Pearls Deluxe Burgers

Pearls Deluxe Burgers

1001 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
*There’s total of 3 locations*

Price ($)
Style – American, Burgers, Fast Food

Since we’d discovering Pearls, it’s has become one of our top staples to eat at.
The restaurant is stationed at the corner of 6th and market and to be honest – 6th is a bit shady.
However, do not let this deter you because it’s quite safe and I go there all the time.

The fast food joint is brilliantly lit, welcoming atmosphere, great staff, and has really delicious burgers!
They offer a variety of burgers from beef, kobe beef, chicken, turkey, veggie, hot dogs and  even buffalo burgers.
They come in 1/4th lb and 1/2 lb sizes. You can either choose the deluxe burger style or a special burger with toppings.

So far I’ve stuck to the beef burgers but I’ve tried these special burgers – Bula, Phat Bob, Mushroom and the Bomb.
E really enjoys eating the Spicy Sly burger.
Anyways, I really enjoyed all the variations of the burgers and I find the burgers to be very tasty.
Highly Recommended – I personally I would always opt for the bacon because they are very juicy, flavorful thick slices!!!

Spries – Regular & Sweet Potatoe Fries $4

If you like eating sweet potatoes fries these are a must!
I like how they are made pipping hot and are based on a thicker sliced fries.
You can get them as a half size, full size or a mixed plate like we have here.

 Bula Burger 1/4 lb $6

Bula Burger is my favorite burgers because I love pineapples in everything and Pearl’s bacon is a definite recommendation!  The bacon is based on a thicker slice which gives more substance and taste.
The burger contains pineapple slice, Teriyaki sauce, bacon, mayo, Swiss cheese, beef and on a seeded burger.

I like how Pearls meat is cooked in a way that tastes both fresh and juicy.
Yes, it can be a bit messy with all the sauces and juice in it but I think it’s worth it.

Spicy Sly Burger 1/2lb $9

The Spicy Sly contains spicy pumpkin habenero sauce, peppers, mayo, jack cheese, beef and on a seeded bun.
From what I heard it’s pretty delicious and the sauce really brings a lot to the burger without being overwhelming.

Overall, I really enjoy eating at this place.
Mostly likely I will return and if you are visiting me…I’ll probably take you here too 🙂

Are you ready for this! Non-stop blogging in May!

So this spring been quite packed for me as I moved to a new city, changed jobs, entertained my 1st out of towners and finally joined the smartphone world!  But now I’m really pumped to get back to blogging for non-stop May blogging.

I’m a bit too excited as I have so many delightful things to dish out from delicious food, to fabulous new makeup, and all the sights of my new city!

Please join me for non-stop adventure!
As always feel free to comment, give me suggestions and well chit chat. 🙂

Recently I’ve been doing a Taco Tuesday with a couple of friends of mine.
This is one of our regular places. The tacos were pretty good, however they only had grilled fish tacos.
Is it bad but I prefer my fish fried to grilled. Fried food just so good 🙂

Carnitas Taco & Fish Taco ($)
Pancho Villa Taqueria – 3071 16th St, San Francisco CA

My latest makeup love! It’s the Milani Illuminating Powder in Amber Nectar. It’s gorgeous!
The flowers are actually imprinted into the powder so the image will last quite sometime.
I like to use on my cheekbones as it gives a perfect glow with a hint of peach.

Milani Illuminating Face Power – Amber Nectar ($)
Can be purchased where ever Milani  is sold, I got mine at Walgreens

Dude yes I did consume this monstrosity. You have to live every once in awhile!
There’s a a open faced hamburger somewhere in there, smothered in chili, sauce, onions and cheese.
I definitely have to say Pearls is one my favorite place for a burger.
It’s quick, affordable, nice atmosphere, sweet staff and omg! delicious burgers!
Don’t worry not everything is this far in the deep end. 🙂

The Bomb Burger – ($)
Pearls Deluxe Burger – 1001 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

I just had to take a picture of this crazy swing. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.
This is a swinging monkey palm tree?!? I wanted to go on it so bad but sadly too old for such things I just looked.
Tell me please if you’ve experienced this!!!

Some random day care center
Tanforan Mall, San Bruno, CA

Sophie’s Spectacular Random Food Adventures in the Bay Area #1 (Ikea and Little Saigon)

Multilayer Icee Creation @ San Jose Flea Market
The machines are self serve. So I got cherry, blue raspberry, lemonade and orange Icee flavors!
San Jose, California
Verdict – Sugar rush goodness 🙂

French Onion Soup and Turkey Sandwich on White @ Panera Bread
This is my ideal of a delicious lunch where I can get half and half
San Jose, California – chain store
Verdict – Coming back and next time I’m getting lemonade too.

Braised Duck with Wontons, Thin Egg Noodles and Soup @ Hai Ky Mi Gia
Thanks to Andrew, I was able to discovered this restaurant wedged in a street corner of Little Saigon.
The duck is so good, moist and tender. Yum! Yum!
San Francisco, California
Verdict – I desire to be a regular at this establishment

Chicken Curry Thali Lunch Plate @ Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Curry House
Honestly, this restaurant is a bit odd because it’s an Indian restaurant joined with a Irish pub.
I find the food to be absolutely delicious, flavorful and served in large quantities.
I really enjoyed the lunch plate served 11-2pm as it offers a bit of everything.
San Francisco, California
Verdict – This might be able to persuade me to love Indian Food. Yes it’s that good.

Swedish Meatball Combo Plate @ Ikea (Food Marketplace)
After a day of exhausting furniture shopping, I am pleased to find myself in the haven known as the Ikea food court.
The food court is very reasonable priced and filled with swedish food.
Also These items can also be purchased frozen to cook at home.

The plate is only 5.99 it comes with swedish meatballs, gravy, mashed potatoes, ligon berry sauce and side of garden salad. Since I love desserts we had to have a slice apple pie with cream custard sauce. Needless to say I was stuffed!
Oakland, California – chain store
Verdict – When you are fleeing from shopping the food court is a must detour!

I just finished reading the Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.
It’s about supernatural beings that maintain the balance between good and evil that centers around a girl with shape changing powers and her pursuit to find her brother. It’s considered a prequel to the Eternal Devices series. I found it a interesting fast read. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the next book called the Clockwork Prince. (sci-fi, young adult)

*Everything pictured was under $10 and highly recommended!

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Peggy Sue’s Diner – Burgers & Milkshakes

Peggy Sue’s
185 Park Ave
San Jose, CA 95113
Categories – American, Diners, Burgers

This is a laid back 50’s style diner with old school booths and fast food counter service. It was bustling on the Sunday afternoon and oddly packed with tons of big bowed cheerleaders. It had moderate pricing, fast service and delicious milkshakes.

We ordered mint chip milk shake, Oreo milk shake, little Chicken-a-Dee burger and Blue Hawaii burger.

Milk shakes came in old fashioned glasses with whip cream, cherry and sprinkles! You get a additional metal cup with enough ice cream for another shake. The shakes are thick, with creamy ice cream and plenty of  mixed in toppings.

I ordered the Blue Hawaii Burger.
It has 1/3 lb of angus beef, 2 slices of pineapple, 2 strips of bacon, white bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup and bbq sauce. I really enjoyed this burger as the meat was very tasty and juicy. It all held together nicely. I was impressed with crispy bacon and amount of pineapple. I would re-order this. Also they had tasty curly fries too.

Yum! I would definitely come back for milk shakes and burgers 🙂

Recipe: Inside Out Hamburgers

Sorted Food on Youtube Recipe Here

1 1/4th lb ground beef
1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
handful of parsley
dollop of French mustard
chunk of Horseradish / Garlic cheese
ciabatta bun
1 fresh tomato
crisp lettuce leaves
mayonnaise (optional)

preheat the oven to 392°.

the onion and garlic (if using) and grate it to a pulp.
cut a the cheese into a thumb-sized chunk.

pound the meat with the salt, pepper, onion, garlic, parsley and mustard to mix well.

form onto 4 heaps of meat and mold into burger shapes.
poke a hole into the center and stuff in the cheese.
squeeze over the top to seal the cheese in.

fry the burger in a hot pan to get a good brown color on both sides then transfer the pan to the oven (make sure it doesn’t have a plastic handle).

cook in the oven for about 10-15 minutes until the burger is cooked right through and the cheese has melted.

prepare the salad ingredients, slice the bun and lightly toast.

smear the bun with mayo, stack up the salad and top with the burger.
balance on the lid, holding together with a skewer if necessary and tuck in.

serves 4

Verdict: Fattening but delicious!

I should start off first saying this was a tragedy. Corvette Diner

Corvette Diner
2965 Historic Decatur Rd
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 542-1476

Last Saturday, Max decided to surprise me with a restaurant date. We went to the Corvette Diner for some quick eats and a re-match of air hockey. Max always says he’s the best at air hockey but we all know different (wink). Anyways the Diner was packed on a Saturday night with waits up to 45 minutes but heck we’d thought why not check it out since we had time.

The Diner is 50’s style with crazy 50’s decorations, their waitresses in poofy wigs and get ups and they serve diner food (burgers, fries, shakes, chicken). Also what makes this restaurant special is that they had this connected ‘gamer garage’ with arcade games.

We were seated in a black light room, with neon prints, and green table that could hold your shadow. Our waitress held a big blond wig, 50’s attire filled with flair, and was prompt with her service.

Unfortunately, yelp did not prepare us for the chaotic environment we were soon to experience. It seemed the rest of the patrons were all there for their child’s birthday party so there was a lot of yelling & screaming, the staff participated in birthday songs/dances about every 20 mins, and  there was a traveling balloon person. It was like being stuck with tons of children on a sugar high who were just let loose! But nevertheless I liked the 50’s classics that they played and I was actually impressed by the balloon artist. He seemed very talented.

I ordered the Oreo & Cream Milkshake $6
The shake was very thick but the portions were nice so technically you could share. This treat is usually one of my favorites. But don’t forget this is tragedy not a romance! ( to be continued…)
Chicken Strips & Honey Mustard $9
I ordered this as my entrée since I was carving chicken fingers since Lobster Wednesday. Anyways the chicken was ok, it was run of the mill chicken strips. The honey mustard was absolutely DISGUSTING. It tasted like the kitchen just mixed a sauce and it was an afterthought to add honey to it.
The Western Burger with Fries $9
The diner had a lot of strange-sounding burgers like the Elvis with peanut butter and bacon. Max opted for the Western which came with onion rings, cheddar cheese, and BBQ sauce. It looked so big due to the fried onion rings but was manageable to consume.

The meal costs us about $30 with tax + tip. I felt it was bit pricey as the food was mediocre compared to Studio Diner. The environment was too crowded and loud on a Saturday for me. But up to this point none of it was a tragedy. However like most tragedies it strucks when you least expect it to.

This is a picture of their “gamer’s garage” on the other side with the hockey tables (which they had two of). You buy a gamer card with points on it and their games costs $1-2 each.

Sadly, tragedy struck and I found myself feeling nauseous. I’ve always had a alert stomach so if something is wrong I know almost immediately. I attribute this talent due to my study abroad in China. Anyways, I soon found myself face to face with toilet puking up my shake and chicken. After I attempted to walk outside to get some fresh air.

Max went to speak with their manager about the situation and inform them about my sickness. I returned feeling exhausted after puking again to an short haired blond shift manager denying the possibility of the situation and telling us to leave!

She kept arguing that is was IMPOSSIBLE that I could have gotten sick because they follow health codes and it has to be HOURS after consumption that food can make you sick. Her final argument was that I must have I eaten something earlier and there was NOTHING they could do. At this point the restaurant was staring at us, I was attempting not to puke again, and frustrated we left.

The whole oddity of the situation was NEVER ONCE did the Manager apologize, offer any concern, or attempt to check in the kitchen.
The whole time she spent yelling at us when we did not ask for anything but to explain the problem.  At the end of the debacle she offered to take our names & number to check up but a 3 days later still no call.

Her complete and firm denial that their food had caused my illness was something new to me. Why would I lie? Puking is not a activity that worth engaging in especially with milk products! !! But since we had already paid the bill it seemed that she could not care less.

Anyways I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom to Max’s dismay.

{Question for Readers}
This is not my first debacle with a restaurant mishap but this my first time the staff in return yelled at me and denied the problem.
Have you had a poor restaurant experience? How did you deal with it? How did the the restaurant staff react? Do you have any suggestions on to handle a such a situation?

Flemings Happy Hour (5for6’til7pm)

Flemings Steakhouse
8970 University Center Lane,
San Diego, CA 92122

Flemings is a traditional Prime Steakhouse & Grill. The restaurant is rather hard to find as it is wedged between  a hotel and interesting parking structure. Few times you have go inside the hotel then outside to get to the restaurant. Restaurant is very classy, $$$, and dimly lit.We stopped by to try out their Happy Hour Specials called 5 items for $6 until 7pm. They had 5 cocktails, 5 appetizers, 5 wines and their Flemings Prime burger.

This is currently what they are offering here: (from their website)

There was no wait in the outdoor patio, so we were quickly seated and they had nice heat lamps set up. My friends Amy & Lynn came with me so we got try a ample amount of the happy hour offerings. Their portions were much bigger than I expected. Everything is $6.
Tropical Martini (Taste just like Malibu Rum used)
Flemings Prime Rib Burger (came with onion rings, burger toppings, 1000 thousand island dressing)
This is the burger that all the ‘yelpers’ are ravings about. You got to choose between blue cheese, swiss and cheddar. We ordered 2 of them and they came pre-sliced in half which was nice. We both decided on swiss cheese and it came with bacon! I liked it, it was considerable size patty, juicy, and I enjoyed the bun. Lynn & Amy noted that despite asking for medium the burger was completely well done.

Sweet Chili Calamari
We all really enjoyed this dish. It was a beautiful plating of colors and ample amount of seafood. I suppose it was octopus but they were tiny had much better texture than the circle cut squid. I would recommend this dish. It does taste a bit buttery. Cajun Style Shrimp
The Cajun Style Shrimp dish came with shrimp drenched in sauce, bread, and lemon. My group did not enjoy this dish so much.
The portion was smaller (4-5shrimp) but the shrimp was big sized & tender. I thought it was bit spicy and the others though it was too much like something they had before so we did not take to this dish.
Tenderloin Carpaccio
This appetizer was the size of entree! It had lovely plating, garnished simply with thin cut vegetable, and side of toasted bread. Visually I really liked how this plate was presented and the amounts were more than I expected. It was tasty. Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of seared/raw beef so I can’t really say how it compared to other similar carpaccio dishes.

They also have a jumbo shrimp cocktails & ahi seared tuna on their happy hour appetizer menu. But we were super full with our meal that we didn’t end up trying them out.

Flemings was really nice restaurant with really decent happy hour special, great portions, tasty food and most importantly affordable.
The food came out quickly and promptly. I would go back again!

**However it is to be noted that they had TERRIBLE SERVICE! I’m not sure if this is just because we were consuming for happy hour or that there was a larger group next to us or the fact that we were younger than the usual crowd but service was not a high-spot. The waitress basically forgot about us after the food was served, no re-filling drinks/water, and  I think one time she turned looked at our table only because she almost ran into the heat lamp. ** So in that perspective service is only a tab bit better than fast food restaurant.


Burger Jones (uptown minneapolis)

Burger Jones
3200 w. lake st.
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Burger Jones is a restaurant and cocktail bar. My friend Em often talks about how special this place is and after canoeing at Lake Calhoun we decided to stop by for lunch.
(P.s. Lake Calhoun is beautiful in the summer so if you are in the area you should go see it :D )

Burger Jones is located in a strip-mall like plaza so there’s plenty of parking.
Since it was a lovely day we decided to sit in their outdoor patio.

We both decided on getting their lunch special which was Cheeseburger Jones & Fries ($6.99)
It comes plain but they have complimentary lettuce, tomatoes, onions & pickles you can add when you order.
Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that until the order came. But the waiter was kind enough to bring some to us later when we asked about it.

The fries are hand-cut russet fries. They were pretty tasty.  The burger was good but nothing out of ordinary.
However I would not get grilled onions next time as they were too sweet for my taste. It seemed made the burger soggy and harder to eat.

I substituted my fries for  maple bacon sweet potato fries. I’m really into trying out different variations of sweet potato fries. These were WAY TOO salty!!! Vance & I both agreed on the subject as their seasoning was in mounds on the fries. The fries were a nice color & texture but it was way annoying to constantly have to dust off the seasoning.  Also I don’t think I really taste the maple bacon flavor which was a bummer.

Though this time we tried the originals I think next visit I will have to venture into some of their “weirder” sounding entrees & beverages such as:

Royal Mounted Bacon Poutine
Hand-cut fries smothered in rich beef gravy, chopped bacon & cheese curds

White Trash Burger
chicken-fried bacon, fried cheese curds, and Velveeta

Naughty Girl Scout Beverage
Creme de Menthe, Creme de cocao, with chocolate sauce & mint

The Counter in Palo Alto

The Counter in Palo Alto
369 California Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Do you know what to choose? Our friend Laura recommended the place saying it was better than San Diego’s Hodad’s for burgers so of course we had to try it out! It’s a gourmet burger place but affordable pricing. You get to choose meat, bread,  cheese, 4 toppings, sauce, and even if you want it in a bowl.

Fifty-Fifty Sweet Potato Fries & French Fries
Our fries came out fast, hot, and very delicious! I really enjoyed the sauce that came along it with too.
They also had onion strings perhaps I’ll try that next time. But I definitely go back for more of these!

Max’s Burger: Onion bun, 1/3 beef, red peppers, tomato, lettuce bed, grilled onions, honey mustard sauce
horseradish cheese plus added bacon. Verdict: Very satisfied
However he said he’d probably add more cheese and switch out lettuce (small amt) and peppers (taste)

My Burger: Rustic Ciabatta, 1/3 beef, red peppers, tomato, lettuce bed, grilled pineapple, bbq sauce, imported swiss
Verdict: Delicious “gourmet” burger
However I would opt out on ciabatta as it got soggy making it messy to eat. I’d also opt on the lettuce.

But in the end we decided we couldn’t compare “The Counter” to “Hodad” as these restaurant cater to different types of burgers. I’m excited to try some more burgers out soon!!! YUM