I just did my nails in pink and glitter

Recently I’ve being really loving the glittery gradient nail trend that’s been hitting the beauty blogs.
However with that being said glitter isn’t always work friendly as it can be super flashy.
This is where I found my happy medium. A bit muted but still fun and flirty.

I like how Zoya’s Shay apply evenly on my nails and lasts a long time without chipping.
The color is very creamy, soft and perfect for interviews/professional environments.

Then I used 2 Wet n Wild Sparkle/Glitter polishes to amp up the WOW factor.
To create the gradient effect I proceed to layer WnW Hallucinate polish 3/4 of the way of my nail
and then WnW Kaleidoscope from 1/2 mark.
Then I applied it in layers 2-3 times emphasizing more towards the bottom of my nail. (Effect more apparent in person)

I enjoyed how the 2 glitters came in slightly different shapes and textures that blend well together to form dimension.
Plus they are a steal at the price!
I do love a good bargain when the product works as well as higher end glitters.

For these nails I used:
Zoya Nail Polish in Shay $7.50 (from the intimate collection)
– Creamy Light Pink
– 2 coats
– Great for work environment, professional
– Available at Zoya Website, Ulta, Birchbox

Wet n Wild Shine Polish in 460D Kaleidoscope $1
– Metallic Grey Large Sparkle/Glitter
– Glitter pieces are bit larger
-Very Affordable
– Available at most retailers & drugstores

Wet n Wild Shine Polish in 469 Hallucinate $1
– Clear Shimmery Sparkle/Glitter
– Very Affordable
– Available at most retailers & drugstores

What do you think? Are you loving glittery nails?

Confetti Nail Polish in Belle of the Ball

This is my current favorite nail polish. It’s from Confetti and it’s called Belle of the Ball. I purchased it at CVS for only $2!
I was pleasantly surprised that the color looked exactly like it did in the bottle. It’s true lilac pastel purple. Great for the springtime. I think the colors really elongates the appearance of my finger nails.

Confetti is a inexpensive nail polish brand ($2 each). They have a decent selection of colors.
So far I’ve only seen them at CVS drug store.
(2nd finger – Confetti Belle of the Ball + Art Deco Silver)

It took 2 coats (no top coat) of this nail polish and it lasted me without chipping for a whole week. That’s serious business! I love wearing polish but I hate it when it chips. However I’m always hand washing dishes and busy typing away so I’m really excited about this product.

I’m looking to get more colors.

Nail Polish Information:
1. Opaque color
2. Nice pigmentation
3. Smooth Application
4. Easy to use brush
5. Great Value

Ebay Haul: 88 warm palette, makeup brushes, and nail tools

Use Big Crumbs for 36% cashback on all EBay.com purchases Click here for more info.
(it’s a Free, no hassle! way to save! I’ve saved $42 dollars since using them)
I really like to buy things off EBay. I find it very convenient, there’s PayPal protection against fraud and a lot of things shipping from HK and China are so Freaking Cheap!!! So affordable that I wonder how they even make money?!? A lot of items have free shipping!

Seriously there’s no reason to pay full price when you get the same item for a fraction of the price. I use to be afraid of getting duds but I’ve found that in  many cases when it does happen, I contact the seller and I can get a refund/replacement. The sellers are usually agreeable and have good customer service as they want to maintain good standing.

The only con is that shipping from Asia can be very SLOW… 2-4 weeks slow! So be prepared and order earlier if you need it fast. Oh yeah also you need a PayPal account which usually means having debit/credit card or gift card for payments (no cash).

These were all purchased from a Ebay seller called Keyhere. This was  just the seller I used for my purchases. I’m sure, actually I’m positive that there are tons of other sellers out there with similar products. I just liked to purchase them from the same seller because sometimes sellers offer combined shipping discounts and also it means less packages for me to keep track of.

Facial Hair Remover Removal Epistick Threading Stick  (Seller Keyhere)
Costs $0.99 + $0.10 shipping from China

First off, I bought this because I saw it on Youtube Xteener’s video. Why did I buy this? I thought it looked ridiculous. I didn’t really buy it to remove hair but rather I was really drawn into the shape and design of the product. It reminds of me of like finger exercising tool. However, I did try this a couple of time to remove facial hair. OH MAN does it hurt! It really pinches your skin and I’m uncertain if it actually remove the hair. So I wouldn’t recommend buying it for facial hair removal.

Pro 88 Warm Color Eye Shadow Makeup Palette Eyeshadow A (Seller Keyhere)
Cost: $2.76 + $6.81 shipping from China
*It does contain talc but talc doesn’t bother me*

I’ve always wanted a huge palette to play around with. I’ve been seeing a lot of inexpensive  large ones available from Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics. While searching for one, I found out that CS and BH’s palettes are made in China somehow lead me back to Ebay. Anyways, I got the 88 Warm Color palette because there are more browns, neutral tones and I thought in general a lot more useful than the rainbow one.

There are couple of the eye shadows that look very similar (almost identical). But for the price you can’t beat it. Decent pigmentation without being too chalky. The eye shadow palette however is a lot smaller than you would think. It’s about 6 X 8 size so about 3/4th the size of regular price of paper. The eyeshadow are about dime size each. These measurements I read from reviews are similar to the actual sizing of CS & BH palettes. They always just seem overwhelmingly big and intimidating to me when I’m watching beauty videos. Actually not that big of a palette.

It’s actually very slim, black cover and portable for travel uses. Not for everyday makeup bags since it is still a decent size. I’d recommend this palette if you love neutrals, want to play around with eye shadows, and are just starting your makeup collection.
I was surprised that the listing picture is very accurate of the colors in the palette.

5 X 2 Way Dotting Pen Marbleize Tool Nail Art Dot Paint (Seller Keyhere)
Cost: $1.00 + $1.11 shipping from China

Ok, first off I don’t think you need 5 dotting tools. I think that’s a bit excessive. When I first purchased this listing I thought it was only 1 tool since it was only $1 dollar. Then in the mail I received 5 tools!!! So I’d recommend sharing some with your friends if you decide to get this because you won’t need all 5. My favorite ones out of the 5 have the bigger dotting end. I find the bigger the end the easier it is to create the perfect dot.

These tools do make dotting a lot easier. I think they are rather pretty with the clear and swirled design in the pen. I’d highly recommend this for nail art and it’s a quite steal for only $2 bucks!

15 pc Nail Art Design Brush Set Painting Pen in Tips (Seller Keyhere)
Costs: $1 + $2.30 shipping

I went through a bit of a nail art craze. To be honest, I haven’t used these yet so I can’t give a review. Some of the brushes are really quite odd looking as some of the tips are very fine and long. I don’t know how you’d use a fan brush to do nail art? Perhaps my nails are still too short. However, they do seem like sturdy and nice brushes. *If you want more comprehensive review, write a comment below. I just have to wait for my nails to grow. ^^

18 pc Eyeshadow Brusher Makeup Brush Set Kit + Case Pink (Seller Keyhere)
Cost: $11.39 + Free Shipping (Later $$$ was refunded due to a defective product)

Curiosity is a strange thing. I always wondered about these affordable brushes set and if they are any good. Well from this set, I would have to say NO. The case is cute pink color, magnetic snap, plastic covering and the brushes are white handle with pink top. When I first tried these brushes I thought they were just so-so. However, when I attempted to wash the brushes. That’s when all hell broke loose! The brushes smelled so gross like chemicals and just icky. A lot of didn’t regain their original shape. I would NOT Recommend this.
Yep that’s what my fan brush looked like after washing. It smelled gross! I don’t know if I just received defective products or if maybe the smell goes away. I find the smell of the bigger brushes to be very overwhelming. But it’s not so bad in the smaller ones. I was just very disappointed by this product despite it’s “cute” appearance.

I think that Ecotools and Walmart Studio Basic brushes are hundreds of times better than these and only bit a more compared to this. I guess this is just one of those cases where it’s just too good to be true. I did get my money back and I tossed the brushes.

Quick Summary of My Opinions:
1. Facial Stick (funky looking but painful)
2. 88 Warm Palette (nice buy)
3. Dotting Tools (got to have these…maybe just 1 but it’s very useful)
4. Nail brushes (I have no clue? …tbd)
5. Pink brush set (that’s a no-go!)

Thanks for reading!
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18 Nail Polishes + 10 Fingers = 1 Colorful Sophie

I couldn’t decide on just one color so I decided to use all of them! Ha, my indecision sparks creativity..sort of.

Nail Polishes
Chinese Polish- Orange Pink Coral Shimmer
Zoya- (Karina) Ruby Red
Zoya – (Dovima) Matte Black
Zoya – (Austine) Rose Gold
Zoya – (Kotori) Sapphire Blue, blue shimmer / sheer
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear – (Invisible 01)
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear – (White On 300)
Confetti – (071 Belle of the Ball)
La Colors Art Deco – Silver
La Colors Art Deco – Silver glitter
La Colors Art Deco – Gold glitter
La Colors Art Deco – Hot Pink
La Colors Art Deco – Yellow
NYC NYC Color Minute – (206B East Village)
NYC NYC Color Minute – (240 Midtown)
NYC Long Wear – (105 Starry Night)
NYC Long Wear – (118 Big Money Frost)
OPI – Rising Star, bronze gold with shimmer

I bought this set of dotting tools on Ebay for $3 dollars.
They make creating dots so much easier! (Seller – KeyHere)

Close Up

Oh the flowers are sort of puffy and 3D. They come from a set that I purchased in china last summer. They are really easy to use and apply. I think you can probably buy something similar on online or Ebay. If are you interested I’ll do a review on them.

Anyways that’s my finger nail spectacular!!! ^^

Zoya Nail Polish Haul Part 1 of 2

Haul: Zoya Nail Polish
Store: Zoya.com
Costs: Free + $6.95 shipping

Recently I posted about Zoya.com having an AWESOME freebie. It’s where you were able to choose 3 of their nail polishes for FREE and just pay shipping $6.95. Zoya is nail polish company that offers more “natural” polish, quality similar to OPI and retails at $7 a bottle. I was happy to hear that few of my friends and readers were able to get this deal. I ended up placing 2 orders and this is my haul from my first order.
I was super excited for this order because I took the opportunity to choose colors I normally won’t choose or find at my local store.
(From Left to Right)
Dovima – Matte Black
Karina – Bold Sparkly Red
Kotori- Sparkly Dark Blue

I really liked purchasing from Zoya.com. The order was well packaged, the website offers live chat & customer service phone, and I feel that packaging for the nail polish themselves is very nice. Nail polish is very long-lasting, layers well and ample amount.

-Don’t worry I don’t go out like this, I took the photos before I touched up the nails 😦 I’m weird
– this does not reflect the quality of the polish

-I used two coats for the desired level of intensity
-I think it would be a great holiday color
-I didn’t have problems with streaking or clumping. It was easy to use!
-It’s sheer blue shimmer, I thought it was going to be a lot darker
-Opacity is labelled a 5 out 5. However in the photo I did 3 coats and it still wasn’t like my Zoya spoonz sample. 😦
-I do like the shimmer color
-However if you layer it above Dovima – Matte Black, it turns really beautiful!
Kotori + Dovima = The bomb!
-Matte Black (I love the matte!)
-When you apply the polish its this beautiful sparkly black color
-It dries SUPER FAST, I did have a slight problem because it is such a fast drier due to the matting
-Tendency to streak more than the other too
-GREAT base for blue & green sheer nail polish. It really magnifies color that you layer up on it. (doesn’t work with sheer pinks/reds)
This is where I layered a bunch of my other nail polishes over the Dovima coat.
I really like the combination of the Zoya’s Dovima + NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel (118 Big Money Frost). The sheer blue-green makes a beautiful olive-green color that is really different and I love it b/c I was originally disappointed with sheer-ness of the NYC polish.
Ha so you don’t have to be emo to wear the matte black. ^^

I can’t wait for part 2 of my haul! I really liked how part 1 turned out.

ZOYA Nail Polish Facebook Promotion (3 FREE bottles, Pay $6.95 shipping)

WOOT the Zoya Nail Polish offer is now live! Just “Like” Zoya on Facebook (if you haven’t already) and you’ll see the exclusive Facebook code to score 3 FREE nail polishes (+ $6.95 shipping)! The code is valid through January 7th.

Zoya Nail Polishes usually cost $7 a bottle so this is a steal. Beauty reviews say it’s like OPI in quality but without the nasty chemicals.

I already ordered:
Karina (ruby red), Dovima (matte black), and Kotori (multi-sparkle blue/green)

Here are some other sweet colors:
Lexi (light shimmer pink)
Dana (bright raspberry)
Midori (bold green)
Aria (rose pink)
Austine (rose gold)
Trixie (metallic silver)
Tallulah (Bright blue)
Yummy (Bright blue)

If you can’t tell, I think I might have nail polish addiction coming on. Anyways once I receive them I’ll try to remember to do a review

Visions of Pink Gradience – Nail Tutorial

Recently I found out about the beauty community on Youtube. They have a variety of tutorials, hauls, makeup suggestions and real people making videos as makeup “gurus”. This is my first attempt at following a tutorial. It’s by Miss Glamorazzi and you came view it here. I thought she did a great job and it was really easy to follow. I added a bit of twist to mine.

Ingredients?  (This technique is very versatile and you can use different colors* These are the ones I used)

NYC – In a New York Color Minute nail polish $1.99 each (purchased at Target)
Midtown- med pink  (240B)
Uptown- light pink (242B)
*Other colors they have can be seen on their NYC site here.
*For this technique you need at least 2 nail polish colors within the same color spectrum and 1 light/ 1 darker shade. I choose PINKS!
*The brand does not matter. I use NYC because it’s inexpensive & accessible. Miss Glamourazzi uses OPI. It all works out.

L.A. Colors Art Deco Glitter Polish – Silver ($1 purchased at Dollar Tree)
I choose to use a thicker glitter to draw stripes on my nails instead of shimmer overcoat. This was my personal preference.

Cosmetic Sponges $1-2 (mass retailers)
I picked up some at the Dollar Tree but you can buy them anywhere. It doesn’t matter the shape as you will just be using it to dab on nail polish. However make sure the one you choose you will be willing to part with because it will get covered in nail polish. They are quite inexpensive tools.

**Lastly if you have undercoat or topcoat polish …add it to the list! ^^

Style: Color Gradient (10-15min)
1. Prepare nails for nail polish. Trim, file, clean….etc
2. Apply undercoat polish if you have one
3. Apply 1-2 coats of your lighter colored nail polish on all nails, wait for it to dry
4. Put a dab of the darker nail polish on the cosmetic sponge and dab on your nails up to the mid-point (Apply thin coat as seen in video)
5. Gradually dab on darker and more nail polish using the darker nail polish & sponge. Stop when you reach the gradient you would like.
6. Optional: Using glitter polish draw 1-2 diagonal lines on nails or add on the “shimmer” top coat or just your regular top coat.
Viola! You have a salon design and it’s super easy! (Sorry the nails look small, click on the photo and it will enlarge!)