About Sophie’s Dish

Hi Everyone!
I’m a native from Minnesota navigating my way through California. My goal in life  is to strive to eat delicious foods!!!

My blog inspired by many different food blogs on the internet, my good friends, and my increasing need to spread excitement of new deals. Since I’m always traveling my ideas, posts will be all over the place but I’ll try my best to keep you informed. ^_^

I love food but my blog not limited to just food. I usually write about reviews on new products, restaurants I’ve been to, recipes I’m trying, different craft projects I’m doing, and wish list picks. I love having guest bloggers so pm’ if you are interested.

Disclaimer: Everything said is my true and honest opinion. I strive to give good reviews.

For business inquiries only please e-mail me

One thought on “About Sophie’s Dish

  1. Hi Sophie,
    I came across your blog and let me just say that I absolutely love it! I am a huge makeup addict and love watching makeup gurus on youtube!I was also very surprised to see that you own an Etsy shop! I have one too that I just opened late last year. Thank you for being so inspirational in your blog posts about your daily life, food, and of course MAKE UP! haha!


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