Have you tried Askew Grill? – Because you should!

Asqew Grill
5614 Bay St
Emeryville, CA 94680

Type: American Grill
Price : $
* Located in Open Air Mall Plaza
* Chain Store
* Gluten Free Menu Option

Cajun Chicken Skewer with Mango Salsa + Pear Salad

One day I was hungry and I happened upon Askew in the mall, now I’m pretty much sold on the place.
Yes, I think it looks as delicious as it tastes if that gives you any indication.
The atmosphere is a American Grill/BBQ style restaurant.
It’s sort of a hybrid between fast food service and sit down quality food.

I really liked how everything tastes freshly prepared!
I like how the skewer comes with a mix/match deal similar to soup-sandwich-salad combo that many places have.
I like being able to choose.
…but what I really love is being able try new things and to have a bit of this and bit of that.

The chicken skewer comes with tomatoes, onion, peppers, drizzled with Cajun spice and topped off with mango salsa.
I’m such a sucker for fruit in my meals.
The mango salsa was a fresh, blend of mangoes and tomatoes.

The pear salad comes with almonds, mixed greens, red peppers, creamy Gorgonzola dressing, and grilled pears.
However I wasn’t a big fan of the pears.
I felt they weren’t as sweet as I had initially hoped but I do love a good portion of fruit in my salads.

Overall, I was impressed by the quality of the food, the freshness and the juicy chicken.
Plus for once I felt that Askew did the right portioned amount of food.
There was enough chicken on the skewer to be filling and the sides were a good portion as well.

How to Choose from the Askew Menu
Choose the type of skewer you want (1 or 2) + grilled vegetables + (either a salad or a side)
– Chicken
– Beef
– Seafood
– Vegetarian

Then either Salad or Side > Come with the Skewer Meal (These portions are quite large and filling)
Choose salad
–  Southwestern
– Pear
– Chop Salad
– Spinach
– Baby Greens
– Caesar

They have different sides available
– ROASTED GARLIC MASHED POTATOES ( I really want to try this one next time!!!)

Costs around $8-12 dollars

I would recommend keeping an eye out for Askew as it is a mighty tasty option! 🙂

p.s. They have punch rewards card – Buy 10 skewers, Get 1 free > Punch’d App or paper card available too.