Mystic Lake Casino Buffet Review

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple of days! I have been busy packing, flying and un-packing!
Anyways, here is my mystic lake casino buffet review. The B1G1 coupons is still available at here!

Mystic Lake Buffet
2400 Mystic Lake Blvd NW
Prior Lake, Minnesota
These are M-F pricing + meal includes beverages!
Regular Price $12.95
Jan B1G1 Price $6.50 -What a Steal!
*Excludes Seafood Buffets on Wed

Mystic Lake Buffet is inside the Casino. However you do not have to be 21 to get in the buffet. The buffet as you can vaguely see from the photo is very classy, pay at the door, attendants to bring beverages, and there’s a variety of food. They have a fresh & pre-made salad bar, fresh soup, section of asian style food, a chef at cooking in a wok, dessert bar with ice creams, cakes, and coffee, there’s regular fixing of prime rib, fish, mashed potatoes, veggies, and casserole-like entrees.
It’s always a must have to chicken wild rice soup when in Minnesota. They make a delicious soup at Mystic with hearty veggies, thick and creamy consistency. I had two bowls!
This my first plate and it’s quite plethora of yummy food. I got mac & cheese, deviled eggs, garlic bread, pizza, Alaskan cod, sweet & sour chicken, waffle fries and pizza. There’s was so many different choices!
Another plate of prime rib with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, marshmallow sweet potatoes, corn and stuffing. It’s like having a holiday feast all over again. I guess I gorge on “American” style food because I end up eating so much Chinese food at home.
OMG! This cake is so sumptuous! I ate it in a heartbeat. It’s vanilla cheesecake with caramel. The top is cheesecake like filling which is sweet and creamy. What make’s this a great dessert is the bottom is light cake and really compliments the flavors. I also tried “stolen” which was like fruitcake bread with tons of sugar. It’s was too sweet and dry for me. There was some cobbler too.
My father got the Oreo cheesecake. It taste just like its name but I found it a bit too sweet. However I did like the way the chef used the sauce to plate each dessert to create edible decoration.
Of course last but not least you got to finish with some fruit. They had both fresh & canned fruits. They also had some fruit salad mixtures. However, we didn’t get around to those.

Rating: 4.75 Stars
-I think this buffet is a great value and currently have B1G1 promotion
-Tons of variety and beverages are included
-I love the desserts! My parents really like their Asian-inspired dishes
-Great customer service
-Very clean and classy establishment
*I took off a tiny bit because the location is farther away. Nevertheless if you are in Minnesota during the month of Jan, I would really recommend visiting this buffet. However do arrive a bit early since dinner starts at 5pm and often quite a line!

Minnnesota Readers! Mystic Lake Casino is Having B1G1 Free or 1/2 off Buffets (w/coupons in Jan ’11)

Mystic Lake Casino
2400 Mystic Lake Blvd NW
Prior Lake, MN 55372

Normally I would never encourage going to a casino but when it is buffet related all bets are off. Since Mystic Lake is having Buy 1 get 1 free buffet coupons on their website here. Best part is that if you have a party of 3 or going alone you can still receive half-priced buffet discount with coupon. The coupons last until Jan 29th and some exclusions apply, not valid on seafood buffet. On Jan 29th it is half price all day without coupons.

They have wide arrange of food buffet choices: American food, prime rib, dessert bar, salad bar, soups, Asian-style food, pasta, ice cream and much more. The drinks are included with price. Even though you can’t use the coupon the special seafood buffet, the everyday buffet does have seafood like Alaskan cod, salmon, and grouper.
It’s very clean, classy, and the food is good. A+++ establishment!

Guess what the average costs only $13 so with B1GI only $6.50 a person!
What a great deal!!! My family just went yesterday and we had a blast! You don’t need to spend money gambling or special card for the discount. Just a home printer and big appetite! (My review will be coming soon!)

*disclaimer not associated with the buffet or casino in any way, shape or form. My family just loves buffets!

Hibachi Buffet

Hibachi Buffet
111 E Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Prices: Weekdays (Mon-Thursday) Lunch $9.50 Dinner 12.95, Weekends $12.95, children’s price vary by age

Hibachi Buffet is relatively new establishment that serves asian-style buffet. My family really enjoyed this buffet. Which is a pretty big deal because my mother is a asian buffet connoisseur. Whenever one opens up near us she has to go try it. I’ve been to more buffets than I can count. The buffet was very spacious, clean, had 4 food bars, and a sushi bar.

My mother loves their fried fish. Their buffet prices are a great value because they have a variety of seafood available during lunch. My mom says that at the dinner price they also have lobster. I love the walnut shrimp. It’s quite yummy.
They had a sushi bar with a person actively added to the rolls available. I got the inari and it was good. Also I got some cheese wontons which are my buffet indulgence. However I’ve never seen cheese wontons in China. I wonder who created them?

Here are some other things that we got.

Totally random but my brother really like their pizza which is a rarity. Since buffet pizza usually pretty taste-less but even my mom liked it. This is just a sampling of desserts that they offered. I had some honeydew and it was really good.

Overall, we were very happy with the meal + they had free beverages!

Savory Buffet

Savory Buffet
7040 Miramar Rd
San Diego, CA 92121

My parents really love Asian Buffets and they are always telling me about great ones they use to go to in California.
But I rarely eat buffets since when I go I usually eat too much. Anyways our dear friends drove down from Irvine to come see us and oddly enough we ended up at a buffet for lunch.

Savory Buffet is clean, friendly atmosphere, and we were quickly seated.
We also had a coupon for 10% off from the back of a clipper magazine so it came to be like around $7-8 a person.
I think the best part about a buffet is that you don’t have to wait for the food.
We were pretty hungry.
From my memory they had a sushi bar, cold food bar, dessert bar, 2 warm asian style food bars and noodle/pho station. My party stayed mostly with the asian style food. I wonder who goes to a buffet and eat pho.
The buffet’s offerings were pretty generic compared to other Asian buffets. They did have shrimp during lunch and it was ok. I wish it was walnut shrimp (i miss that kind) but they didn’t have any. I hear at night they also have lobster & crab. Some reason I really like those fried sugar buns. I always like getting fried I can see my Asian parents shaking their head but that’s ok.
My favorite desserts! They had some canned fruit and some fresh. The canned kumquat was disgusting.
But it was my first time trying kumquat so maybe it tastes like that. Anyway zhongzi was dry and cookies were a bit stale. However white/brown striped dessert was delicious! I went back for seconds! It had many flaky layers inserted with cream and the top was a icing/chocolate mix.

I really wanted to try their sushi but all of it had avocado which I don’t like. Oh you do have pay for drinks.

Overall they had ample amount of variety and the food was decent. I think it’s a good choice if you are indecisive and want to try a bunch of things.

Soup Plantation Buffet

Soup Plantation
7095 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Soup Plantation is buffet style restaurant that serves mainly salads, soups, pasta, and breads. It’s interesting concept since it cater more towards healthy food options. Yet I always found it ironic because buffets usually unhealthy and so stuffed on meat & seafood. Well soup plantation has limited meat options and no seafood other than clam chowder soup but it is a bit more affordable.

Anyways I was craving it. Max and I went to Clairemont location for lunch. ($7.99 per person + $2 beverage)
We went when they were doing their “Mexican” world food tour so many of the items were Mexican themed.

First you get a tray and then slide it across their extensive salad bar and after you pay at the register there’s other buffet style bars to choose from. I really like soup and soup plantation usually has 6-8 different kinds of soups.

Some of our favorites that day were: (I think these are their usual offerings)
Wonton Happiness Salad
Tuna Pasta Salad
Clam Chowder Soup
Whipped Honey Butter
Strawberry Lemonade (MY FAVORITE, really yummy, tastes like real strawberries)
Strips of pizza like bread sticks

I tried their Mexican bean salad but it had a weird off-tasting dressing that was very strong that I wasn’t fond of.
They also featured a chicken enchilada soup which was very interesting. It literally tasted like a blended chicken enchilada. It was flavorful but I’m uncertain if I like it. Oh at the end of our meal, a server came out with chocolate chip cookies. First time I tried their no sugar chocolate mousse and that was pretty good.
Another cool things about soup plantation is that they usually have deals & coupons in the Sunday newspaper or you can just sign up for their FREE email club called Club Veg and they give you monthly coupons.
It’s usually a BUY ONE Adult meal get ONE Adult meal free with 2 drinks.

Our total for 2 lunch buffets & beverages = $14.32 (what a steal :D)

Grand Buffet for my birthday -MN

Grand Buffet
2015 Robert St S, West St Paul, MN 55118
Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm ($8-13 dinner price starting at 3pm)
(10% discount for seniors, varied discount for children)

Grand buffet is Chinese buffet wedged in a strip mall between dollar store and a very large cub foods store.
I went there for my birthday with my family and it was actually one of the better buffets that I’ve been to.
It was much better price value than 98lb buffet that my parents often visit, good variety of food, and
frequent new steaming platters of seafood that I went to  the restaurant twice in 2 weeks!

Anyways there was 3 food bars, a cool monogolian grill (allows you to make your own dish), and free beverages.
The food bars consisted of salad, fruits, desserts, chinese style food, small mexican self-fix taco bar, assortment of fried american style food, soups, soft serve ice cream, fish, and tons of delicious all you can eat crab. The crab was specially good on my birthday. I don’ t know if I have ever had so much crab and it’s great because they have this pre-made sauce you can use. However afterwards we decided might have been for dimsum and not the crab. Anyways the soysauce concoction was the bomb!