Guest Blogger: SillyLynnie

I’m very excited to be having my first guest blogger of hopefully many to come. She’s a wonderful friend and always up to try something new. Today she’ll brings us the world of brunch! Yum!

The Cottage, La Jolla
7702 Fay Ave.
La Jolla, CA 92037

Hi, this is sillylynnie, guest-blogger today on Sophie’s Dish! I had a great time at The Cottage and I am happy to share my experience there =).

When I knew that my hunnie was coming to San Diego to visit for a weekend, I decided to find a nice restaurant to have Sunday brunch because my hunnie LOVES brunch! I think brunch is his favorite meal except for any meal involving pho. Before meeting my bf, I had never eaten brunch or breakfast foods so often in my life. I have come to enjoy it, especially since “brunch” means I don’t have to get up early =D.

I first heard about The Cottage on yelp and saw it was very highly rated. It is located in beautiful downtown La Jolla very close to the ocean. The restaurant was extremely busy on Sunday morning. There was about an hour wait before we were seated. The restaurant did offer free coffee and crumb cake for hungry patrons waiting for a table. I saw them bring out fresh trays of crumb cake VERY often.

It was bright and warm for an autumn day and I was happy we were seated on the patio. It was also very thoughtful that they offered me a purse hanger for my bag. The waiter was very efficient, which we were grateful for due to the rumbling in our tummies.  He did not rush us at all and very polite. He made a little small talk as well as suggesting some of The Cottage’s most popular dishes. This turned out to be very helpful because everything on the menu sounded so delicious. I wanted to try everything! If only I had four stomachs!

I ordered the Stuffed French Toast topped with strawberries and bananas. Here is the menu description:

Stuffed French Toast  10.95

Our country-style french toast stuffed with strawberry compote
& marscarpone cheese


In case you are curious, the Country French Toast is described as brioche bread marinated in our cookbook egg batter, grilled crispy on the outside & soft inside.

And the descriptions did not lie! The first bite was amazing. I really enjoyed the textures. It was warm and “crispy on the outside and soft on the inside” and the mascarpone cheese felt like it really belonged in the middle of the perfectly grilled slices. The strawberry compote added some sweetness that was just perfect- not overpowering at all. I was a little apprehensive about ordering the French toast because I have had experiences with “okay” French toast that had tasted too much like the egg batter or that had been too dry. After having The Cottage’s Stuffed French Toast, I can confidently say that it is the best I have ever had.

My hunnie decided to go the savory route and ordered the Southern California Special omelette. It is described on the menu as:

Southern California Special  10.95

Applewood smoked bacon, fresh guacamole, Monterey jack cheese, sour cream topping

( Ah, writing these descriptions is making me hungry >.<)


It came with a side of cottage potatoes and a scone with strawberry jam. I had a bite of his omelette and it was very delicious. I think I will have to order an omelette or scramble next time I visit to have more of their light and fluffy eggs! Their potatoes were also cooked well and were a bit crispy, not soggy or hard, and did not have a filmy texture to the skin and the potato surface that I have experienced with similarly cut potatoes at other restaurants.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal with an orange juice and a tangerine mimosa.

I definitely want to visit this place again! Maybe I will get the Prosciutto Scramble or one of their benedicts, like the Eggs La Jolla. Both the food and atmosphere that day was amazing. I really felt like I was living the relaxed, beach-y San Diego lifestyle, quite a contrast to my dreary life as a student eating Pop Tarts and sitting in a concrete library with artificial lighting all day. I can’t wait for my second visit!

Thanks to Sophie for letting me share my awesome brunch experience!

❤ Lynn