Review Lorac Unzipped Eye Shadow Palette is A+

Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette + Mini Primer
Purchased at Sephora
Price – $40
*Recently it’s also available at Ulta

Let’s end the month of May with a Bang!
This precious palette has been a coveted favorite of mine this month.
It’s everything I looked for in a great palette from pigmentation to texture to package …this is it 🙂

Loraz Unzipped Palette Snapshot Review:

This a absolutely, hands down, amazing palette from Lorac Cosmetics.
I think out of all the different high-end and drugstore neutral palette this is my favorite.
I find that this set is very similar to Lorac’s baked eye shadow collection line.
It was strong pigmentation and silky smoothy buttery texture.

What it is

The Lorac Cosmetics Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette has 10 creamy eyeshadow shades.
It comes with 6 shimmery + 4 matte shadows + 1 Lorac eyeshadow primer

The packaging is amazing for traveling. I took this with me on my carry-on to Mexico.
It’s very slim, the eyeshadow pans are the size of quarters (easy to use) and comes with a mirror.

Swatched on watercolor paper without Primer

This is just for white color background reference.
The colors do lean towards more neutral or nude look.
They would be prefer for work, school and professional environments.

Swatched on arm without primer

This is the full set from Top Row to Bottom Row, Left to Right.

Swatched on arm without Primer ( Top Row)

I can’t possibly rave enough about how excited I was to see that Lorac came out with this formulation.
The shimmer and pigmentation is very close the Lorac’s Little Black Palette (baked) without the bulk.

Undercover – Matte White
Unbelievable – Shimmer Rosy Brown
Unattainable – Shimmer Walnut Brown
Unconditional – Matte Light Brown
Unbridled – Matte Plum Brown

Swatched on arm without primer (Bottom Row)

Did I mention there’s little to no fall out!!!
The matte colors are so pigmented and silky without being chalky.

Undiscovered – Shimmer Gold
Unreal – Shimmer Rose Gold
Uncensored – Shimmer Deep Brwon
Unspoken – Matte Brown
Untamed – Shimmer Deep Dark Brown with Gold Flecks

Overall, I’ve been using this palette non-stop for 2 weeks and I say get it!
At one time they said this palette was limited edition so I really recommend picking it up.
Lorac eye shadows don’t get much hype but they sure do deserve it!

p.s. the mini primer is nice too.

Cheap Thrills – Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Review

(Love & Beauty Line are all FINAL SALE item at Forever 21)|

There’s something both alluring and fatal about buying cheap makeup.
Often it can really suck but it’s so cheap that the dent won’t be big.
Yet when you do find a goodie it’s just extra great because you saved so much!!!

Now the question is are these worth the worth the risk?

Well I’m trying to figure it out.  ( read on)

Here I am in the crowded store with my hands clutching these new makeup items from the Forever 21’s makeup line.
I haven’t seen many reviews on Love & Beauty products.
I also find many of the items have non-descriptive names making it incredibly difficult to research.
Yet they are so reasonable priced even compared to drugstore prices  it’s hard not to want them.

Forever 21 / Love & Beauty Makeup
– Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in  Natural / Multi $3.80
– Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Brown/Multi $3.80
– Love & Beauty Blush in Pink $1.80

* I want to thank my good friend Emily for giving me the Love & Beauty – Brown/Multi palette.
All other items were purchased by me.*

Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in  Natural / Multi $3.80

It comes with 4 Shadows, tool and case (no specific labels)
– Pale Pinky with a white sheen
– Light dirty gold with a golden shimmer
– Toned Olive Grey with a golden flecks
– Rustic brown with a golden shimmer
– Double Ended Sponge Applicator
– Slim clear cover, hinged with black base

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

The eye shadows are very easy to swatch and appear smoother than expected.
They aren’t chalky. However they lack the buttery texture of higher end eye shadows.
I find the colors to be true to pan with except of the olive green which appeared duller.
There’s no glittery but it has a shimmery/sheen based formulation.

(Swatched on Watercolor Paper – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

I think these colors would be great as stated for a “Smoky Eye”.
I can see myself using the two lighter shades for brow and inner corner highlight.
The two darker shades can be used for all over the lid and crease definition.

The difficulties I experienced with this eye shadow palette were minimal.
For the price I am I found the eye shadows definitely better than standard $1 shadows or large 88 palettes.

I really like the slim and simplistic packaging
I like the size of the pans (quarter)
I felt it was fairly pigmented and easy to use for the price
It’s a cheap thrill, priced better than drugstore item

I felt the olive lacked depth in the color
The texture wasn’t spectacular but use-able.
I felt you needed to wear primer as the color fades quicker (3hrs)
Caution – you need to dust underneath the eye area after application because in direct sunlight I did notice small amount of shimmer fallout

Overall Would I buy this one again – No b/c I mainly got it for the olive shade. I think it’s a fair price and a – ok product

Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Brown/Multi $3.80
This is amusing because my friend Emily originally got this eye shadow as I convinced her mattes are the way to go.
Unfortunately for her it didn’t really jive with her very pale pinky toned skin.
Yet I found that I really enjoyed this palette a lot more than that previous one due to the light brown tones.
Ha – perhaps next time I’ll just have to switch with her 🙂

It comes with 4 Shadows, tool and case (no specific labels)
– Pearlscent Shimmery White
– Matte Soft Tan
– Shimmery Pinky Peach
– Matted Dark Brown with a hint of reddish shimmer
– Double Ended Sponge Applicator
– Slim clear cover, hinged with black base

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

They are formulated exactly the same as the 1st set with the except of the matte tan.
The tan to have a soft quality about it, a bit powdery if you press your brush harder.
Personally even though I felt they showed similar feel and texture. It appears this set is a hint more pigmented.

(Swatched on Watercolor Paper – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

I found these to be great for my Asian skin tone that leans a bit more yellow and tan.
I like to use this quad for work as it simple, neutral and easy to carry.

I didn’t experience any fall out or chalky texture from this palette.

I really like the slim and simplistic packaging
I find it pigmented
I think it would be great for work environments
I really like the matte soft tan color

I felt you needed to wear primer as the color fades quicker (3hrs)
Caution – you need to dust underneath the eye area after application because in direct sunlight I did notice small amount of shimmer fallout

Overall Would I buy this one again – Yes, I really like the color combination with matte / shimmer.

Love & Beauty Blush in Pink (clear plastic outside packaging) $1.80

Currently, Love & Beauty offers many different blush options.
It’s sort of hard to differentiate between them as they look very similar with slightly different exterior packaging.
The packaging is simple, sturdy and easy to view.
I found the pan size to be generous close to wide bottle cap.

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer, Love & Beauty Blush in Pink)

This blush is pretty.
It comes off a light pink with a pearly sheen. It’s not glittery or shimmery.
The texture is smooth and has strong pigmentation.

– Easy and Simple Packaging
– Large Pan size
– I like the satin sheen finish rather then shimmery
– Pigmented
– Super Cheap!

– Wear time (3-4 hrs) you will likely need to reapply during the day
– Line not distinctively labelled

Overall, Yes I would buy again.

Was it worth the risk? Yep, I would do it again 🙂 …actually pretty soon I have a really awesome Forever 21 dupe post!

Review Urban Decay Limited Edition – Rollergirl Palette

Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette
Type – Limited Edition
* Palette usually comes with whiskey eye pencil and lip gloss.
Purchased @ eBay
Cost – $14 (originally $34)

I was fascinated by this palette as I believed it would make a great travel palette, it has gorgeous packaging and I wanted Woodstock.
Needless to say I was very pleased to find the UD Palette – New for such a bargain on eBay.

The palette is limited edition. I purchased mine – new (without the additional pieces) for $14 on eBay.
I believe you can still purchase it for similar costs on eBay.
This is a great deal because a regular UD shadow costs $17 per pan and there are repeats in the Naked/Naked 2 palettes.

***ALL These Shades will be kept in UD New Formulation eye shadow range, so still available in single form ***


This is a popular UD shade that shows reveal a pop of color.
The eye shadow is very pigmented, buttery and I think could work as a duo product for both eyes / cheeks.

Verve (Naked 2 Palette)
This shimmery beige has great color payoff and has a buttery texture. It’s good for brow and inner corner highlighting.

Suspect (Naked 2 Palette)
I really like using this  shimmery light bronze that works as a great all over lid shade.

DarkHorse (Naked Palette)
This bronze patina color has similar payoff as the other neutrals and easy to work with.

(Swatched on Hand -No Primer- Woodstock, Verve, Suspect, Darkhorse)
I’ve impressed by how the eye shadows are very easy to work with, pigmented, shimmery and a buttery texture.
The eye shadows don’t have fall out or glittery pieces.
It has 3 colors are great for “Naked” or “Neutral” eye look and I think Woodstock is awesome fuchsia pink that could double as blush.

(Swatched on Watercolor Paper -No Primer- Woodstock, Verve, Suspect, Darkhorse)

After applying these to my eyelids, I can testify that they are great quality and long lasting.
I do see how the 3 neutral shades play more towards UD Naked 2 palette leaning silver and cool.
I think this is a great palette for on the go and quick looks.

The packaging is styling, slim, and has a strong magnetic lid. It also comes with a small portable mirror.

Overall, I was pleased to have made this purchase.

If you are interested in seeing me do a look with this palette – please comment below!

I Heart Inglot Cosmetics Haul (eye shadows)

Inglot Cosmetics is a Polish based cosmetic makeup company that was established 25+ years ago by Wojtek Inglot.
Recently, they have been expanding their business and opening makeup counters around the USA.

Purchased at Inglot Website & Inside Inglot Counter at the Macy’s Store in Union Square @ SF, California

$5 per freedom system eyeshadow pans
$10 2-pan magnetic palette
$14 10-pan magnetic palette

I currently own 2 freedom style palettes. At first when the lady at the counter was talking about the palettes I thought meh, what’s so special about it? Well now I can say that I wholeheartedly that  love Inglot’s freedom style palette! They are great because of their simplistic design that is both functional and beautiful.

Inglot Freedom System Palette
– Really Sturdy Hard Plastic
– Frosted Clear top for easy viewing
– Incredibly strong magnets (careful when removing)
– Easy method to remove pans and insert pans
– They comes in a variety of sizes and shapes

To remove a pan use the magnetic bit on the lid by placing it over the corner of the pan and slow move it around until it
the pan lifts/tilts up out of the palette as it becomes magnetized to the lid.

Inglot offers tons of different makeup products from nail polishes to lashes to eye shadows. I was very intrigued by the hype the blogging community has given to their shadows. Is it worth it?

Inglot eye shadows are very affordable as they offer both versatility, amazing pigmentation, and a wide array of colors. The freedom system eye shadows (pan only) are $5 each and they come in a variety of finishes (matte, pearl, double sparkle, shine, AMC, pigment, trios).  You can also purchase them in container form for $12.

* I love the Freedom System Concept – pick and choose what you want *
Affordable for $5 pan
Variety of finishes – I love the ‘pearl’ finish
Saturated pigmentation so that you get what you see
Tons of different colors from bright yellow to matte black to hot pink
Interesting square pan packaging
All pans are individually airtight sealed when purchased

All the colors are labelled with numbers, not names
When placed in palette it’s very hard to see labels

Colors I purchased according to (above palette photo)
I currently own 9 Inglot shadows and I’ve included descriptions of what I think color is like

Top Row
Matte 382 – Ripe Watermelon Red
Matte 361 – Romantic Peachy Pink
Pearl 399 – Metallic Lilac Pink
Matte 337 –  Soft Chocolate Marshmallow
Pearl 405 – Bronze Gold Rush

Bottom Row
Pearl 397 –  Illuminating Light Pink
Pearl 451 – Steel Gray Blue
-Blank pan
Matte 366 – Heirloom Tomato Coral
Pearl 450 – Rustic Magenta Burgundy


(From Top- Down Pearl 451, Pearl 450, Pearl 405, Pearl 397, Matte 337, Pearl 399, Matte 366, Matte 361, Matte 382)

NYX Nude on Nude kit (UD Naked Palette Dupe?)

For a long time I was seriously drooling over the Urban Decay Naked Palette (retails $48) . I’d constantly check websites and stores to see if the item was in stock. Well after months of waiting for it to be in stock, realizing that I had a few of the colors already, and the fact that they took out eyeliners and upped the price made me kinda of sad.

Sad until I found the NYX nude on nude kit (retails $13). A lot of makeup gurus are saying this is a dupe for the Naked Palette. How true that is, I guess we’ll have to see. NYX currently offers 2 types of neutral kits. I choose to buy the smaller and portable version but they also have comprehensive nude on nude kit with 20 eye shadows + 10 lip colors (retails $25) and you check it out here on their website.

(size comparison against opi nail polish…it’s very small, but portable for everyday use)

(NYX nude on nude kit completely opened – good size mirror, 9 eye shadows (dime-size), sliding drawer with 2 lippies and 2 applicators)

NYX nude on nude kit *Details*
Shadows are quite small about the size of dime, but alas I don’t use that much one color so not a big issue for me.

3 matte eye shadow shades – top row
6 semi-shimmery eye shadow shades
2 Lip gloss shades (opaque pink) (shimmery red-pink)
2 applicators (double -ended mini lip brush and sponge applicator for shadows) -honestly I would just toss these as they get stuck in the sliding drawer. The applicators are teeny tiny and I already have travel brushes I’d much rather use.

Swatches of the First Row of the Palette + First shadow of the second row ==> Left to Right, starting from the Top
(matte white, matte light grey-tan, matte black, shimmery pale peach-champagne)

More Swatches…haha looks kinda of silly because I ran out of fingers.. ^^(
(Starts 2nd row, 2nd shadow and still left to right)
Shimmery mink color, Shimmery grey-black color, shimmery frosty pink, shimmery frosty gold, shimmery medium brown

Comparison to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette?
First off, I still haven’t been able to get my hands on a Urban Decay Naked Palette. I realized something that also was a bit lame is that the palette being $48 dollars now instead of $44 makes you still $2 dollars away from free shipping on most sites like &

Anyways, I do own a couple of Urban Decay pigments in the same colors as they have on Naked Palette. I currently own Half Baked (copper-bronzer with frost-metallic finish), Smog (medium dark bronze with metallic sheen), and Gunmetal (blue-gray metallic). To see swatches of my urban decay pigments please check out my past post.

If you want an exact dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, the NYX palette just won’t do. To be honest I don’t know where you’d find an exact dupe …you might as well splurge on Urban Decay.

However if you are flexible and you want a affordable palette with a bunch of neutral, everyday shadows. I think you might like NYX.

UD Naked Palette $48 dollars
NYX Nude on Nude Kit $13 dollars (you can use ULTA coupons!)

*Affordability wise NYX beat Urban Decay. $50 bucks for a palette seems a bit hard to swallow for me.

UD has 12 eye shadows full size (1.3g), mini-primer, brush + mirror
NYX has 9 eye shadows (grams? ), 2 lip glosses, 2 tiny applicators + mirror

*Offerings I think Urban Decay beats NYX as Urban Decay gives full size shadows. However NYX does offer a valid selection of neutrals and provides 2 wearable lip colors.

UD shadows are extremely pigmented, offers a range of matte-shimmer-glittery shades
NYX shadows are average, matte shades can be a bit chalky, mostly cool-toned shades

*Urban Decay offers higher quality pigmentation. However from reviews I hear that some of shades tend to flake or be too glittery for every day use. NYX matte shades I find to be too chalky but I do like how the palette has more pink/champagnes colors. It doesn’t have glitter.

UD is quite big but if you have a big handbag I’m sure you could take it along
NYX  is very travel-friendly. It’s small, the drawers fold up and easy to use

*Depends on how much you like to carry around.

Cruelty-Free? (Do they test on animals?)
Urban Decay provides a cruelty-free eye shadow brush
NYX is cruelty-free company so entire item is cruelty-free

*I’d have to NYX, whenever possible I’d choose cruelty-free!

Thus that’s my comparison on the 2 palettes. Does one completely trump the other? I’d have to say no. It’s depends on your budget and what you are looking for. Good News is that at Ulta, Sephora, and Urban Decay they all have 100% guarantees on their makeup. So in case you don’t like their product you can return it for a FULL REFUND.

I am happy that I got the NYX Nude on Nude Palette. But does it mean that I’m not going to get Urban Decay Palette? Eh..I can’t say yet because it appears still to be out of stock.

Ebay Haul: 88 warm palette, makeup brushes, and nail tools

Use Big Crumbs for 36% cashback on all purchases Click here for more info.
(it’s a Free, no hassle! way to save! I’ve saved $42 dollars since using them)
I really like to buy things off EBay. I find it very convenient, there’s PayPal protection against fraud and a lot of things shipping from HK and China are so Freaking Cheap!!! So affordable that I wonder how they even make money?!? A lot of items have free shipping!

Seriously there’s no reason to pay full price when you get the same item for a fraction of the price. I use to be afraid of getting duds but I’ve found that in  many cases when it does happen, I contact the seller and I can get a refund/replacement. The sellers are usually agreeable and have good customer service as they want to maintain good standing.

The only con is that shipping from Asia can be very SLOW… 2-4 weeks slow! So be prepared and order earlier if you need it fast. Oh yeah also you need a PayPal account which usually means having debit/credit card or gift card for payments (no cash).

These were all purchased from a Ebay seller called Keyhere. This was  just the seller I used for my purchases. I’m sure, actually I’m positive that there are tons of other sellers out there with similar products. I just liked to purchase them from the same seller because sometimes sellers offer combined shipping discounts and also it means less packages for me to keep track of.

Facial Hair Remover Removal Epistick Threading Stick  (Seller Keyhere)
Costs $0.99 + $0.10 shipping from China

First off, I bought this because I saw it on Youtube Xteener’s video. Why did I buy this? I thought it looked ridiculous. I didn’t really buy it to remove hair but rather I was really drawn into the shape and design of the product. It reminds of me of like finger exercising tool. However, I did try this a couple of time to remove facial hair. OH MAN does it hurt! It really pinches your skin and I’m uncertain if it actually remove the hair. So I wouldn’t recommend buying it for facial hair removal.

Pro 88 Warm Color Eye Shadow Makeup Palette Eyeshadow A (Seller Keyhere)
Cost: $2.76 + $6.81 shipping from China
*It does contain talc but talc doesn’t bother me*

I’ve always wanted a huge palette to play around with. I’ve been seeing a lot of inexpensive  large ones available from Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics. While searching for one, I found out that CS and BH’s palettes are made in China somehow lead me back to Ebay. Anyways, I got the 88 Warm Color palette because there are more browns, neutral tones and I thought in general a lot more useful than the rainbow one.

There are couple of the eye shadows that look very similar (almost identical). But for the price you can’t beat it. Decent pigmentation without being too chalky. The eye shadow palette however is a lot smaller than you would think. It’s about 6 X 8 size so about 3/4th the size of regular price of paper. The eyeshadow are about dime size each. These measurements I read from reviews are similar to the actual sizing of CS & BH palettes. They always just seem overwhelmingly big and intimidating to me when I’m watching beauty videos. Actually not that big of a palette.

It’s actually very slim, black cover and portable for travel uses. Not for everyday makeup bags since it is still a decent size. I’d recommend this palette if you love neutrals, want to play around with eye shadows, and are just starting your makeup collection.
I was surprised that the listing picture is very accurate of the colors in the palette.

5 X 2 Way Dotting Pen Marbleize Tool Nail Art Dot Paint (Seller Keyhere)
Cost: $1.00 + $1.11 shipping from China

Ok, first off I don’t think you need 5 dotting tools. I think that’s a bit excessive. When I first purchased this listing I thought it was only 1 tool since it was only $1 dollar. Then in the mail I received 5 tools!!! So I’d recommend sharing some with your friends if you decide to get this because you won’t need all 5. My favorite ones out of the 5 have the bigger dotting end. I find the bigger the end the easier it is to create the perfect dot.

These tools do make dotting a lot easier. I think they are rather pretty with the clear and swirled design in the pen. I’d highly recommend this for nail art and it’s a quite steal for only $2 bucks!

15 pc Nail Art Design Brush Set Painting Pen in Tips (Seller Keyhere)
Costs: $1 + $2.30 shipping

I went through a bit of a nail art craze. To be honest, I haven’t used these yet so I can’t give a review. Some of the brushes are really quite odd looking as some of the tips are very fine and long. I don’t know how you’d use a fan brush to do nail art? Perhaps my nails are still too short. However, they do seem like sturdy and nice brushes. *If you want more comprehensive review, write a comment below. I just have to wait for my nails to grow. ^^

18 pc Eyeshadow Brusher Makeup Brush Set Kit + Case Pink (Seller Keyhere)
Cost: $11.39 + Free Shipping (Later $$$ was refunded due to a defective product)

Curiosity is a strange thing. I always wondered about these affordable brushes set and if they are any good. Well from this set, I would have to say NO. The case is cute pink color, magnetic snap, plastic covering and the brushes are white handle with pink top. When I first tried these brushes I thought they were just so-so. However, when I attempted to wash the brushes. That’s when all hell broke loose! The brushes smelled so gross like chemicals and just icky. A lot of didn’t regain their original shape. I would NOT Recommend this.
Yep that’s what my fan brush looked like after washing. It smelled gross! I don’t know if I just received defective products or if maybe the smell goes away. I find the smell of the bigger brushes to be very overwhelming. But it’s not so bad in the smaller ones. I was just very disappointed by this product despite it’s “cute” appearance.

I think that Ecotools and Walmart Studio Basic brushes are hundreds of times better than these and only bit a more compared to this. I guess this is just one of those cases where it’s just too good to be true. I did get my money back and I tossed the brushes.

Quick Summary of My Opinions:
1. Facial Stick (funky looking but painful)
2. 88 Warm Palette (nice buy)
3. Dotting Tools (got to have these…maybe just 1 but it’s very useful)
4. Nail brushes (I have no clue? …tbd)
5. Pink brush set (that’s a no-go!)

Thanks for reading!
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Ulta 15 pc gift set – Warm Tones (PICTURE HEAVY)

This picture shows the Pink Set but I got the Yellow Set -Warm. (Similar items but purse is yellow)
-(4) brushes
-(2) 4 quad eyeshadow
-(2) contour eye/lip pencils
-2 ended lip gloss
– 1 lipstick
-1 mirror
-1 cosmetic purse
-1 volume mascara
-1 nail polish

Spend $17.50 on Ulta Cosmetics (some exclusions) and get this set for free. I think this promotion is still going on in Ulta stores but not online anymore. I picked this set up b/c I really wanted to try more Ulta cosmetic products.

Overall Rating: 5 out 5 for the Warm Set, this is a great FREEBIE set. Items range from blah to super awesome. I’d recommend trying Ulta cheek blushes but I’d avoid the poorly constructed plastic makeup brushes. Even for $18, I would totally repurchase! Great gift!

Ulta Lip Color : Rose Gold Shimmer
Lipstick Texture is silky, smooth and not drying. The pigmentation is very nice and deep red-brown color on the lips. Great for going out or for parties. Only downside is that packaging seems light and cheap. However it does click into place and portable.
Ulta Amped Lashes Volume Mascara
This is very nice mascara to define your lashes. The brush picks up even the tiny lash hair. Yet I think it’s strange that it is labeled as a “volume” mascara because I get tremendous length but no volume. I like to use this to separate & define then I use a coat of Maybelline Lash Blast for more volume. So as volume mascara it sucks, but for length it’s great!
Ulta Nail Lacquer in Hot Spot
I’m very impressed with the quality, pigmentation and color of Hot Spot. It is a very bold coral red with orange undertone. In the picture that is just 1 COAT of the nail polish. It applies easy, dries fast and beautiful color. I love little bottles because I find that’s all I need. I’d highly recommend Ulta polishes if they are all like this one.
Ulta Double Ended Contour /Eyeliner Pencil in Chocolate
Personally I like gel & automatic liners the best. I find pencils give you more precision but the color is not as pigmented. It’s a nice color to try without going so bold as to do black. I find that brown tones give you a softer look. The lead is not very hard or too soft. Overall I find it’s just average for a eye liner.

Ulta Double Ended Contour /Eyeliner Pencil in Black
Same comments as above but personally I think the Ulta Automatic Eyeliner in Black is a better product.
Ulta Double Ended Contour /Eyeliner Pencil in Black & Chocolate

Contour Lip/ Eyeliner in Spice & Halo
Spice is a perfect lip liner for the Rose Gold Shimmer Lipstick and Halo is great for inner corner highlight. However I find that Halo is a bit too hard for my taste and when I was using it bits broke off. I suggest warming the eyeliner I hear that makes it creamier.

Ulta Eye Shadow Quad (Top to Bottom, Left to Right : Truffle, Platinum, Trendsetter, Granite)
The eyeshadow quad is 1.5 in X 1.5 in so it’s very portable. The pots are a little bigger than nickels. It comes with sponge tip applicator and mirror. The shadows are average quality. They apply sheer but they are buildable. I think Ulta did great job at choosing neutral warm tones and complemented smokey eye look.

Ulta Eye Shadow Quad (T-B, L-R : Silk, Stardust, Sea Shell, Brown Sugar)
These shadows swatched poorly but more bold on the fingers. All the shades are pastel and light shimmer. They are great for casual look or used as highlighters. I really liked Silk & Brown Sugar. They aren’t as pigmented as Smashbox or Urban Decay but they are usable (B). They do have a bit of powdery fallout in the case but with a primer go on nicely.

Ulta Blush in Flame
To be honest I dreaded trying out this blush since it looked so dark and terracotta red. However I think this is by far my favorite item of the set. It is a beautiful rosy cheek but make sure to use a light hand when applying! It matches my skin very nicely and gives me a natural pop of color. I’d highly recommend picking of this blush 5 out of 5! I used my Ecotools blush brush to apply.

[Other Included Items:]
Yellow Cosmetic Bag – Just average, I think it’s kinda of ugly. I liked the pink design better. The knob clasp is hard to turn.

Yellow Double Mirror– travel friendly

Ulta Double Ended Lipstick in Goddess & Flirtini – sheer lip gloss, smells delicious like cinnamon buns! It’s great for my lipstick and it’s not tacky or sticky.

4 Pc Brush set – (F rating) This is the worst item of the bunch. The brushes are poorly made with plastic hairs and I would not use them to apply makeup. It’s a shame b/c Ulta does have some nice pro brushes. I’d rather have a mini pro brush then 4 pc set. I think I might use them to clean my computer keyboards!
This me wearing the set.
Closeup – very natural color (I was wearing double end lip gloss)

Haul: Ulta Collection Cosmetics range from $6-14 bucks ==> They do often have sales, BIGI, and coupons! Ulta Collection Cosmetics are sold at & Ulta stores. They have 100% guarantee that you’ll love the product or you can return it with receipt in 60 days.

For this free set I purchased Ulta lip crayon (coral kiss) & 2 Ulta automatic eyeliners (chocolate & raisin) that I will review at a later date.

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