Makeup Fails: Skin 79 BB Cream Sampler

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm. It’s suppose to give your coverage between a tinted moisturizer – foundation. BB creams also offer natural coverage, concealing properties, anti-wrinkle power, skin regeneration ability, skin lightening and UV protection! It’s a hefty list of things to do for just 1 cream.

[Note] Do to it’s formulation, bb creams are usually recommend for light & fair skin individuals.

Anyways, I was piqued to try it. So I ordered some on Ebay and it shipped from Korea. BB creams can be hard to find in USA but it’s all the rage in Asia due to couple of celebrity endorsements.

Skin 79 Sampler Set ($10 dollar shipped)

1) Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm (Whitening + Wrinkle Care + SPF25PA++)

2) Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Function (Whitening + Wrinkle Care + SPF25PA++)

3) Skin79 The Prestige Beblesh Balm (Whitening + Wrinkle Care + SPF25PA++)

4) Skin79 Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm.

The swatches are from L-R are Skin 79 Super BB Cream, Skin 79 Triple Function BB Cream, Skin 79 Prestige, Skin 79 Pearl.
The bottom swatch is my normal foundation in Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation in 102 Warm Ivory.

Skin 79 Issues

I know there’s a lot of  ‘hype’ about Skin 79 products and BB creams in general but I found it just doesn’t do the job for me.
The coloration was off as forewarned. Despite oxidation, it was either too gray toned or too pink. Something was just off.

I wasn’t interested in the Prestige or the Pearl as I found it had a lot of shimmer.

I didn’t feel like the BB cream provided any real coverage compared to a foundation. It was a lot closer to tinted moisturizer as it was very light. However, I’d prefer a tinted moisturizer because with BB cream it’s still makeup and you have to wash it off or you can break out and stuff.

Lastly the most disappointing factor was the packaging! I know this is just for the “sampler” but the tubes were awful.
Some reason as soon as I opened the tube the BB cream would come rushing out. It wouldn’t stop and it made quite a mess. I felt like I lost a considerable amount of product. I’m not sure if it was this particular seller or if during the shipping there was elevation/pressure change. I was not a happy camper. X_X

Anyways, I wouldn’t recommend this product. I think I have to try out some more BB cream to tell you more.
I just sort of hesitant to believe any product can do all the things that BB creams claim. If you have suggestions feel free to comment.

If you want a good foundation I’d recommend Rimmel Lasting Finish. That’s great coverage without being cakey. If you think it’s too much coverage you can always sheer it out by mixing with some moisturizer.

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A delicious candle to consider : Modern Alchemy in Peche

I purchased this set of Modern Alchemy Candles from Hautelook is a discount store that has limited daily sales sort of like Groupon but with clothing, home goods and cool stuff like these candles.

Anyways, I got the candles in Peche & Corcovado. They originally retail for $20 for 2 oz candle!!! So be forwarned this can be a deadly addiction to acquire because they are so expensive. However on Hautelook they were on sale for $11 each. Still pricey compared to my favorite candles which are Slatkin & Co (B&BW stores) but I had some referral credits and my curiosity was piqued so I got them.

I love Hautelook mailers. They are funky looking on the inside and nicely wrapped. The Modern Alchemy candle would be a lovely house warming gift as they come with top notch packaging. It’s got a white cover with white silk ribbon and inside is beautiful gold color.
The candle design is very chic, modern and simplistic. It’s a white candle holder. But that’s not what makes this fantastic candle.

Since falling in love with candles I’ve become quite a candle connoisseur I’m always on the look out for the next delightful scent. I personally love citrus & tropical scents. I stay away from the spices and “winter” scents.

This scent [PECHE] is UNBELIEVABLE!!! It’s like biting into a ripe white peach and so juicy, yummy. I really don’t think I’ve experienced anything so delicious in candle form. It’s very complex, not overly sweet or artificial, not overpowering but there’s strength to the candle. I love smelling it. I wish it was a perfume so I could wear it 24/7.  I also got [Corvocado] it has layers of floral scents and hint of coconut. It’s a nice scent but I have to say Peche is that way to go. Just writing about it makes me want to go grab it and smell it. I’m so in love with this candle I have it hidden away only for special occasions.

It’s wonderful spring/ summer scent. I HIGHLY recommend picking it up if see it on sale. Though at $20 bucks a pop it’s a pricey luxury. Sorry but I’m uncertain what stores sell Modern Alchemy but you can find it online.

Q: Do you have a favorite scent? What is it? Please write in the comments, I’d love to hear about it. ^^

Ulta 15 pc gift set – Warm Tones (PICTURE HEAVY)

This picture shows the Pink Set but I got the Yellow Set -Warm. (Similar items but purse is yellow)
-(4) brushes
-(2) 4 quad eyeshadow
-(2) contour eye/lip pencils
-2 ended lip gloss
– 1 lipstick
-1 mirror
-1 cosmetic purse
-1 volume mascara
-1 nail polish

Spend $17.50 on Ulta Cosmetics (some exclusions) and get this set for free. I think this promotion is still going on in Ulta stores but not online anymore. I picked this set up b/c I really wanted to try more Ulta cosmetic products.

Overall Rating: 5 out 5 for the Warm Set, this is a great FREEBIE set. Items range from blah to super awesome. I’d recommend trying Ulta cheek blushes but I’d avoid the poorly constructed plastic makeup brushes. Even for $18, I would totally repurchase! Great gift!

Ulta Lip Color : Rose Gold Shimmer
Lipstick Texture is silky, smooth and not drying. The pigmentation is very nice and deep red-brown color on the lips. Great for going out or for parties. Only downside is that packaging seems light and cheap. However it does click into place and portable.
Ulta Amped Lashes Volume Mascara
This is very nice mascara to define your lashes. The brush picks up even the tiny lash hair. Yet I think it’s strange that it is labeled as a “volume” mascara because I get tremendous length but no volume. I like to use this to separate & define then I use a coat of Maybelline Lash Blast for more volume. So as volume mascara it sucks, but for length it’s great!
Ulta Nail Lacquer in Hot Spot
I’m very impressed with the quality, pigmentation and color of Hot Spot. It is a very bold coral red with orange undertone. In the picture that is just 1 COAT of the nail polish. It applies easy, dries fast and beautiful color. I love little bottles because I find that’s all I need. I’d highly recommend Ulta polishes if they are all like this one.
Ulta Double Ended Contour /Eyeliner Pencil in Chocolate
Personally I like gel & automatic liners the best. I find pencils give you more precision but the color is not as pigmented. It’s a nice color to try without going so bold as to do black. I find that brown tones give you a softer look. The lead is not very hard or too soft. Overall I find it’s just average for a eye liner.

Ulta Double Ended Contour /Eyeliner Pencil in Black
Same comments as above but personally I think the Ulta Automatic Eyeliner in Black is a better product.
Ulta Double Ended Contour /Eyeliner Pencil in Black & Chocolate

Contour Lip/ Eyeliner in Spice & Halo
Spice is a perfect lip liner for the Rose Gold Shimmer Lipstick and Halo is great for inner corner highlight. However I find that Halo is a bit too hard for my taste and when I was using it bits broke off. I suggest warming the eyeliner I hear that makes it creamier.

Ulta Eye Shadow Quad (Top to Bottom, Left to Right : Truffle, Platinum, Trendsetter, Granite)
The eyeshadow quad is 1.5 in X 1.5 in so it’s very portable. The pots are a little bigger than nickels. It comes with sponge tip applicator and mirror. The shadows are average quality. They apply sheer but they are buildable. I think Ulta did great job at choosing neutral warm tones and complemented smokey eye look.

Ulta Eye Shadow Quad (T-B, L-R : Silk, Stardust, Sea Shell, Brown Sugar)
These shadows swatched poorly but more bold on the fingers. All the shades are pastel and light shimmer. They are great for casual look or used as highlighters. I really liked Silk & Brown Sugar. They aren’t as pigmented as Smashbox or Urban Decay but they are usable (B). They do have a bit of powdery fallout in the case but with a primer go on nicely.

Ulta Blush in Flame
To be honest I dreaded trying out this blush since it looked so dark and terracotta red. However I think this is by far my favorite item of the set. It is a beautiful rosy cheek but make sure to use a light hand when applying! It matches my skin very nicely and gives me a natural pop of color. I’d highly recommend picking of this blush 5 out of 5! I used my Ecotools blush brush to apply.

[Other Included Items:]
Yellow Cosmetic Bag – Just average, I think it’s kinda of ugly. I liked the pink design better. The knob clasp is hard to turn.

Yellow Double Mirror– travel friendly

Ulta Double Ended Lipstick in Goddess & Flirtini – sheer lip gloss, smells delicious like cinnamon buns! It’s great for my lipstick and it’s not tacky or sticky.

4 Pc Brush set – (F rating) This is the worst item of the bunch. The brushes are poorly made with plastic hairs and I would not use them to apply makeup. It’s a shame b/c Ulta does have some nice pro brushes. I’d rather have a mini pro brush then 4 pc set. I think I might use them to clean my computer keyboards!
This me wearing the set.
Closeup – very natural color (I was wearing double end lip gloss)

Haul: Ulta Collection Cosmetics range from $6-14 bucks ==> They do often have sales, BIGI, and coupons! Ulta Collection Cosmetics are sold at & Ulta stores. They have 100% guarantee that you’ll love the product or you can return it with receipt in 60 days.

For this free set I purchased Ulta lip crayon (coral kiss) & 2 Ulta automatic eyeliners (chocolate & raisin) that I will review at a later date.

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Pear Apple Anyone?

Henry’s Grocery Store
Pear Apple
$0.50 cents each

Last time I got a plucot (plum, apricot mix) at Henry’s Grocery store.
This time when I was at the grocery store I saw a sale on pear apple. They were 2 for $1.
I thought why not! I wondered what would a pear mixed with an apple taste like???

Apple Shape
Apple Skin which is thicker texture
Apple speckles on the skin

Pear Skin color
Looks just like a pear on the side
Taste like an Asian Pear

So the outside of the pear apple as you can see in the pictures looks kinda of funky. It’s blotchy, speckled and yellowish. The shape is more consistent with that of apple as it’s rounder. In the end, I feel like the overall taste and texture of the pear apple is almost identical to that of an Asian pear. I mean it’s juicy, crunchy and delicious. Yet I’m kind of disappointed because it doesn’t taste unique and it’s a lot more expensive than regular pears. I’m excited to try it but I doubt I’d buy it again.

Recent Haul (games, books, and chargers)

I ordered these items during the winter holiday break but I just haven’t gotten around to posting them since I was waiting on the last item. All the items were purchased by me on If you are a student and you haven’t applied for Amazon student prime membership you really should do it. I mean it’s so nice to get your items fast with 2 day shipping plus it’s FREE here ^^
Travel Blokus
Since I got regular Blokus for my brother for Christmas, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one for myself. Amazon has having a sale on the travel Blokus for only $6 dollar. It’s has same rules as regular Blokus except it’s only for 2 players and it has nice snap in feature for traveling. Travel Blokus is quicker game than regular Blokus as you don’t start from the corner but there’s a designated middle square so the contact is faster. I feel also that strategy is a bit different as there is less space to build on. I liked playing it with my roommates. However, I think I still liked the regular Blokus better for longer play, more strategy and multiplayer. For the price I’m still glad I was able to get one.
Sony Walkman Charger Set
So in my last move, I lost my charger for my Sony Walkman and I was hoping to find it. Well I didn’t. I did find this awesome seller on Amazon that sold the charger cable, charger for the car and the wall for $6. I really suggest if you use your chargers not to buy from the manufactorer but look online for a better deal. I’ve also been able to find great deals on Ebay. Anyways, I’m so happy I ordered it and I’m able to use my Sony Walkman again.
Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook
I’m avid reader of the Pioneer Woman blog and I find her recipes to be delicious. Though you can view most her recipes online, I really wanted to support her and just have a bound cookbook. Anyways, the cookbook is darling. I find it’s more of a collection of her life stories, quirky writing and then some recipes.

I wish it had more recipes and there were quite a few I was hoping would be in it that weren’t. I suspect because the cookbook did come out last year and since then she’s blogged a lot more. The pictures are a lot smaller than on her blog due to limitations in space.  But I do like the step by step photos in the book. I’m excited to trying out the recipes. So expect more hearty meal posts to be appearing very soon!
My Future Listography (Journal)
Do you love lists? I do. I adore writing lists more than any other writing. I could write lists all day and night and well actually I usually do.
This is the newest book in the listography journal series. These books are journals with writing prompts & illustrations to get you started in writing your lists. I had my eye on the original one since my friend Emily really liked it. I thought well I need to start thinking about my future so I decide to pick this one. It was my very first pre-order book! It actually came earlier than expected.
The journal is quite thick, I love the cover design and I feel it is sturdy for a paper bound book.
This is my favorite illustration in the book. It says “list your dream job” and the illustration says ” a carny ride operator”
I think that’s really cute! I’m currently working the page where I need to write the countries I want to visit. So far I have Greece, New Zealand, Mexico, and Italy. It’s actually harder than I expected because this are things of the “future” and unlike things of the past I really haven’t formulated all my answers.

That was my order and I hoped you enjoyed it. I really recommend checking Amazon for buying everyday items and books as they usually have better pricing, discounts and free / fast shipping options.

Product Review: Maruchan Instant Lunch Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Maruchan Instant Lunch – Cheddar Cheese Flavor
Can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart
Cost $1
Have you tried them? I used to be die-hard fan of the Maruchan Instant Lunch Chicken Flavor. I just call them cup of noodles. Anyways, my brother picked up these while we were at Wal-mart. It’s the same old packaging but it seems they branching off into more flavors.

Instant Lunch Preparations
-remove outer packaging & plastic
-open lid
-pour hot water & close lid or pour water microwave 2-3 min
– consume

Instant lunches are slightly “fancier” than their cheaper counterparts the plastic packets of noodles. They usually have more flavor and they provide you the cup to consume out of. Which is actually quite useful when you are on the go and don’t have a bowl. There’s no packets to open, no complicated instructions and speedy creation. Heck! When I was in grade school people even just crushed these and would eat them raw! I didn’t but there were people.

Maruchan Instant Lunch – Cheddar Cheese Flavor
My brother made them and pour them into this bowl.

Noodles– They were thicker variety than those in the regular instant lunch and they had wavy texture. However despite looking like bold orange color, there was little to no flavor. Similar taste compared to the old noodles.

Soup-Some people dump the soup and some other people eat it. Well this soup was super salty, orange, and tasted like powder from cheese ball snacks. It did not resemble mac & cheese nor did it at any point thicken. It was a very liquid consistency.

Overall, I would not recommend purchasing this item. The cheese flavor was artificial, salty, and not-appetizing. Needless to say we did not finish the bowl we had. I think I’d stick to my good old mac & cheese if I wanted something cheesy or the other flavors of Instant Lunches.

Thanks for reading! -S

American Apparel Bandeau Dress Tutorial

This my Part 2 of my recent Hautelook Haul, part 1 was on Urban Decay as seen here.

If you want to check out Hautelook, I’ll link it here.
The membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE and no strings attached!
They have great customer service & live chat function. ^^ I loved how careful and nice their packaging was!
*Hautelook’s business model is very similar to or

American Apparel: Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau Dress (Cranberry) seen here on AA site
I purchased it on Hautelook for $16 + $8 shipping. (retail $43)
I have the same one in (Black) that I purchased at I love how versatile, comfortable and easy to manipulate this dress.

The fabric is cotton, it’s easy to wash, and stretchy. There’s so many ways to wear this dress and change it up from casual to formal.
I think this is very flattering for a variety of different sizes and body types.
I would recommend purchasing one of these if you love dresses and playing around with clothing.

Other companies do sell similar “convertible”  dresses but I personally really like this one and think it’s good deal.

*I’m sorry for the blurry pictures because flash would have glared on my mirrors in my room.

Same Dress, tons of styles. Here are some of my favorites
V-Neck Halter Dress – This is what the dress looks like without alterations or twists. It’s a plain v-neck and goes slightly past my knees. But I’m short so it can knee-length for others.
Sweetheart Neckline dress – Take the two straps, criss-cross them and tie it on the back
Looped Halter Neck Dress – Take the straps tie a knot and tie the end around your neck
2 Strap dress – This is one my favorite as I found it most elegant and simple to do. You have to flip the dress over so that the V-neck is on the back side. The front is just plain tube dress style. Then you just take the straps from the back, loop it over your arms, and tie it so knot is on back. Sounds a little bit complicated but really easy to do!
One shoulder dress– Lately, when I go shopping I find that one shoulder dresses are very popular. This one you just turn the v-neck to the side half-way and tie the straps on your shoulder.
Dress turned into a skirt? Yep! Yep! If dresses aren’t your taste it is super easy just wear as a skirt! Just take the dress straps and tie it once around you. Viola! Comfy, stylish skirt! (^^ seriously cute just don’t look at my slippies my feet are cold & my shirt.)

Last but not least you can always check on Youtube for more information and tutorials!

Wendy’s New Sea Salt Fries

Wendy’s recently came out with new vamped “Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt”. I recently saw Kirbie’s Cravings review and then I remember I had gotten some coupons to try them out. I’m sorry it’s taken awhile to post because I originally had taken photos using my cellphone and now it seems like dying cause to get them off my cellphone.

Anyways, Wendy’s new fries are on their $1 menu in the small size. In general, I felt the exact same way Kirbie felt about these fries and the new changes to Wendy’s menu.

1. Natural Cut Fries are crisp, taste good and an improvement to previous fries
2. Sea salt (interesting concept) makes it WAY too SALTY! *shakes head* Drop the salt!
3. I’m sad that spicy chicken nuggets have replaced regular chicken nuggets on the $1 menu.
I got some regular chicken nuggets and they are $1.29 for 5 pieces.
4. I think they also may have done something to the batter of the chicken nuggets because it doesn’t taste nearly as addicting and delicious as they use too. Bummer!

So there’s my 2-cents.

Oh yeah my favorites at Wendy’s are their Mandarin Chicken Salad & Chili.. mm yum!
Too bad campus Wendy’s closed and the other closest Wendy’s to my Cali house is closed too. X_X
So those by UCSD, it might be a bit harder to try this new product!

Review: Nongshim Japanese Udon Noodle Soup

Nongshim Japanese Udon Noodle Soup
Purchased at Costco
Quantity 6 bowls
Price $13 ($2.17 a bowl)
Regular Price at Mass Retailer approx. $2.50 dollars

I use to love cup noodles and all sort of “instant” asian noodles we’d purchase downtown at our Asian grocery in Minnesota. I was a huge fan of “instant” food. It’s cheap, fast, and portable. However, since my study abroad to Shanghai, China in 2009 I have stopped eating “instant noodles” and their appeal to me has almost completely vanished. My mom being craving to try these noodles since she loves trying new foods or perhaps because she’s a Costco addict. She likes to call these noodles “uno”.

We got the big ole box from Costco which is cheaper per bowl. But if you are just trying it out, you can probably just pick up single bowl at Wal-Mart.
This is what a single bowl looks like. The bowls were actually much larger and sturdier than I expected them to be. It is by far one the best packaging in instant noodles that I’ve tried. So you don’t have to worry about the bowl being fragile.

These are the ingredients: soup packet, pre-cooked udon noodles & soup flavoring/ topping packet.
For being voted Chef’s Best in 2010, it is a very simple & ordinary “instant” noodle design.
Instructions for Cooking
1. Take out the food packets. Open the udon packet and put the udon in the bowl.
2. Pour hot water up to 2nd line of the bowl, cover, and wait 2 minutes
3. Drain the water using the perforated cuts on the cover
4. Open the soup & seasoning packets and pour into bowl with noodles
5. Re-pour hot water into bowl up to 1st line mark, cover and wait 1 minute

So I guess this is what makes these “instant noodle” different in design. I find it rather tedious to keep pouring and pouring out water. I’m not sure if you can just microwave the water in the bowl. The bowl’s instructions don’t really provide microwave details or even if it’s microwave safe. Which I think I is disappointing because boiling water twice takes a long time so remember to boil enough water. (No I have no patience). The procedure is easy and there’s not too much to mess up.

The udon is very flavorful without having additional MSG which I like . I love the texture of the noodles (chewy), the size of the portion, and how it looks like restaurant style meal.The taste very similar to udon I’ve had before. Overall the quantity was quite filling for me. However I did think the pricing points of the bowls was bit high for instant noodles. My mom says because udon noodles are expensive.  Thus I would probably not stock these in my house for daily consumption but it’s a great go to meal if I am on the go or at work.

Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates


My dad brought home some sea salt caramels. I don’t know why but sea salt seems increasingly popular these days. I guess just sound of it makes an item seem a little bit more gourmet. I was intrigued about how it would taste.
You can purchases these chocolate caramels at Byerly’s & Lunds grocery stores. I’ve only seen them in Minnesota so I’m not sure different locations of the grocery store. Byerly’s & Lunds is pricier grocery store and they often have niche products. Everything always sparkly and new in their displays.
The chocolates have a sprinkling of sea salt, milk chocolate, and considerable size.
So the question is sea salt or no sea salt? The sea salt does add interesting flavor twist to the caramel chocolate. It’s a bit salty hint of a tangy flavor before you get to the sweet caramel. However in this case, I’d opt no on the sea salt. I’m not huge fan. I loved the chocolate caramel chocolates themselves. They are very tasty.