Dinner Date with Nena at Shezan

Cuisine – Indian
216 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041

Say Hello to my friend Nena! We were actually attempting to take photos of each other at the same time. Anyways, I was so happy to be able to meet up with her since it’s been a whole year since Expo. When Nena not having fabulous dinners with me, she’s getting her PHD in Maryland. Pretty snazzy! Though perhaps her beau can convince to move to Norcal and then I’ll get to have meals with her all the time.

First off I’ve been missing all my eateries in San Diego! Gosh I love my Mexican food and that’s hard to come by in all deliciousness up north.

However, the benefit is that I get to try new places. While we were walking up and down Castro street, Nena picked out Shezan to try. I’m glad that I’m getting out and about because there’s so many different restaurants, cuisines and interesting things to look at on Castro Street in Mountain View. It’s also very close to the Mountain View Caltrain station!

Shezan has a lovely interior design. It’s got a golden cast atmosphere with gorgeous modern feel chandeliers. Ha perfect date place! We were seated immediately and the server was quite attentive. I suppose it because we ate earlier dinner because the restaurant had just re-opened for supper. Another thing to note is that on their door they have sign that says they have $10 lunch buffet. Shezan dinner prices range from $7-12.
You can also purchase naan and rice as a la carte items like we did.

Mango Lassi – Yogurt & Mango Fruit Drink

I really liked the mango lassi I ordered as had a strong mango flavor. However it is a very thick drink so it can be quite filling by itself.

Regular Naan – bread
It was good but nothing special.

Basmati Rice

Matta Paneer (Vegetarian, cheese, peas)
It was a very creamy sauce. However there’s wasn’t much paneer cheese in the mixture. Nevertheless this was a way better rendition then the one I had at the Yahoo cafeteria so I was quite pleased with the outcome.

Chicken Tikka Masala (a classic chicken curry dish)
First off, I love to eat chicken so I had to try their chicken tikka masala. Their waitress even recommended it. Overall I liked it. It had nice flavor, taste and texture. It wasn’t too spicy (ha thank goodness to my intolerance of spice).

The entrees were a decent size and it was filling meal. We even had some curry leftovers to take home. I think I would love to come back to try their lunch special.

It’s funny how this meal made me quite nostaglic for Masala Art restaurant in the Expo center. Shezan was a nice restaurant, but it doesn’t hold a torch next to Masala Art. I hope next time I visit Shanghai that restaurant will still be there because I need some more of that buttery chicken.

That’s it for now