Hit Bottom – Skincare / Body Products

Herbal Essence – Hydralicious self target shampoo
Herbal Essence shampoos always make me think of their commercials where attractive men appear out of no where to wash your hair. That would be so awesome…well a girl can dream 🙂
Anyways, I did like this shampoo. It was fascinating swirled purple gel and smelled divine.
Seriously, these shampoo smell so so good and are very affordable.

My mother says my hair is doing a lot better these days so maybe it’s this shampoo.
Anyways I also use Garnier sleek and shine argan oil which done wonders for my hair.
Currently, I’m using Suave Professionals for curly hair. Dang those commercials they always entice me!

Yes I would recommend this shampoo and likely to repurchase.

Boot no. 7 Mango & Babassu body wash (exclusive to Target)
I picked it up because it really smells outstanding, fruity but not artificial.
I love this smell so much I got the body wash, scrub and body butter.

Unfortunately, I didn’t love the body wash. It was just meh.
Mostly because I really like a good foam with my body wash and this wasn’t it.
It cleaned and smelled great but didn’t really lather much. It had a strong gel consistency.
I had to use a lot of product get through my shower…hence why it’s gone.

I’m currently using the Body Shop’s limited edition papaya shower gel and that’s A+

Overall, I think this body wash was just average. Probably wouldn’t re-buy but I do love the scent.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Olive
This product bit on the pricey side as it retails for $16 but I find body butters usually are a bit more..not sure why.
Seriously,buy from thebodyshop.com instead of a mall retail store.
It’s LOADS cheaper, extraordinary sales/deals, Ebates offers cashback of 10-12% and spend $50 get free shipping!

The body butter lasted me about 3 month of intensive use.
Scent is a big deal to me, I really like how refreshing and spa-like the olive scent was.
It may not be suited for everyone but the body shop does offers a huge variety of scents.

I enjoyed the thickness, consistency, scent and overall moisture this product gave me.
FYI not all the body shop’s body butter are the same formulation. This one is for intensive moisture!

I would highly recommend checking it out.
Yes I picked up a back up as I hear they might discontinue the olive scent 😦

Birchbox May 2011 (best hand cream ever!)

Birchbox Rave!
(I paid for this with my own money)

This is my 2nd Birchbox. I really enjoy this service. It’s quite a delight to see this box in my mail box since I know it’s filled with goodies. Despite my reluctant nature to be surprised, I’ve found that Birchbox has got some great stuff. Even if it’s not a product that I usually pick I think it’s good to widen my horizons. ^^

Check them out here
*Monthly subscription “deluxe”  high-end sample box

1. It’s once a month box that is delivered
2. $10 dollar monthly subscription (us only)
3. Customizable, boxes do slightly vary person -to- person.
4. Every box contains 4-5 high-end samples, all beauty related products such as makeup, skincare, and fragrance
5. You don’t get to choose or know what in your box, it’s a surprise.

*Birchbox samples are from high-end brands like Jouer, Stila, Nars, Laura Mercier …just to name a few and deluxe samples are portioned for multiple uses. “Deluxe similar Travel-Friendly size”

You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Ok so I was very hesitant about this service. Let’s be truthful…who wants to pay for samples? Well that wasn’t me. However, after seeing all the positive reviews from Youtube makeup gurus and the buzz from blogs I was quite curious.

What does $10 dollars get you in high-end makeup? Would the samples be worthwhile? Do I like surprises?

Well first off, these samples are VERY GENEROUS! This month I got full size stila eyeshadow pan which retails for $18 in my box. So money-wise this is a great deal if you are interested in trying out high-end brands. Recently, due to skin dryness, I’ve been really into trying new moisture products. I’d have to say my Birchbox has been good to me. I don’t want to shell out $$$ for skincare but this way I can try out new stuff and see if I like it.

There is a caveat that by trying out things …you might actually love them. Which can be a bit pricey as they are high-end products.

Surprises! I love getting gifts in the mail. These boxes are right down my alley. Since every package is hand packed and seriously like a nicely wrapped gift from a friend. It comes in a sturdy box, 2 layers of tissue, ribbon, and a description card. A+++ for packaging!

Now to the good stuff!

Stila Eyeshadow Pan in Mahogany
So I’ve heard a lot about the Stila brand but this is my first Stila item. Actually this is the full size product that they sent and it retails for $18. Anyways, this eyeshadow is very pigmented! I’m still on the fence about the color Mahogany as it is a bit dark for my tastes but I think it would be a nice crease color.

Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream
This is probably the most exciting sample that I received. So my boyfriend always makes fun of how wrinkly and rough my ‘little’ hands are. Well this product really works! I’ve tried a lot of lotions but none work this. It really gives your hands a certain smoothness that lingers. I actually love the smell. The full size is very pricey at $20 for 3.4 oz. But I can seriously see this becoming a staple of mine.

Archipelago Pomegranate Soap
The description says this is a triple-milled soap loaded with antioxidant-rich white tea and pomegranate for a gentle clean. I haven’t tried this product yet. It’s got cute packaging and slightly scented.

BVLGARI – Mon Jasmin Noir “Essence of Jeweler”
First off, I didn’t know that jeweler’s had a scent. I always thought they would smell like metal. Anyways, this smells sophisticated and elegant. I find that sometimes when you spray a perfume you have to wait a little for the initial alcohol smell to dissipate before you can really smell the fragrance. This fragrance does not have that issue, it smells divine as soon as it is sprayed. They said it smells of fruits and jasmine. I don’t find it fruity at all. It’s rather medium strength fragrance -not too light – not too strong.

(Background info: my favorite department store perfumes are Estee Lauder’s Beyond Paradise, Lancome Hypnose) I think that BVLGARI-Mon Jasmin Noir has that similar quality that entices me to smell again because of its exquisite blend and I wouldn’t tire of it. I’d highly recommend trying this one out.

Birchbox Freebie! (Sometimes they offer a non-beauty treat)
Guess what it is! It’s TINY PRINTS card! I love love love Tiny Prints ❤. It’s a great online greeting card seller. I found out about them during their Thanksgiving Promotion. Their quality is impeccable, great card stock, and very customizable.

I find the card they sent is really cute and earthy. Plus it came with a free promo code to get a card on their website. Yeah really cool freebie…considering this is coming from the girl who makes all her on greeting cards. I’d have to say if you are going to splash out for a card that Tiny Prints is a great choice. My favorite feature is that you can  individually ship cards and you just have to pay additional cost of the postage stamp.

Since Birchbox only ships out once a month, sadly you can’t get the May box.
But you can still sign up for the June box. They usually arrive 14-18th of the month.


Makeup Fails: Skin 79 BB Cream Sampler

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm. It’s suppose to give your coverage between a tinted moisturizer – foundation. BB creams also offer natural coverage, concealing properties, anti-wrinkle power, skin regeneration ability, skin lightening and UV protection! It’s a hefty list of things to do for just 1 cream.

[Note] Do to it’s formulation, bb creams are usually recommend for light & fair skin individuals.

Anyways, I was piqued to try it. So I ordered some on Ebay and it shipped from Korea. BB creams can be hard to find in USA but it’s all the rage in Asia due to couple of celebrity endorsements.

Skin 79 Sampler Set ($10 dollar shipped)

1) Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm (Whitening + Wrinkle Care + SPF25PA++)

2) Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Function (Whitening + Wrinkle Care + SPF25PA++)

3) Skin79 The Prestige Beblesh Balm (Whitening + Wrinkle Care + SPF25PA++)

4) Skin79 Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm.

The swatches are from L-R are Skin 79 Super BB Cream, Skin 79 Triple Function BB Cream, Skin 79 Prestige, Skin 79 Pearl.
The bottom swatch is my normal foundation in Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation in 102 Warm Ivory.

Skin 79 Issues

I know there’s a lot of  ‘hype’ about Skin 79 products and BB creams in general but I found it just doesn’t do the job for me.
The coloration was off as forewarned. Despite oxidation, it was either too gray toned or too pink. Something was just off.

I wasn’t interested in the Prestige or the Pearl as I found it had a lot of shimmer.

I didn’t feel like the BB cream provided any real coverage compared to a foundation. It was a lot closer to tinted moisturizer as it was very light. However, I’d prefer a tinted moisturizer because with BB cream it’s still makeup and you have to wash it off or you can break out and stuff.

Lastly the most disappointing factor was the packaging! I know this is just for the “sampler” but the tubes were awful.
Some reason as soon as I opened the tube the BB cream would come rushing out. It wouldn’t stop and it made quite a mess. I felt like I lost a considerable amount of product. I’m not sure if it was this particular seller or if during the shipping there was elevation/pressure change. I was not a happy camper. X_X

Anyways, I wouldn’t recommend this product. I think I have to try out some more BB cream to tell you more.
I just sort of hesitant to believe any product can do all the things that BB creams claim. If you have suggestions feel free to comment.

If you want a good foundation I’d recommend Rimmel Lasting Finish. That’s great coverage without being cakey. If you think it’s too much coverage you can always sheer it out by mixing with some moisturizer.

Use Big Crumbs for 36% cashback on all EBay.com purchases Click here for more info.
(it’s a Free, no hassle! way to save! I’ve saved $42 dollars since using them)

Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Haul (Jan 2011)

So Bath & Body Works recently had their “Semi-Annual” sale from Dec 26-Jan 17th. They had some really sweet deals during this sale from BUY 2 get 2, 50% off and 75% off seasonal items. I did not purchase all these items at once but rather 3-4 trips where I snagged a bit of this and that.

I spent a total of $11.08 dollars
Retail: $76 dollars
*I was able to get travel size items for free because they had a coupon for “free travel size” with any purchase
*I had a in-store coupon for 20% off that I received from a previous purchase

14 hand sanitizer: sea island cotton, fresh lime basil, santa’s mellow mint, nectarine mint, vanilla bean Noel
3 travel size lotions: white citrus, summer vanilla berry, orange sapphire
2 travel size sprays: twilight woods
2 full size pump hand soaps: vanilla bean Noel, winter candy apple
1 full size lotion: winter candy apple
1 4oz Slatkin & co candle: mint chocolate chip

Seasonal Merchandise
I picked up these on the last day of the sale so they were 75% off. I suppose I was lucky because I found out I adore Winter Candy Apple and I was able to snag the last one. This is my first time purchasing their pump hand soaps, they are super handy to use and they were only $1 each. M had said previously that he really liked the mint chocolate candle so I picked that up for him. When you smell the candle it smells strong and exactly like mint chocolate. However, I was pleasantly surprised when we used it that I did not feel it was overpowering. I rather like it.

Pocketbac Hand sanitizer ($0.37 each)
These normally retail for $1.50 or $1 if you buy 5. I love these! I used them religiously while I was working abroad in China. They are the best that I’ve used. I think they smell great, tons to choose from, portable and cute! I was also able to snag some orange sapphire though not in the picture. So I was thrilled about this sale because these are going to my cousin in China. It’s sort of silly but my cousin in China thinks these are the neatest things because they don’t sell them there. Anyways, I basically got 3 each scent. My favorite other than the orange sapphire would have to be the fresh lime basil.
** My B&BW at UTC mall still has some of these on sale for 75% as of 1/22/11!
Signature Travel Size Items
I was able to snag these babies for free with this coupon here (expires 1/26)
*Coupon is for only the signature travel size item and it’s FREE with any purchase
*You can also receive this coupon if you sign up for B&BW alerts on their website
*One per person per visit (as said before this is my collective haul 3-4 trips)
*B&BW usually offers this coupon every month, just google for it, if you need one

Basically I just choose to stock up on my favorite scents. I adore citrus smells so I got white citrus and orange sapphire. Since buying the body butter in Twilight woods I found myself really loving the scent so I picked up some sprays. However I wish B&BW would re-do their spray packaging because I feel it looks cheap but the scent is still amazing. Lastly, I found summer vanilla in berry which I couldn’t find for a long time. These are great not only for traveling but carrying in your purse, trying out a new scent or giving as gifts.

Whew that was a long haul!
If you missed out on Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale their next one is in June. I’m already psyched for it!

Need Suggestions?
My Favorite Bath & Body Works Scents:

Signature Line: Orange Sapphire, Twilight Woods, Aromatherapy Orange Ginger, Coconut Lime Verbena, White Citrus, Sweet Pea
Men’s Line: Citron
Candles:Caribbean Escape, Island Margarita, Orange Sapphire (only online)
Lip Products: Rose Salve, Lipicious Passionfruit Guava


*FREE* Bath & Body Works “Carried Away” this weekend (1/22-23)

This is a preview 2 oz. of Bath & Body Work’s new scent: “Carried Away”
You can get it free this weekend, if you print this coupon here
-Valid for only the preview lotion
-No purchase is necessary
-One per person per day
*Don’t worry if you can’t get it free or want an extra,  they are selling previews $1-2 until the full size debuts.

It kinda astounding how they have new products and scent lines about every 3-4 weeks. I can hardly keep up! I’m still recovering from their awesome semi-annual sale. Right now there’s so many  from their new tropical line and 13 new scents for the spring that I want to pick up that I have to brace myself when I’m near the store. ^^

Anyways, I absolutely love the vintage-style, whimsical label on this bottle. Perfect for Valentine’s day coming up!

Key Notes: lush raspberries, white jasmine and whipped vanilla
This is scent is supposed to be inspired by “love that sweeps you off your feet “<3
The description sounds good enough to eat!
L and I picked up this scent on Friday. I found the lotion to build up more floral and less sweet.
I liked it and with this preview collection they are also offering $2 spray.

Product Review: Avon Naturals Rejuvenating Body Polish in Papaya & Kiwi

Avon Naturals Rejuvenating Body Polish in Papaya & Kiwi
Cost: $1
* Avon cashback 10% from Ebates, if interested click here

I purchased this back in November when they were having a free shipping sale going on. It was my first Avon purchase and I just purchased them through Avon.com. You can also purchase them from your specific Avon rep’s website and still get cashback. Anyways, it was a tiny haul. I just got the body polish & Avon’s winter treats lip balm in cookie.

I wasn’t too keen on the scent or texture of the lip balm but I found the polish quite nice for $1.
Avon Naturals Rejuvenating Body Polish in Papaya & Kiwi
Papaya & Kiwi came in 5 fl oz. plastic tube with a plastic snap on & off top. I like the packaging since it was easy to use in the shower, easy to squeeze, and I like the image. However, I did find that the plastic top would have water residue leak in there between showers so you’d have to careful or else you’d be sprayed with cold water when you open it. I think it was a great value for 5 fl oz!
This is what the body polish looks like. It is clear orange color and has small red exfoliation beads. I like the gel consistency of the polish and I do like the beads. The polish smelled divine! It’s was fruity & tropical like I expected. The only downside is that for a body polish it was super gentle and it didn’t lather very much so I found myself using a lot of the product. I went through about half a bottle in a month and I used it about every other day. The polish is very gentle and the beads are very tiny. I’d probably recommend using this as a face cleanser rather than a body polish/wash because of this fact and I didn’t have any problems with irritation.

Overall I’d probably rate this 3.5 out 5. I liked the product but I found it wasn’t properly suited for the purpose it was labeled as. That said my favorite part is the scent! I’d buy it again just for that.

*This particular product I think is now discontinued on the Avon.com website but they still have the Naturals line. But who knows they might bring it back or something similar.

Cool Bath & Body Works Promotion (Sign up now, Starts Jan 2011)

Bath & Body Works has a new rewards club available! Head on over here to sign up for the LUV BBW Club! You will receive a LUV BBW Club Membership card in the mail and you’ll be able to use this card to score a FREE GIFT on the Thursday of your choice each month when you come into their store!

Offer valid in store only January 1, 2011 – May 31, 2011. You will receive your monthly gift by visiting U.S. Bath & Body Works stores on any Thursday during each calendar month and presenting your Membership Card. Membership Card must be presented, and will be punched, each time a gift is received.

Also if you have Aerie store near you I remember joining the A-list allows you to get special discounts or even free gifts once a month on a Thursday too. ^^