Happy Hour at Roppongi

Roppongi Restaurant
875 Prospect St.
La Jolla, CA 92037
Price: $$$
Happy Hour: Daily 3-6pm (discount food/drinks)
Roppongi Website
*They do no accept Happy Hour Reservations – our wait wasn’t long, immediate seating

I was really excited during my last trip to San Diego that I was able to hit up Roppongi’s Happy Hour with my best buds Max, Scott and Lynn. Usually Roppongi is a bit out of my price range but during Happy Hour they have 1/2 Asian tapas and sushi! ($4-$10 ea.) I really like the atmosphere of the restaurant and their interesting twists on Asian Fusion cuisine.

Tapas portions are similar to asian dim sum usually meant 3-4 people to try one piece each. So it’s meant for sharing. The sushi rolls are standard size.

This is my friend Lynn and her lychee martini. Boy was this drink a kicker! You could definitely taste the lychee and it was a strong martini.

Crispy Buttermilk Onion Rings, Wasabi Garlic Aioli ($7.50, HH price $3.75)
I love these onion rings. They are must have at Happy Hour. They have interesting light batter that is crispy and not too greasy. I love their house made sauce that a bit spicy.

Truffle Fries (Max’s Recommendation)
These are thinly sliced french fries with a pinch of seasoning and truffle oil. It was quite tasty though a bit difficult to pick up.

Hamachi Taro Tacos – Sweet Mango & Asian Guacamole ($13, HH price $7.50)
These are very adorable as they came with their own mini taco holder. The tacos were tiny and came in set of 4. I didn’t have one but they said that were bit mushy on the inside. I just kept wondering if there’s some store that sold tiny taco holders.

Smoked Salmon Roll ($12, HH price $6) – Salmon, Philadelphia Cheese, cucumbers
Spicy Tuna Roll ($11, HH price $5.50) -Tuna, Raddish Sprouts, Cucumber

California Roll ($10, HH price $5) -crab, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds
Rainbow Roll -2 rolls ($16, HH price $8) – crab, tuna, salmon, yellow tail, albacore, avocado, cucumber

I came to Roppongi this time to eat their sushi. I really like their sushi and their 1/2 Happy Hour prices. Anyways, I adored the California roll since it was made with ACTUAL crab meat and not imitation crab. It was sooo good and made a huge difference. The Rainbow rolls were gorgeous. Overall, everyone seems to enjoy the sushi. They were basic but tasty.

Other dishes:
Sorry our 2nd round I forgot to take photos for.

1) Chicken Satay, curried peanut sauce, chips ($11, HH price $5.5o)
These tasted ok, nothing too special.

2) Pan Seared Sea Scallops on Potato Pancakes ($17, HH price$8.50)
OMG I wish I took a picture of these. I believe it came with 4 scallops. The scallops were HUGE, tasty and fresh. I’d recommend checking these out if you love scallops.

Overall, it was a great meal with great friends! I think it’s was worthwhile visit.
Definitely great place for a date, for celebrations or just good eats.

Oh next time I’m going to try Polynesian crab stack. It looked gorgeous and I swear every table got one but us. So I need to go back and try it. ^_^


Sushi Deli 3 Happy Hour Special

Sushi Deli 3
7986 Armour St
San Diego, CA 92111

Sushi Deli is a sushi restaurant tucked away in Kearny Mesa. The area isn’t very exciting and actually dim location. This is a dated review but we took some pretty neat pictures so I thought I’d briefly review it. The review is based on experiences I had there in 2010. It was back during the age of the stellar happy hour. I believe it was like $1-2 sakes, discounted beers, and $1-3 on select rolls. Anyways, the restaurant is friendly, clean and atmosphere is nice for a kickback. The service is quick but do take into account happy hour brings in a lot of people so wait can be rather long from 45-60min (no reservations).
We went in a group of 6 people. We got tons of California rolls, spicy tuna, and philly rolls for $1-3. I remember I loved the scallops dynamite. It was a really great deal and we were stuffed for costs of $5-6 bucks each person. Plus their sake bottles fills up 2.5 sake cups so there’s ample amount to go around. Happy hour only on select rolls but nevertheless their rolls are quite affordable $6-7. They also sell noodles, bento boxes, sashimi and hand rolls.

You can view their entire menu & new happy hour special online here

Our meal piled up! Yum!
I loved going to Sushi Deli 3 for their happy hour. It’s really fun and tasty. I think their sushi is pretty decent. I mean it’s not fancy or exceptional sushi but for a late night snack or group gathering I think its great, affordable choice.

***However sad to say, all good things must come to an end. I hear Sushi Deli 3 no longer has these specials but has other hh specials. Even so if you are looking for an affordable sushi choice I’d recommend trying out sushi deli.

Flemings Happy Hour (5for6’til7pm)

Flemings Steakhouse
8970 University Center Lane,
San Diego, CA 92122

Flemings is a traditional Prime Steakhouse & Grill. The restaurant is rather hard to find as it is wedged between  a hotel and interesting parking structure. Few times you have go inside the hotel then outside to get to the restaurant. Restaurant is very classy, $$$, and dimly lit.We stopped by to try out their Happy Hour Specials called 5 items for $6 until 7pm. They had 5 cocktails, 5 appetizers, 5 wines and their Flemings Prime burger.

This is currently what they are offering here: (from their website)

There was no wait in the outdoor patio, so we were quickly seated and they had nice heat lamps set up. My friends Amy & Lynn came with me so we got try a ample amount of the happy hour offerings. Their portions were much bigger than I expected. Everything is $6.
Tropical Martini (Taste just like Malibu Rum used)
Flemings Prime Rib Burger (came with onion rings, burger toppings, 1000 thousand island dressing)
This is the burger that all the ‘yelpers’ are ravings about. You got to choose between blue cheese, swiss and cheddar. We ordered 2 of them and they came pre-sliced in half which was nice. We both decided on swiss cheese and it came with bacon! I liked it, it was considerable size patty, juicy, and I enjoyed the bun. Lynn & Amy noted that despite asking for medium the burger was completely well done.

Sweet Chili Calamari
We all really enjoyed this dish. It was a beautiful plating of colors and ample amount of seafood. I suppose it was octopus but they were tiny had much better texture than the circle cut squid. I would recommend this dish. It does taste a bit buttery. Cajun Style Shrimp
The Cajun Style Shrimp dish came with shrimp drenched in sauce, bread, and lemon. My group did not enjoy this dish so much.
The portion was smaller (4-5shrimp) but the shrimp was big sized & tender. I thought it was bit spicy and the others though it was too much like something they had before so we did not take to this dish.
Tenderloin Carpaccio
This appetizer was the size of entree! It had lovely plating, garnished simply with thin cut vegetable, and side of toasted bread. Visually I really liked how this plate was presented and the amounts were more than I expected. It was tasty. Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of seared/raw beef so I can’t really say how it compared to other similar carpaccio dishes.

They also have a jumbo shrimp cocktails & ahi seared tuna on their happy hour appetizer menu. But we were super full with our meal that we didn’t end up trying them out.

Flemings was really nice restaurant with really decent happy hour special, great portions, tasty food and most importantly affordable.
The food came out quickly and promptly. I would go back again!

**However it is to be noted that they had TERRIBLE SERVICE! I’m not sure if this is just because we were consuming for happy hour or that there was a larger group next to us or the fact that we were younger than the usual crowd but service was not a high-spot. The waitress basically forgot about us after the food was served, no re-filling drinks/water, and  I think one time she turned looked at our table only because she almost ran into the heat lamp. ** So in that perspective service is only a tab bit better than fast food restaurant.


Claim Jumper Happy Hour 2 & 0.77 cent dessert

Claim Jumper Restaurant
12384 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92128-4616

I had recently posted about excellent deals at Claim Jumper here. Well this is belated post but sometime during September they sent out this great e-mail for $0.77 any dessert. Man their desserts are HUGE!

However I was greatly disappointed by their service! There was very long wait. Then it took over 1+ hr from ordering our food to receiving the food. Perhaps it was the dessert sale or mad-rush for Monday Night football but really unacceptable. We spent tons of time trying to get the notice of our server about the food and everyone just kept asking if we ordered. >< It was ironic that as soon as our food arrived the servers just kept stopping our table to see how we were.

But at least the food was still good or else I’d avoid this hassle.

Parmesan Zucchini Spears $3
(Delicious! I loved fried veggies.)

Mini Tri-Tip Sandwiches $6

Onion Ring $3
( still a pleasantly large amount, tasty sauce but batter really crunchy. I prefer the zucchini)

BBQ Chicken Pizza $4 (Absolutely yummy! Still one my favorites)

Are you ready for this? It’s the monstrous Claim Jumper eclair!
Eclair has layers upon layers of yummy goodness for $0.77! WOOT! (normally $10)
For awhile we sat by the dessert making bar and after seeing them all we decided on this masterpiece

Eclair has:
Bottom layer is 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream
Middle is pre-made elcair filled with custard
Topped off with tons & tons of whipped cream & chocolate syrup.

It was AMAZING! It made the service-lacking night a great one because of the deal. Claim Jumper has some great desserts that you should check out and share. However, I’d avoid Monday Night football rush.

Lei Lounge Tuesday Night

Lei Lounge
4622 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92116

The girls and I decided to check out some happy hour specials at Lei Lounge. If you haven’t been to Lei Lounge it’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere with a Hawaiian vibe. The lounge has indoor bar and past the bar is outdoor lounge, fire pit, and rows of cabanas. When I looked online there was complaints about seating but we were promptly seated in a roomy cabana (next time we ‘ll have to bring more people) and service was friendly.

Unfortunately we missed out on Happy Hour beverage specials (5-7pm) but we got to try out a bunch of their 4th column entree dishes for 50%. If you go their website it seems they have different specials almost every night!
The food ranges from simple bar eats to Asian fusion style.
Chicken Pad Thai $8 (Tuesday special price)
The portions were quite large, noodles had a nice texture, and plating was pretty.
However the peanut sauce overpowered this dish making it more like peanut noodles than pad thai.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon $3.5 (Tuesday special price)
This plate was quite minimal, nice appetizer but not worth it at normal prices.

Philly Cheesesteak with side of fries $6
The fries were delicious, crisp, and thick. It came with interesting sauce that seemed a bit spicy like sriracha + ketchup. Well maybe it was that. The sandwich was ordinary, it came with provolone but you could have gotten it with Velveeta. (weird to me) Oh something notable was that they also had Philly cheesesteak roll which I’ve never seen before on a menu.

Mini Kobe Beef Burger $10 ($2 additional bacon & cheese)
It was tasty but on the small side. I suppose because it Kobe but I didn’t feel like Kobe tasted any different compared to regular burger. However I’m no expert so maybe I was missing something.
We did however try a couple of their signature drinks: $8
Strawberry Geisha (pictured) -champagne
Frozen Banana (not picture, blended drink) -rum

They were very good! Right amount of alcohol, nice blend of flavors and ample amount.
In the end, food was ok. But we will definatly be checking out Lei Lounge again for more of their cocktails.

I hear Mondays only $3 a drink & Happy Hour (5-7pm) only $4.

Claim Jumper’s Happy Hour

Claim Jumper Restaurant
12384 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92128-4616

I have always absolutely loved Claim Jumper for their fabulously big desserts. I suppose I love desserts because I rarely get to eat them when I go out since I almost never have room. But this time my friends and I went to check out their happy hour specials. Their happy hour menu/times can be found online at their website.

If you haven’t been to a Claim Jumper. Their decor is sort of woodsy and their plates are HUGE. As you can see there’s a popcorn machine for all you can eat free popcorn. It was a nice treat but a little salty for my taste.

Hand Battered Onion Rings with Honey Mustard Sauce $3
We were happily surprised by the large order of onion rings with plenty to share. The downside was that it was overly crispy batter making it a little uncomfortable to eat. I liked how it was real onions instead of mushy onion flavor.

Small Pan Buffalo Chicken Pizza $4

I really rave about this pizza. I’ve had it a couple of other times with my family and this time is as delicious as before. Good portion, moist chicken, enough bbq sauce so as not to be too dry or wet, and lightly seasoned. It’s a keeper.

Oven Roasted Flatbread $4
It’s baked flat bread with  alfredo sauce, mozzarella and smoked gouda cheese, roasted herb tomatoes, fresh oregano topped with fresh spinach. It was simple but my friend Mike really enjoyed it.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs with side of Sweet Potato & Veggies $24 (reg. menu)
So we got to splurge on a treat as I had a birthday certificate from joining Claim Jumper email club
(i recommend doing) for free entree up to $17. The waiter was very nice allowed us to choose more expensive entree and pay the difference. I am in love with sweet potatoes if you have seen my other posts. I really enjoyed the sweet potato & grilled veggies though next time I would avoid sour cream in my potato. Max & Mike thought the ribs were just ok, nothing too special.

Overall our group really enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, and would come back again to try out more happy hour specials and of course (since we missed it this time) I’ve gotten my eye on some lemon bar cheesecake ^_^.