on my skin and on plain notebook paper.
These are 1-2 swipes of product with no primer.
*All the eye shadows have fine shimmer *

This palette is a frosty pink gradient with a shimmery silver base.
Anyways, I picked this up as I’ve been on pink kick.
The palette’s gradient effect limits the color selection = lots of pink!
The colors are soft, buttery smooth, and pigmented.
I think this great for a inner corner highlight.

Tease is a rainbow of colors (similar to Lush)
All these colors produce strong pigmentation.
These colors lean more towards metallic rather than shimmery shades.

(The white doesn’t show up on white notebook paper but it’s there)

It’s interesting that in the pan the color look like bold primary colors. (similar to Tease)
However when swatched  the colors lean towards bright, bold and pastel hues.
They are very pigmented and easy to apply.

This palette has a set of deep smokey colors.
Unfortunately, I’ve found a dud.  😦
These colors lacked the intensity and appear to have a muddy black base (without primer).
However the 1st color (gold) is lovely and unique.

– Affordable
– Buttery texture
– Intense color selection
– Smooth Application
– Travel Friendly
– Very Pigmented

– Hard to located in local stores
– Some palette quality varies (Mesmerize not great)

Would I repurchase? > Yes! I would love to get more colors!

Cheap Thrills – Wet n Wild Eye Shadow in Nutty

Product: Wet n Wild Single Eye Shadow in Nutty (252B)
Store: Walgreens, CVS, and some Ulta stores
Price: $1.99
Color: Shimmery Taupe – Brownish Grey
Amount: 0.06 oz

I had seen this WnW eye shadow at the drugstore but I had never thought about it until I saw the review by Everyday Makeup Blog as seen here.

For cheap thrills, this is one of the best!

What I like about it
– Affordability
– Compact Size
– Texture is very buttery and smooth
– Strong pigmentation
– Gorgeous taupe color

Possible Cons
I have a love and hate relationship with WnW packaging.
I love how it’s slim, compact and tightly sealed so that no one’s fingers get into it (you know what I mean!)
However, I dislike how hard it is to remove the labels and open the packaging. It can get sticky.

Honestly,  the best part is that I find that this eye shadow can stand alone as a great single eyelid color. All you have to do is swipe, blend and you are ready to go! It’s neutral enough for the office or deepen it for a night out.
It has very build-able pigmentation. I really enjoy the wet n wild color icon shadow formulation!

Definitely! 🙂