My new purchase excitement: Plates

This might sound really strange and peculair. But I suppose if you know me you’ve already realized my quirkiness.
Anyway, last weekend Max and I went shopping at this Super big Target (ironically not a Super Target) and I got the cutest plate!
So I decided I’d post about my plate collection since it’s like the only collection I own that is practical. 😉

This is my new Apple Plate from Target and it was on sale. I really like how it looks like illustration. Sadly it is not microwave-friendly.
But it is the newest addition to my collection and I’m quite excited to use it.

Here is the rest of my small but growing collection …
Black & White circle plate from Ikea
Cupcake Plate from Pandora in Pacific Beach, CA (i think you use to be able to get a set at
Things go better with Coke  from Coke store in Las Vegas (ok maybe this is max’s plate but still awesome)

Question for readers: what do you like to collect? Is it practical, goofy or just plain dang Awesome?


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