Cheap Thrill Awesome Eye Lash Curler for $7

Say Hello to my new favorite eye lash curler!

Sonia Kashuk Eye Lash Curler
Purchase – (Online Only)
Costs – $7
Buy Here.

Prior to really venturing into the world of makeup, I was really quite frightened of eye lash curlers and I still maintain a love-hate relationship with mascara. The fear of the strangely shaped tool that suddenly goes way too close to my eye.

However, I longed for my short and pin straight lashes to be swooshy and beautiful.
I came upon this eyelash curler on a whim while skimming and I was intrigued by the price. Seriously I own from the cheapest $1 ELF eye lasher curler to the $17 Sephora gold eye lash curler so how would this particular lash curler fit?!? (BTW Sephora curler is equally awesome but pricey)
MBBlog Review Here

The Sonia Kashuk has become my go-to model. It’s performs like a much higher-end tool with a affordable price tag.
The tool itself look similar to any run of the mill lash curler. It’s simplistic, satin black finish, comes with handle grips and one lash plastic piece. I suppose that’s the downside there’s only 1 lash plastic piece when tools usually come with 2 but I’ve never used a curler to the put I need a new one so I’m ok with it.

I like the simplicity of the design. It’s lightweight and there’s no spring.
I find the curve of the tool fits perfectly my eye shape without pinching my skin.
It gives a wonderful curl and very easy to use.

– Affordable
– Simplistic
– Slim
– Satin Black

-Comes with only 1 lash plastic
Available only online => free shipping $50 & go to coupon mountain to find $5 off $50 coupon

Overall, I’d highly recommend this tool if you are in the market for a new one!

Affordable Brushes – Eco Tools 5 pc Mineral Brush Set

Eco Tools is a drugstore brand that focuses environmentally conscious beauty products.
Their products are very affordable and great quality for a low-end makeup brush. ($5-$15)
They comes in sets as seen above and can also be purchased individually.
I’ve seen them available at Target, Walmart, Drugstores and on

Currently I own all the available Eco Tools sets as I find they are a great value for the price.
{Regular 5 pc brush sets, Eye brush set, Mineral set, Kabuki Brush and the Bamboo Bronzer Brush.}

Eco Tools 5 pc Mineral Brush Set
Retails for $10-12 dollars

* The mineral brush set is made for traveling *
The handles are shorter but the brush heads remain almost the same size as the full size sets.
1. Kabuki Brush
2. Powder Brush
3. Blending Eye Shadow Brush
4. Concealer Brush

  • Zipped hemp makeup bag
  • All the handles are made from bamboo
  • The ferules / metal is recycled aluminum
  • The brush heads are made from synthetic taklon bristles
  • I’ve found them to be long lasting and they don’t smell, bleed, or shed.

Kabuki Brush & Powder Brush
The brush bristles are very soft, dense, and easy to clean.
I find that both of these brush heads to be similar in size.
It can be used to apply different powders and blushes.
I find it easy to pick up pigment and for buffing.

Blending Eye Brush
This is my favorite brush of the collection.
I find the shape to be great for blending eye shadows.
I have two of these brushes and the newer model appears to be a bit longer bristles.
I enjoy the design and it’s easy to use.

Concealer Brush
I use this brush to apply under eye concealer.
It’s slim and the has firm density to the bristles.


  • Eco Tools uses a portion of recycled and sustainable materials
  • They donated 1% of profit to charity
  • Affordable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Easy to clean without shedding
  • Brush bristles are soft and dense
  • Full size brushes with smaller handles (similar to a full set)


  • I would have preferred a contour brush vs. 2 round brushesWould I repurchase > Of course! I already own 2 sets as they are great for on the go!

My Favorite Brush – High Definition Angled Blush Brush

Brand: Paris Presents
Item: High Definition Angled Blush Brush
Type: Makeup Brush
Store: Wal-mart (I’ve only seen it sold at Wal-Mart stores)
Item Number: 004618969
Cost: $6 dollars

I’ve tried a lot of inexpensive makeup brushes and I have to say this brush is my absolute favorite! I loved it so much I purchase 2 for myself for daily use and another for my best friend. I’ve only seen it available at Walmart stores.

Pros –
Duo Fiber, soft
Easy to Clean, never sheds brush hairs or color
Sturdy handle
Dense fibers, grabs to pigments
Affordable, accessible

sometimes if your blush is too pigmented, this brush tends to pick up too much product (light hand)
duo fiber, it’s easier for the brush to look dirty (but also a pro b/c it will remind you to clean it)

There’s seriously tons of ways to clean your brush. If you don’t like my suggestions feel free to search up brush cleaner on Youtube there’s loads of tutorials on how to clean your brushes. Most importantly, do clean them!

1. Store Bought Brush Cleaner (sold at most makeup counters)
2. Baby Shampoo, Soap & Warm Water
3. Antibacterial Hand Soap
4. 90% Rubbing Alcohol
5. Mixture of olive oil, dishwasher soap and water

I currently use a plastic container, clean rag, ELF brush cleaner $3 (sold online & Target stores) and warm water.

I run my brushes under warm water, sweep it through the gel brush cleaner, rinse, ALWAYS dry with bristles down/handle up, and then I place the brush in a container with a clean rag. I feel like the rag helps to dry the brushes faster and I can always wash the towel of any leftover makeup residue.

***ALWAYS dry brushes with bristles facing down and the handle facing up. This way the water will leak down faster and it WON’T drip into the feral ruining the glue of the brush***

Yes I would repurchase this brush. It’s high quality, affordable and everything a blush brush should be.
I highly recommend it! A+

Recycle old brushes for NEW free brushes from ECO-TOOLS

So I was alerted by that Eco-Tools is once again revving up their brush recycling campaign. I love Eco-Tools because they are 1% for the planet company and they make all their products from earth-friendly and/or recycled materials. You can purchase them at, Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Wal-Mart, and Target.

I currently own 3 brush sets from Eco-Tools. I really like them. They are soft, affordable, portable and high quality. Plus when you buy them in a set you get a lot more value for the price. If you would like to read more detailed review just comment below and I will create more comprehensive post.

Eco-tools 5 pc Brush set $10.99 (check it out here)
(eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush)
I got mine from Target Store. My favorite brush out of this set is concealer brush and it came with $1 off coupon in package.
Eco-Tools 6pc Bamboo Eye Set $8 (check it out here)
I got this set on using my free Amazon card from Swagbucks through internet surfing.

To learn more about Swagbucks and free swag you can go here... I’ve been a member of swagbucks since 2009 and I’ve redeemed $150 in Amazon swag. Swagbucks is a free search engine website that give you ‘points’ for searching.

Eco-Tools 5-pc Mineral Brush set $13 (check it out here)
This is by far my favorite Eco-tools set. I bought this one at Ulta stores (you can use Ulta coupons on this item.) I was weary at first because it does have 2 blush brushes. However this is very high quality and I love the blush brushes. It’s very portable set and I prefer the mineral fibers hairs to the original set.

I bet now you are interested in recycling your USED & OLD brushes…ng better!
To find out more about it the Choose to be Beautiful Campaign: click on their website here.

How it works:
Mail in your new or used beauty items* to the Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign. In return for your donated product, you will receive a coupon [valued up to $7.99; limit two coupons per person] for a complimentary EcoTools product.
Single brushes are $4-8, I bought brush sets so a bit more.

Instructions:  Mail products in or Go to Eco-Tools Recycling Event
(campaign is per person, so I believe if you live with others, they can participate too)

Mail in your products, along with your full name and mailing address to:

Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign
c/o Skirt Public Relations
2320 North Damen Ave, Suite 2D
Chicago, Illinois 60647

*Please allow up to six (6) weeks for us to process your request
*Eco-tool is having recycling events in Chicago, IL, Santa Monica CA, and Washington DC.

Beauty Items include (new or used):
-Cosmetic brushes
-Containers which hold body wash, lotion, scrub and beauty creams
-Body mist containers
-Body Sponges

No Expiration date on the Campaign  but sooner you mail it, the earlier you get your freebies!

Remember this crazy looking brush I have? Guess what…it’s going to go bye bye. So I can get a lovely new Eco-Tools brush!

I sent in this brush + one of the wet n wild brushes from their compacts and it costs around $1.20 to mail them to Eco-Tools address. I’m giddy with excitement for my new Eco-tools as I really want a bronzing brush and face finishing brush.

*Everything was paid with my own money ^^

Ebay Haul: 88 warm palette, makeup brushes, and nail tools

Use Big Crumbs for 36% cashback on all purchases Click here for more info.
(it’s a Free, no hassle! way to save! I’ve saved $42 dollars since using them)
I really like to buy things off EBay. I find it very convenient, there’s PayPal protection against fraud and a lot of things shipping from HK and China are so Freaking Cheap!!! So affordable that I wonder how they even make money?!? A lot of items have free shipping!

Seriously there’s no reason to pay full price when you get the same item for a fraction of the price. I use to be afraid of getting duds but I’ve found that in  many cases when it does happen, I contact the seller and I can get a refund/replacement. The sellers are usually agreeable and have good customer service as they want to maintain good standing.

The only con is that shipping from Asia can be very SLOW… 2-4 weeks slow! So be prepared and order earlier if you need it fast. Oh yeah also you need a PayPal account which usually means having debit/credit card or gift card for payments (no cash).

These were all purchased from a Ebay seller called Keyhere. This was  just the seller I used for my purchases. I’m sure, actually I’m positive that there are tons of other sellers out there with similar products. I just liked to purchase them from the same seller because sometimes sellers offer combined shipping discounts and also it means less packages for me to keep track of.

Facial Hair Remover Removal Epistick Threading Stick  (Seller Keyhere)
Costs $0.99 + $0.10 shipping from China

First off, I bought this because I saw it on Youtube Xteener’s video. Why did I buy this? I thought it looked ridiculous. I didn’t really buy it to remove hair but rather I was really drawn into the shape and design of the product. It reminds of me of like finger exercising tool. However, I did try this a couple of time to remove facial hair. OH MAN does it hurt! It really pinches your skin and I’m uncertain if it actually remove the hair. So I wouldn’t recommend buying it for facial hair removal.

Pro 88 Warm Color Eye Shadow Makeup Palette Eyeshadow A (Seller Keyhere)
Cost: $2.76 + $6.81 shipping from China
*It does contain talc but talc doesn’t bother me*

I’ve always wanted a huge palette to play around with. I’ve been seeing a lot of inexpensive  large ones available from Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics. While searching for one, I found out that CS and BH’s palettes are made in China somehow lead me back to Ebay. Anyways, I got the 88 Warm Color palette because there are more browns, neutral tones and I thought in general a lot more useful than the rainbow one.

There are couple of the eye shadows that look very similar (almost identical). But for the price you can’t beat it. Decent pigmentation without being too chalky. The eye shadow palette however is a lot smaller than you would think. It’s about 6 X 8 size so about 3/4th the size of regular price of paper. The eyeshadow are about dime size each. These measurements I read from reviews are similar to the actual sizing of CS & BH palettes. They always just seem overwhelmingly big and intimidating to me when I’m watching beauty videos. Actually not that big of a palette.

It’s actually very slim, black cover and portable for travel uses. Not for everyday makeup bags since it is still a decent size. I’d recommend this palette if you love neutrals, want to play around with eye shadows, and are just starting your makeup collection.
I was surprised that the listing picture is very accurate of the colors in the palette.

5 X 2 Way Dotting Pen Marbleize Tool Nail Art Dot Paint (Seller Keyhere)
Cost: $1.00 + $1.11 shipping from China

Ok, first off I don’t think you need 5 dotting tools. I think that’s a bit excessive. When I first purchased this listing I thought it was only 1 tool since it was only $1 dollar. Then in the mail I received 5 tools!!! So I’d recommend sharing some with your friends if you decide to get this because you won’t need all 5. My favorite ones out of the 5 have the bigger dotting end. I find the bigger the end the easier it is to create the perfect dot.

These tools do make dotting a lot easier. I think they are rather pretty with the clear and swirled design in the pen. I’d highly recommend this for nail art and it’s a quite steal for only $2 bucks!

15 pc Nail Art Design Brush Set Painting Pen in Tips (Seller Keyhere)
Costs: $1 + $2.30 shipping

I went through a bit of a nail art craze. To be honest, I haven’t used these yet so I can’t give a review. Some of the brushes are really quite odd looking as some of the tips are very fine and long. I don’t know how you’d use a fan brush to do nail art? Perhaps my nails are still too short. However, they do seem like sturdy and nice brushes. *If you want more comprehensive review, write a comment below. I just have to wait for my nails to grow. ^^

18 pc Eyeshadow Brusher Makeup Brush Set Kit + Case Pink (Seller Keyhere)
Cost: $11.39 + Free Shipping (Later $$$ was refunded due to a defective product)

Curiosity is a strange thing. I always wondered about these affordable brushes set and if they are any good. Well from this set, I would have to say NO. The case is cute pink color, magnetic snap, plastic covering and the brushes are white handle with pink top. When I first tried these brushes I thought they were just so-so. However, when I attempted to wash the brushes. That’s when all hell broke loose! The brushes smelled so gross like chemicals and just icky. A lot of didn’t regain their original shape. I would NOT Recommend this.
Yep that’s what my fan brush looked like after washing. It smelled gross! I don’t know if I just received defective products or if maybe the smell goes away. I find the smell of the bigger brushes to be very overwhelming. But it’s not so bad in the smaller ones. I was just very disappointed by this product despite it’s “cute” appearance.

I think that Ecotools and Walmart Studio Basic brushes are hundreds of times better than these and only bit a more compared to this. I guess this is just one of those cases where it’s just too good to be true. I did get my money back and I tossed the brushes.

Quick Summary of My Opinions:
1. Facial Stick (funky looking but painful)
2. 88 Warm Palette (nice buy)
3. Dotting Tools (got to have these…maybe just 1 but it’s very useful)
4. Nail brushes (I have no clue? …tbd)
5. Pink brush set (that’s a no-go!)

Thanks for reading!
Please subscribe! ^_^ ❤

My Makeup Collection : Storage methods on dime that make your life easier

So I recently moved and I had to temporarily shrink my collection. However I found that my new setup is actually be a lot more beneficial to my daily routine. It allows me to have a better view all the items that I use. The only issue is that my collection is growing so soon I will run out room but until then I love this new setup. It’s uses accessible storage methods, it is user friendly ^^ and portable at moment’s notice!

I used a natural wood table purchased at Wal-Mart $8.50 to house the whole situation. I love how the table is portable and affordable. It fits perfects in the empty space by my bathroom sink. I also keep my Olay Quench body lotion, Boots cleanser & toner, Neutrogena makeup remover, ponds face wipes and the occasional body spray. Amazing enough everything fits!!!

For makeup storage I use a polka dotted fold-able organizer that my friend Lynn gave me. I think you purchase them at Target. Anyways, I love it. It has 6 compartments and it can be completely folded up. The only issue is that the compartments sections aren’t hard so you have to tweak your makeup around to form the structure.  (face makeup, neutral eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, smokey & bold eye shadows, personal care items)

I also use a regular coffee mug to hold my hair ties, bobby pins and travel brushes. I have a black silk ribbon that I tied to the towel bar and that holds on my black snap clips. I just hang my headbands on the rack and surprisingly they stay put until needed.
[TIP] Coffee mugs also make great earring holders since you can just hang them on the rim and leave the studs in the cup.

I use a cardboard quad box that I purchased at goodwill $2 to hold my larger brushes (eco-tools), nail file, eyelash curler and other tools that I use. It’s a bit too tall for my liking so I’m looking for medium height box at the moment. However, I do like the quad sections because it allows me to separate used brushes vs. clean brush, my nail tools and still have a compartment for something else. Plus it also folds up nicely if I don’t need it.

This is how I store things and it’s going great. Do you have have tips or trick or how do you store things?