My 2013 Birthday Wishlist

It’s that time of year, birthday time!
My birthday is happening in less than 2 weeks so in spirit of celebration and consumerism, here’s my wishlist.
For some reason, wishlists still make me feel young as I’m rushing into quarter life crisis.

[Places I would like to experience]
Statebird ProvisionsYelp Review
Everyone has been raving about how unique and delicious this tapas place is.

Afternoon tea at Garden Court in Palace HotelYelp Review
I’ve really been into afternoon tea after trying crown & crumpet. The Palace Hotel is beautiful!

[Things that I think are awesome and would like in my life]cardsagainsthumanity

Cards Against Humanity Card Game – Amazon

 This is really fun game, we’ve played it a couple of times at our friend’s house. 

sigma dare

Sigma Beauty Palette in DareAmazon

I really like orange and pink eye shadows. I saw that EmilyNoel83 (youtube) was using this and it looked very nice.

Tea for Two Teapot by Shinzi Katoh  – Can be found in Japantown @ San Francisco, CA or Ebay
I think this is soooo freakin’ adorable! I really like drinking jasmine green tea and bunnies.


Personalized Cuff bangle braceletEtsy

I really would something personalized with the “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus
I think it’s too long so maybe just “Invincible Summer” – here in San Francisco, it feels like there’s never summer but quote makes me think about even when the times are rough you can find your strength from within.


Square Peridot sterling Silver Ring (sz 5.5/6) – Caron –  Etsy

A few months back I had seen Caron list this ring in her shop and it’s so gorgeous. Peridot is my birthday stone and I’ve been looking high and low for some Peridot jewelry. I really like how bright and vibrant the color is.
I personally own 2 of Caron’s custom designed rings and they are so beautiful and affordable. She’s a very lovely person.

Just Fab – Entrance Bag (either in Tan/Black)JustFab

I think this bag is very stylish. I’ve been on a handbag kick and I’ve been  loving gold stud look on handbags.
I own 3 JustFab handbags and 2 pairs of their shoes, they are trendy and good quality products.
* Just Fab is a monthly subscription site

Benefit Cosmetics – Rockateur Blush Benefit Site also available on sephora/ulta

Will be released August 20th, it’s this beautiful rose gold blush!

glow-all-outSoap & Glory – Glow All Out Highlighter – Available in United Kingdom ><
I’ve heard fleurdeforce discuss glow all out highlighter being great and being such a fan of her, I really want to try it.
Just my luck that’s not available in the US. I’m interested in the highlighters, blushes and bronzers from them.

Yep that’s my list of birthday wishes.  🙂
Hope you found something things that you find interesting.

My Birthday Wishlist 2012


So first off I want to say I know this list is very long.
Secondly, I don’t expect anyone to buy me anything for my birthday.
Lastly, wish list make me nostalgic and suddenly I do not want to age one bit but …
…it’s just that this list been stuck in my head, swirling around and I feel it needs to be set out into the internet void.

Mostly it is a bunch of makeup. I love makeup. The gleam of new packaging, the fresh pressed eye shadows and the buttery texture of powder. Others are bits and bobs for our place, the fact that I now cook and mostly I like a lot of things.

BTW I made Duncan Hines fudge brownies for dessert with walnuts and white chocolate chips.
They are yum!

Also to be noted many of the items are new releases so that could be interesting to you if you want to see what’s hot now or what I think is pretty cool. This won’t be a review of the products because well I don’t own them. However I do write why I’m interested in them and who I think they would be suited for…though that is my own opinion.

Lorac Cosmetics – Pro Palette $42
* New Release, Available at Sephora,, Ulta, Online
* The packaging is deliciously slim, portable and easy to use
* Eyeshadows are buttery and saturated with color
* It’s bang for your buck, comes with primer and large array of shimmer/matte shades
* Perfect for those who love vibrant, full impact colors

Benefit Coralista Set $28
* New Release, Available at Sephora,Benefit Counters, Online
* It comes with blush, highlighter, shimmer and matching gloss
* The new gloss formula is amazing! It feels great on the lips.
* It’s a great way to try 4 sample size Benefit products for the price of 1
* I really interested in Cha Cha Tint and Coralista blush. They are peachy pink with golden shimmer.
* Perfect for those in love with peachy pink with golden shimmer color scheme.

Smashbox Master Class 11 Combo Palette – $59
* New Release, Available at Sephora
* It comes with eyeshadows, blushes, eyeliner creams, brow colors, highlights …basically the whole she-bang!
* It’s great value, sturdy packaging, and multi-purpose
* I’m really interested in the newly formulated shadows as they appear pigmented, smooth and plenty of variety
* The blushes also appear to be full intensity and unique colors I don’t own
* This is a perfect set for anyone wanting to try a bunch of Smashbox products and expand their collection

Lorac Pro Cheek Powder Stain Blush in Coral Crush – $20
* New Release, Available at Sephora, Lorac Cosmetics, Online
* Simple black packaging, plenty of product
* This is absolutely gorgeous coral with golden shimmer.
* It’s smooth, pigmented and has slight duo-chrome (pink/gold) effect
* This is a definite must to try out, leans more pink coral than orange coral

Tokidoki Airways Palette – $19 (on sale)
* Limited Edition, Available at Sephora, Online
* Tokidoki’s line is being discontinued at Sephora stores – 40% off!!!
* I’m attracted to the incredible attention to detail and cuteness of the palette’s lunchbox exterior
* Tokidoki shadows do seem fairly nice and this is a steal.
* I’m really into for the packaging 🙂

Tarte Into the Wild Palette – $44
* New Release, Limited Edition, available – Ulta Exclusive
* Wowza I saw Beauty Junkie’s swatch post of this palette it looks divine
* The colors look versatile enough to achieve a neutral to smokey eye
* I like how this is a bit different from Tarte’s original palette selection
* Pefect for those looking versatile everyday palette

Sephora Palettes : Izak Baked Palette, Primal Instinct Palette,
Moonshadow Baked Palettes, Collection – $30 each

* Sphora palette offer array of colors at affordable price points
* The packaging is usually quite beautiful, portable and easy to use
* I like these palettes in particular because of the baked quality which would be great for foiling
* There’s a combination of baked, shimmer, matte, neutral and bolder varieties
* Perfect for those who aren’t brand-conscious but still want quality shadows

Coastal Scents Hotpot Palette – Forever Natural $13-20
* Online Exclusive, Available at, (fast shipping)
* The 12 shadows come in a magnetic palette with mirror
* I’m fairly interested in this palette due to price point, good quality of hotpots and the variety of “neutral/natural”.
* I see this palette being able to achieve an array of looks from the color selection
* Perfect for those who want a more wearable look

Coastal Scents Hotpot Palette – Fall $13-$20
* Online Exclusive, Available at, (fast shipping)
* The 12 shadows come in a magnetic palette with mirror
* At first these colors didn’t call to me but after seeing blog swatches I’m hooked.
* These shadows are fairly pigmented, vibrant and bold.
* I can see using them in the fall season and for more night time looks
* Perfect for the upcoming season and bolder smokey eyes

–Drugstore —

Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel in Dry Skin (Pink) $6-9
* New Release, available at most mass retailers / drugstores
* I quite enjoyed Garnier Original Moisture rescue (Green) and I found the consistency to be very nice.
* However, my skin didn’t get along well with the grape extracts.
* Pink jar is made with antioxidant fruit water and for dry skin which is more suited for my face
* It’s affordable, easily accessible
* Perfect for budget gals who looking for some more hydration

Maybelline Studios Baked Duos $6-8
* In particular these shade: (Teal Takeover, Mocha Mirage, Petal Pink (LE))
* Available at most mass retailers/ drugstores
* I love how beautiful these duo baked shadows look. One side is solid color and other is a bit mixed with shimmer/glitter
* Dude that Teal takeover color is just drop dead gorgeous!
* They are easy to apply, accessible and portable
* Perfect for those who want to dabble in foiling and baked cosmetic products

Sonia Kashuk Dual Makeup Remover $10
* Available at Target, Online
* There’s lots of rave reviews for this product being able to efficient remove makeup
* I’m interested! Will it be greasy? Will it be drying? Can it remove mascara? I ponder these questions.
* Perfect for those who use high-end removers to try slightly cheaper alternative

Sonia Kashuk Instructional Eye Palette in Neutral / Fall $20
* Available at Target, Online
* The Youtube Beauty Gurus are suddenly raving about the Neutral Palette.
* It’s all matte palette, a rarity among mass retailers!
* I hear the eyeshadows are fairly nice and well priced but I’ve never owned any Sonia Kashuk shadows to know for truth.
* Perfect for those who love matte shadows that are very wearable

Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Quad in Fair & Square (Pink) $14
* Available at Target, online
* It’s portable, sturdy packaging, and nice see-through top
* Honestly, I don’t hear many reviews about the quads.
* My personal interest stems for my love of pink shadows and it comes with both shimmer & matte shades
* Perfect? I don’t know …maybe people like me who love pink

–Other Items —

Chevron Patterned Pillowcase (yellow, lime, blue) $14-20
* Available fabric stores, Etsy, Online
* My couch is lonely and it needs a pop of color

Proust was a Neuroscient by Jonah Lehrer $9
* Available at bookstores, Amazon,
* I really enjoyed his “How we decide” and I just want to read more

Miette Cookbook $15
* Available at bookstores, Amazon
* Miette is my favorite SF bakery and I totally want to try some of their recipes myself
* It’s got cute pictures through out the book

A nice cutting knife $$?
* Available – who knows?
* Lately,we’ve gotten more into cooking and I would to expand my collection of kitchen utensils
* I don’t really know of any particular brands or styles of knifes but my current one is getting old
* Do you have any recommendations?

A Cutting Board (non-plastic, non-wood) $$?
* Available – somewhere
* We cook, we clean and yet our cutting board gets kinda of gross.
* Now I’m on the hunt for a nice cutting board that isn’t plastic or wood and in it for the long haul.
* What would you recommend?

A ring from artwearbycaron $100+
* Available – Etsy Seller – Art Wear By Caron
* She’s fabulous! I love her jewelry and it’s all custom-made for around $100
* I want something that symbolizes this new phase in my life – adult hood? freedom? … I don’t know quite what to say about it yet
* I’m thinking something sparkly and Peridot, which of course is my birthday gemstone

Darth Vadar & Son (Book) $9
* Available at bookstores, Amazon
* I saw this exhibit at the SF Cartoon Art museum and it made me smile
* It’s quirky, funny and cute.

Game of Thrones Triology Books $20
* Available at bookstores, Amazon
* Everyone I know is watching the HBO series and enjoying it.
* It’s piqued my interest as I always need more books to read.
* Do you like it? Is it good?

Lonely Planet Street Food Cookbook $14
* Available at bookstores, Amazon, Online
* I love street food and I’m learning how to cook.

Hard Candy Kaleidoscope Baked Duo – High maintenance $6
* Available – Walmart Exclusive
* I’ve always been intrigued by these.
* Lately YT’s Emily Noel has been saying good things about them.
Perfect – For people like me 🙂

6 Piece Revolving Entertainment Set $40
* Available from Joyus Website
* I want to entertain more house guests and eat more delicious food.

Whew what a list! Are you still alive? Anything tempt your purse strings?

[I do not take credit for any of the photos. Most photos are the professional website merchandise photo.]

What I’m lemming for and other stuff

These are the items that recently excited me and I’m thinking of getting.

Coastal Scents – Go Beijing Palette
Costs $9 + Free shipping
Available at Amazon, CoastalScents Website

This palette been on the back of my mind for some time now since it released.
The colors really fit into what I normally go for. I like the satin finish and the pinks/plummy colors.
It suppose to quite small and travel friendly.

Garnier BB Cream (light to medium)
Costs: $10-13 depending on location
Available: most mass retailers & drugstores

I thought I was over the BB cream phase. The magic of 5 in one products comes back to entice me.
It’s suppose to moisturize, provide spf, light coverage, smooth skin and much, much more.
Can a product really do all these things?
Mostly I’m interested in a American style bb cream will provide decent color coverage rather than a Asian one.

Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain
Costs: $9
Available : most mass retailers, drugstores, and Ulta (on sale)
*This is a new launch! Availability may vary*

In particular, I want to try Rendezvous shade (orange – coral).
It appears the spring drugstore launches are doing a good job of duping high-end brands.
These remind me of Tarte Lip Resurgence and Clinque Chubby stick in appearance/packaging.
Recently I’ve been loving Revlon’s lip products such as lip butter, lustrous lip gloss and lipsticks.
I hear they are smooth, high pigmentation and a hint of gloss.

***Other Things***

  • I want to try dry brushing since I saw this GlamLifeGuru Video on Youtube
  • I want to get one of those sleek 3 blushes in one palette, but so pricey to ship! (the one with Lace) 
  • I can’t wait for it to be summer and for it to be warm
  • I’m going to make fried rice for lunch, recipe here
  • I really like Good Earth Teas – sweet & spicy
  • I can’t believe I actually did my goal of blogging all of May 2012 – Woot!
  • I wish all my friends would move to the bay area, well a girl can dream
  • I’m going to do a giveaway to celebrate Blog May once I get around to taking pictures 😛

p.s. I got BLOGLOVIN set up for my blog so please subscribe to me => 🙂


Lust List #2 (Birthday Edition)

It’s funny to think how summer is almost over. I suppose since I’ve started working full time and the awful bi-polar weather in Norcal I didn’t even really grasp that summer was here. I’ve decided that Norcal weather is such a tease! In June we had a heat wave week so I got giddy with summer dresses and shorts only to be stuck wearing sweater in July. Eeeks! Of course, I do live in a cubicle so it is quite chilly.

Well we are in August territory now! I am head over heals about August as I’ll be heading home to MN for a week, my brother’s birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday and 20 days in counting to MY Birthday! Golly so many birthday means lots of cake and shopping! : )

It will be such a relief that this is the first birthday in ages where I won’t be taking summer finals or writing long essays where I see the sunrise. Also August is MN state fair month!

Well here’s my updated Lust List #2 – Enjoy!
Lust List Definition – Stuff that I find interesting and I’m lusting over that maybe you would find interesting too. This particular list has a lot of limited edition and exclusive items so if they are interesting to you, I’d highly recommend to snatch them up soon.
Everything is curated is my opinion.

As always FEEL Free to comment below about your own lust lists or if you have tried these products and if they are worth lusting over ❤

1) Sirius Skinsonic Facial Cleansing Brush System $49.99
Purchase at Sirius Online Store
The Skinsonic set comes with battery powered brush + 5 removable brush heads
I’ve watched and read bunch of reviews and they are raving about this product! I hear it’s very comparable to Clarisonic brush set ($150+) and approves the skin. Well lately due to stress and traveling my skin would love some more love. They also have a 100% guarantee that you’ll love it and you can return if you don’t.

The only con is that I believe you can only purchase it online at Sirius Website.

2) Stila Beach Palette – Wonderful in Waikiki $14 (Limited Edition)
Purchase at Ulta, Sephora and

Stila Cosmetics has been coming out with this neat travel palettes. They are affordable, slim and comes with 4 shadows + 2 blushes. This seems to me to scream summer here I come. Have you tried it? I’ve swatched other Stila travel palettes but I find their shadows to be a bit chalky. But recently in my Birchbox I received a Stila shadow in Mahogany it was buttery loveliness.

3) Sephora Exclusive – Benefit Stay Put Mini Set $10
Purchase only at Sephora stores and
First off I love that Sephora offers these mini deluxe sample sets. I love trying out new products but I hate the breaking the bank to do it. I really interested in the Benefit RSVP cream eyeshadow in this set as it claims to be crease-less. It’s a gorgeous color!

4) Smashbox Limitless Lipstain in Guava $23
Purchased at Ulta, Sephora and Smashbox’s Website
Is a lipstain worth $23 dollars? Heck probably not but this color is the quintessential summer color. I saw the pixiwoo sister do a haul on these lipstains and I had to go to Sephora to try it out. Man it’s a It’s bright coral-red and it looks wonderful. Ever since I’ve been lusting after it. If you do decide to pick up I’d recommend buying off Smashbox online website as on Tues/Thursday they give you a free full size gift + free shipping!

(Photo from Make me blushhh blog – Gilded Trio)

(Wet N Wild Dream Catcher Limited Edition Palettes – now on display in your stores!)
5) Wet N Wild Limited Edition Color-Icon Trios $2.99
Purchase at most drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid)

Trios I’m lusting for – Gilded Ages, Dancing in the Clouds & We’re Blasting off!
The shadows are pigmented, easy to apply, buttery soft, and a blow out price! Only issues that limited editions are well limited and hard to come by. So I’ve been searching to no avail as everywhere around me is sold out. 😦
6) Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-blush in Tipsy $25 
Purchased at Ulta & Sephora & QVC
I saw on Ebrushka’s blog post that she adores the Tarte blush in Tipsy (coral). It very beautiful coral and I’m intrigued by their 12-hour claims.

7) Ulta Exclusive – Lorac Naked Lace Collection $28
Purchase only at Ulta
The kits comes with 2 eyeshadows, 1 rose color blush, 3 liquid lipsticks and cute clutch. This is from Lorac new fall collection. This summer I purchased Lorac tantalize palette and I love it. I don’t believe I’ve used eye shadows are so buttery, blendable and complimentary to each other. If you don’t have the tantalize palette I’d highly recommend as it’s much cheaper than buying single Lorac shadows and creates a great work friendly look. I think that the naked lace collection will following suit in awesomeness!

8 ) Microplane Zester/Grater $12
Available on and other stores that sell food preparation tools
Ok this one isn’t makeup related at all. This is for the foodies out there. For some reason all my latest recipes have been calling for lemon zest or to grated items! Well have you tried zest a lemon with a peeler, it takes forever and is horridly anti-climatic. So if you need to zest and grate I’d recommend this tool. Ha I really need to get one.

Well that’s my top 8 ….hope you enjoyed and found some new things to check out


My Current ‘Lust’ List

So originally I had put things of this nature on my wish list but now I think a “Lust” list is far more appropriate. These are just the top products on my mind and I can’t tell you if I love them because frankly they are one way or another out of my reach. So in the meantime, lust is all they get.

1. Wet n Wild Color-Icon Palette in Comfort Zone ($5)
So my search for this palette has become quite desperate as I can’t find it anywhere! I’ve looked at multiple Wal-Marts, Targets, CVS, Rite-Aid and finally my last resort Walgreens. I did find one palette at Walgreens. Unfortunately, the shadows were shattered and even then I seriously contemplated just buying it. But the manager said he would restock them for me, I went back and there was no new stock. Once again Walgreens has let me down and I concluded by going to Jack in the Box and stuffing my face with curly fries. Oh the sadness! 😦

2. Hard Candy Limited Edition Mini Sets in Glamazon & First Flush ($8 each sold exclusively at
I’ve been using my Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer and Fox in a Box in Skinny Dipping. I’ve got my eye on these sets but alas they are only sold on and are constantly sold out. I really want to try their dollface blush and their new liquid bronze/highlighter products. Now I just have to want for them to be in stock. However a cool thing is Hard Candy item has free item shipping on

3. Lorac Mini Tantalizer Baked Bronzer ($6 @
So recently I made this self-discovery that I’m not dark. Well I always use to think I had very medium-tan skin thus I’d have no need for bronzer. Maybe it’s all this cubicle work but I realized I’m actually getting quite pale-looking. I’ve embraced the summer bronzed look. Oh man I love Lorac! Last time I was in Ulta with my friend Lynn, I picked up one of their eyeshadow palettes and woah I love the velvety, smooth application. It’s got excellent color payoff with their pigmentation.  I would love this bronzer but unfortunately I’ve only seen the mini- online. Do to my recent scaling back on makeup purchases I think I will be stuck lusting for it.

4. Zoya Mod Mattes Nail Polish Sampler Trio (Phoebe, Mitzi & Lolly $15)

Golly gee these are gorgeous colors! I believe this is a new set just for the summer and it actually comes in a “mini” size. I love minis if you can’t tell because I love to try new things. I really enjoyed Zoya’s Dovima (matte black) color that I got in my Zoya nail polish promotion. I’ve been lusting over a bright blue polish. Sad part is there’s no stores near me selling Zoya polishes and they have $7 shipping fee. Does anyone know of any stores that sell Zoya nail polish? Or similar colors available in drugstore/Target/Wal-Marts? I’m looking for bright colors like these and it would be awesome if they were ‘matte’ finished.

5. Big, Huge Brimmed Sun Hat!!!
Lastly, I am lusting over the idea of getting a HUGE sun hat to use while I lay on the “potential” beach of my future. I’m thinking of a light tan color hat that’s not too pricey but really classy. Do you know where I could find one of these?

What on your lust list?

Things I’m currently interested in…

Hi Everyone,

I thought I’d do a quick update on my life and just random stuff that’s been on my mind. Well as many of you know I’m working on becoming an excel guru and whatever that entails. So far I see a lot of my loading hourglass symbol and I seriously think there may be mischievous bugs in my computer. I picture them moving around numbers, deleting formulas and giggling while I wonder why my numbers are all sudden dates. No worries, one day soon I will triumph. In the meantime, I’m growing patience. ^^

Oh which reminds me that I have a new cubicle flower plant called Kalanchoe. It has the most beautiful tiny flower blossom sort of like lotus with it’s petals opening. It’s pinky-purple and comes in a bright blue pail. I got mine at Wal-Mart. I’ll make sure to take a picture for my Sophie’s week. It’s really brightening up my cube, I just hope that it doesn’t die :p

1. Learning to make something delicious using lemons
I’ve already made lemon bars and lemonade so I’m thinking of branching out further but I haven’t decided on what.

2. Start actively reading
Strange that since college reading has become quite a mediocre chore. My friend Emily highly recommended the Hunger Games so I got the trilogy and it will be coming in the mail. Have any of you read it?

3. Things to find list:
Wet & Wild Icon Palette- Comfort Zone $5
I can’t seem to find this new palette anywhere I live. It’s suppose to be amazing and with it’s price tag, I really want to try it out.

Hard Candy’s Fox in a Box – Hot Flash ($6 only at Wal-Mart)
Lately, I’ve really being enjoying trying out different blushes. I find it helps my complexion look happier. Anyways Hard Candy has come out with a new line of “Fox in the Box” it sort of a dupe for Benefit’s box blushes but 1/4th of the price. I love mosaic looking cosmetics and the packing is very cute! I’ve seen a couple of Youtubers talk about them but sadly right now my Wal-Mart is all out.

A nude lipstick that doesn’t make me look died
So anyone have any suggestions??? Preferably a drugstore brand that is scent-free.

Royal Purple Eyeliner
When I say Royal Purple I really mean a very bold, bright royal color. I can’t seem to be find inexpensive one. The only one I’ve seen so far that seems to be intense color and pigmentation is by UD. Anyone know any other alternatives???

Slip on Shoes
Yes, maybe I’ve transcended to a new level of laziness. But seriously why tie shoelaces if you don’t have to. I can’t rock my flat without hearing my mother say “Sophie you are too short to wear those!”. Gah mothers! Anyways, I’m open to semi-flats, wedges, sandals and more. I just hate shoe shopping. Anyone want to do it for me I’m a size 6 US shoe. ^_^

4. TV Shows that I currently interested in…

Merlin -Syfy (
It’s a British scifi show about Merlin and Arther as teenager before Arther becomes King. It’s got a sort of magic, wizardly, twisted plotline, love, betrayal…basically all the good stuff. I just found it this weekend and I’ve been really into it. There’s 3 seasons with another in the making but I’m only on season 1 still.

Perfect Couples (
Another random show I found on hulu. Unfortunately half the season is on hulu plus makes me almost want to get it. Anyways it’s about 3 couples and their quirkiness assisting one couple’s wedding. Seriously, hilarious! Yep pretty much sums it up.

Outsourced-tv series (
If you haven’t seen Outsourced the movie, you should! It’s good movie and on netflix streaming which is a bonus. Well the tv series is loosely based on the movie but it’s purely comedic. At first to be honest I hated the show, it was soooo cheesy and horrible compared to the movie. But then I took step back from trying to compare the two and it’s a rather funny. So far my favorite episode is Tod’s Holi War – Season 1 Episode 17.

5. Color blocking
Normally I don’t follow fashion trends until it’s been around so long it’s impossible to avoid. But I’m really jiving the color blocking trend this spring. Usually you combine at least 2 or more block of color in ensemble.  For me I love how it’s all about experimentation and bold, bright blocks of colors! (Youtuber- Dolce Candy 87’s Blog has some good examples: Shoe Haul : Rain Rain here I come! ^^

As many of you must know by now, I recently moved to San Jose area to pursue my new job as a data analyst. I absolutely adore my job, my team, and the company. However, I do not adore the cold, rainy weather. No worries! I’ve came prepared. Lucky for me there’s Target. Now I’ve been wishing for rain, but alas no rain! Maybe I should do a rain dance or something?

Oh I picked up a bunch of shoes since b/c of the move and my hatred of shoe shopping I only had 2 shoes prior to this. My 3in black dancing pumps since high school & My nike tennis shoes that my mother bought  for me and that just wouldn’t cut it anymore.

P.s. I’m still looking for comfy work heels so if you have a suggestion please shoot them to me!!!

Right now
10% off Rainboots (code: TGTG76EK)
$5 off any $50 purchase (go to ==> search Target) You must go their link, you can’t copy & paste code*

Plus spend $50 for FREE Standard Shipping
*Most items can be returned at any Target store.

Women’s Zig Zag Print Rain Boots $24.99 (online only)
I love Target rain boots. They have a decent selection and tons of patterns. These fit true to size and are pretty comfy. I can’t wait for it to rain buckets so I can wear them ^^

Girls’ Mossimo Supply Co. Aqua Blue Stripe Knit Tee SZ XL  $10
I saw this at the Kid’s section and I just thought it was adorable print. The colors are really bold and flowers look like a vintage screen. I guess that’s the benefit of being “small” I get to shop in the kids section if I want to. Cool Beans ^_^ (Kids size XL age 14-16 yrs)

Merona Jacquard Tote – Pink $20
This is my new going out purse. It’s lightweight and sturdy. The best part is the compartments! There’s 4 sections, 2 zippers. It’s a perfect couponing purse! It keeps everything I have organized. In person, the tote is more of Burgundy red. They also have black & silver.

Womens camella boiled wool clog slippers brown $7 (online only, sale)
I need some casual slip ons. I’m uncertain about these. In general this is a very stiff shoe. The shoe sole is stiff cork board like material and it seems the top is pre-molded shell. However, I do like the design and interior lining.
What do you think? Should i keep them? Do you have alternative suggestion where I could buy similar design that’s more comfy?

women mossimo pearce pumps -taupe $30 (online only)
So I’ve been looking for nude pumps. I think they are in fashion right now but don’t quote me for it. It’s a nice change against my usual black heels. They have this shoe in 3in and 4in variations. I got 3 inches and they seem well built. They are very comparable to nude pumps I saw at Macy’s but those were $70+. I think it’s pretty affordable. I can’t attest to the comfortability because I haven’t worn them yet for a whole day. But I tried them on and they seemed comfortable. (The heel is wooden as seen in picture)

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Set $10
A lot of youtube gurus have been raving about this palette. The shade are very creamy and match nicely to my skin tone. It’s portable and easy to use. However I’m still debating coverage. So I’ll have to pass judgment on a later date. Oh I saw that is having a 3pc Benefit concealer special for $10. So that might also be something to check out too.

ELF 48 pc lip gloss eyeshadow palette  cool $5
ELF products are always 50/50 for me. I’m excited to try out this palette b/c I love purple shadows. This item is waiting to be delivered. Oh something exciting is that is have buy 2 select ELF items get free standard shipping promotion right now.

women mossimo black isabella peep toe pumps -grace $12 (online only, sale)
I originally purchase this shoe in grape & red. The red shoes are stunning color but oddly too big. These fit snug and look beautiful. I find the purple not to be that shocking but rather slight pop of color. It does look black in the dimmer lighting. Plus it was 50% off online. It has about 3 in heel and peep toe design. Ha, perhaps b/c I’m surrounded by purple all day long the color is growing on me

Yep that’s my big Haul.
Thanks for Tuning in! Feel Free to comment or ask any questions about the haul and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible  ^_^

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*Disclaimer: Photos came from, I paid everything with my own money.

Holiday Wish List 2010 Picks : My own.

 I’ve been churning out lists since November that I feel like I’m always a month ahead! Well I follow a bunch of deal bloggers and I’m always wondering what they actually buy or want midst all the things this holiday season.  This holiday wish list is my personal wishes for 2010,  I’ve been a  good so maybe some of these will find their way to my tree. LOL. Anyways, I hope that my list will also be able to give my readers some insight on how to cater or what to buy.

My 2010 Wishlist:
– if you don’t know already I’m job searching for a full time position. I guess it’s the economic recession but I feel like other adults hear recent graduate and they just frown. Anyways, that won’t stop me! I am hoping to be find a career that combines non-profit work and marketing campaigns or something on the lines of working with companies sponsoring charities. So pop me a msg if anything of that sort comes along the way, it would be much appreciated.  (Price: Priceless)Ice Cube Tray -this may seem silly but our ice maker is not functional. I would love to get some funky silicone ice cube trays in different shapes. So I can finally enjoy my viet coffee! (Picture above are some ikea trays I found at $1.99)

Homemade Lemon Bars -these are one of my favorite desserts but I can’t seem to be able to make them. Last time I tried to make them from a mix and I ended up with nasty egg bars! A baking failure if I’ve ever tasted one. I would love a homemade treat.

I heart Snail Mail: sometimes I think I’m holding up the postal office with all the mail that’s I’m sending out or cramming into my mailbox. Well since highschool I’ve been collecting postcards. I absolutely love getting hand written letter or a postcard in the mail. I feel like sometimes with life being as busy as it is, staying in touch is a difficult situations so it totally warms my heart to receive a something personal. (Price: $0.34-0.44 cents)
Remington T-studio Cermanic Pearl Curling Wand or Conair Infiniti Curling Wand
I guess I’m a sucker for product review videos. I saw this product reviewed by Youtube beauty guru of Beauty Broadcast and I really want to try this product. It’s suppose to make long-lasting curls. Well I’ve never owned a curling iron so maybe it’s about time to get one. Oh if you do own one I’d love to hear your comments about the product. (Sold at Target, Ulta, CVS $25-30)

Cozy Plaid Scarf from the Gap
Yesterday is was absolutely freezing cold like 1 degree. The huge snow fall last week and the temperatures decreasing I’d love to get my hands on this scarf. I tried it on and I didn’t want to take it off. It is so cozy, soft, and comes in 5 colors! I personally love the purple one. (Sold at Gap stores & for $30 dollars) Gap seems to been having constant, random 40-50% off everything in stores.

Homemade Flannel Tie Blanket
Ok, so I might have had a motto behind showing the tie blanket in my DIY gifts because I think it’s awesome! I love blankets! I’ve yet to own one of these but I’ve admired from a far all the ones my friends have gotten. (Price ???)

Grey Sweatpants – Junior M, Women’s S
I’ve always wanted to own a pair of run of the mill plain grey sweatpants with an elastic waist band. I don’t want frills or logos on my butt. But it seems like every time I tried to find a pair I’m left with the XXL size. Sadness. (Price: Who knows I can’t find them)

Before I went to college I adored reading and while some people don’t like books I loved getting interesting books. Books that I’m interested in right now are Listography (journal with lists to fill out), any of Keri Smith books (wreak that journal, this is not a book, funky journal prompts, and Pioneer Woman Cookbook. I also open to a good suspense novel if you got one in mind (Sold at major bookstores, Price $-$$)
Candle Lighter
Recently I’ve being obsessed with candles, however I suck at lighting them with a regular lighter. Most of the time I singe my finger tips or need back up because the lighter won’t light. Well I thought this was just me so my dad’s solution today was to use a blow torch! Obviously that ended horribly with him burning 3 fingers and now detesting my candles. Anyways a candle-lighter would be sweet. (Price $ -I’m uncertain ‘cuz I haven’t owned one)

Workout Dvds
So I decided that since I got an band + mp3 player that I should work out. Well I hate running, yoga is too slow for me and I’m not flexible and after 4 years of having and not using a gym membership I think I might resort to videos. I don’t know where to start on this subject? I’ve had friends who use them and like them. I don’t know which one to get or what is a good “workout” video? I’m at lost at this subject so could someone enlighten me?
(I think you can get them at local retailers rice $-$$)

I use to think that giftcards were a cope out to trying to find a gift. But I guess as I got older I realized how hard it is to find the “perfect gift” and giftcards can be a great surprise when you get to the checkout counter and realize no out of pocket costs! During the holidays you often can find that stores are offering bonus cards for buyers and free shipping. The only gripe I have now is getting a giftcard you’ll never use so if you are uncertain my hint is to stick to big local retailers that offer a variety of items.

Well I would love getting giftcards to Target, Wal-Mart, Ralphs Grocery stores, Bath & Body Works, San Diego Restaurant Synergy Card (sold at costco), Costco cash card, Borders, RiteAid, Daphne’s Greek Cafe, El Torito restaurant, Bucca Di Beppo restaurant, AMC movie tickets, Claim Jumper or Jake’s @ Del Mar restaurant. (Giftcards can purchased at store, online or giftcard towers in grocery stores Price $-$$)

Board Games:
I love getting boards games as it seems to be gift that is ever-changing with whom ever you play with. Recently I got ticket to ride and it was pretty fun. I’d love to acquire Blokus, Sequence, and Twister. My board game recommendations to others are: bananagrams, elixir, and quelf!

===> Search for Minnesota Hoodie… continues!
I want a Minnesota Hoodie that is *NOT* maroon or gold. I saw gal wearing a black and pink one at Costco but sadly I didn’t have the nerve to ask her where she got it. My quest for one has last 4 years since I went to college to the point Max has a Minnesota hoodie but I do not. However I do not enjoy maroon and gold combination so I may never get one.
Finally presents No-No’s:

In the end I find that I just like the thought that someone remembered me or created something personal. Things come and go but people stay. However with that said here a short lists of things I do not enjoy receiving: (if my readers have particular things they don’t like, please comment!)

1. NO Purses; my grandparents get me the same one every year for the last 3 years. I hate receiving purses because I find purse shopping to be very intimate and I’m very particular about my style. However, I do love receiving quirky reusable totes which I seem never to get enough of.

2. NO Jewelry
Usually jewelry gifts are highly wanted by women. I dislike getting jewelry and in particular pricey jewelry.  So unless I have personally circled the item out. I would avoid this decision. I find jewelry to be a tricky situation because it can get a great gift. But I just prefer to choose it my self because I rarely wear jewelry.

3. NO Autumn, Spices Scents
I’m always rambling about delicious scents. Well through trial & error I’ve learned how I dislike most Fall & Winter seasonal scents such as apple, cinnamon, autumn, pines, wintergreen and etc. However I do love citrusy scents!

4. NO Minty, Tingling Lip Stuff = Burning Pain
Anything with menthanol or ingredients to “plump” “tingle” or “minty” will causes my lips to burn. It’s unforunate truth and despite pretty packaging I must avoid it at all costs.

With that being said, Happy Holidays!

2010 Discovery: Favorites

2010 has been a whirlwind of discoveries for me and now that it’s winding to a end I can’t help but want to churn out some lists! If you don’t know already I adore lists, I’m always scribbling some here and there. Feel free to skip this post if it’s too indulgent upon my part or too much like a Facebook post. Anyways, if you love to write I highly encourage you to write your lists in the comments above! ‘Cuz just as much I love lists, I love to read them.

Some of them are things I’ve tried and re-discovered but mostly these lists include new discoveries.

Food Consumption

  1. Masala Art Buttery Chicken Curry (Shanghai, China)
  2. Xiao Yang Shen Jian – Little Sheep Fried Buns (Shanghai, China)
  3. Jake’s @ Del Mar – Max & I went for SD restaurant week and it was supberb!
    (mark your calendars in Jan 2011 for restaurant week as it happening again!
  4. Bearded Papa Original Cream Puff (Shanghai, China) -Sad that the ones I had in Cupertino just didn’t taste the same.
  5. Homemade Pineapple & Zucchini Cake (for post see here)
  6. Claim Jumper Pumpkin Cheesecake
  7. Potbelly Pineapple & Coconut Smoothie (Yum I just had one on Friday!)
  8. Soup plantation (what can I say? …loving buffets must be programmed in my blood)
  9. Eating food from street vendors by Fudan University in Shanghai, China. OMG to have mushroom skewers,  fried chicken, mai la tang, and purple rice rolls! The grumpy fruit cart vendor with the delicious melons, fresh pineapple and my favorite donut peaches! I’d be in heaven!
  10. San Diego BBQ -what a spread of food. I’d have say 2010 has really opened my eyes to the benefit of cooking at home.

My Favorite Stuff (products purchased)

  1. Sterlite 15pc. Snapware Tupperware – Wal-Mart
  2. Bath & Body Work’s Twilight Woods Body Butter, the smell is so enticing!
  3. Bath & Body Works Slatkin & Co Candles: I own 5 already! Their candles are the best and it’s relaxing.
  4. Target 3pc Pajama set, the ones I got from Black Friday are awesome & really comfortable
  5. Re-fillable ink cartridges. You must have them because so much cheaper than brand ones!!! (Ebay-double2ink)
  6. Charlotte Russe Black Yoga Pants
  7. a set of pearl studs from the pearl market (Shanghai, China)
  8. Forever 21 dangle pearl earrings
  9. Sony Walkman NWZS545RED 16 GB Video MP3 Player (Red)
  10. Sony E-reader

My Favorite People
I’ve come to find that despite my inclination to be independent. I am ever so grateful for all the support of my family, friends, and M. ❤ I’ll try to keep this brief because once I start I may never stop.

Shout Out: All my friends in Expo Student Ambassador Program specially my comrades in Shift B, my apartment, and my roommate!

I want to thank the Sunday Night dinner crew despite my lack of cooking, I’ve had tons of fun. I want to thank my Californian apartment mates who always keep it interesting.  I’m ever so appreciative all those who embark on fooding adventures with me. Thanks L for guest blogging, up for fun and being around. Thank V for hanging out this summer, it was a blast!

I guess after seeing millions and millions of people while working at Expo. I’ve come to realize the importance of few great friends rather than bunch of acquaintances. Finally I couldn’t have done it with the support of M! (Hopefully the blog will see more of his cooking b/c it’s delicious!)


Holiday Wish List Pick 3

Here’s to my weekly brainstorming for the holidays! It’s only 35 days until Christmas. I’m really excited because I’ve already finished 3 and almost a half presents for my dear friends and hopefully the rest by the end of the week. (crossing my fingers). ^^
Slatkin & Co Candles 4oz ($9.50)
I absolutely adore these candles. I purchased a few this November and I’ll be writing a product review on them soon so stay posted. These candles burn wonderful and smell great. They can be purchased at your Bath & Body store and they often go on sale for $5. Great for hostess gift or housewarming.

I love to eat and experience delicious foods. However, only recently have I began making things from scratch and not a box. I think if you have a favorite cookbook or know of one that’s great, cookbook would make excellent gifts. Sure you can find most recipes online for free these days but there’s just something that’s cool about just being able to open a book and be inspired. Recently Taste of Home has been having $5 cookbook sales which were originally $20+. Or something really nifty & crafty cool is if you created DIY cookbook for someone with all your favorite recipes. It would be inexpensive and intimate present. ❤
I’m always a sucker for funky, cool journal. Something about feeling of clean white pages craving to be written on. Journals are getting for writing stories, lists, experiences, and just doodling. Great places to find them are Michael’s craft store (tons in dollar bins), Hallmark (like the one pictures $10), (handmade journals -immortal longings has a great Shakespeare styled journals), and most bookstores.
I really like ones with hardcovers and lined pages but to each their own.
I remember hearing someone say to get to someone’s heart is through their stomach? Well chocolates are delicious treat! They can range from childhood favorites like Reese to gourmet chocolates like Godiva’s. Recently I received coupons  from Godiva promoting 25% of any item. So if you haven’t joined their Godiva Rewards club, it’s a good time to join because you might get similar coupons in the mail. has been offering some $1 off coupons on various chocolates and even Target has some printable coupons through their website (on bottom under coupon link). Another treat to mail (if they don’t melt) are See’s chocolates because I know for instance in MN we only have the mail cart of See’s but I haven’t seen a actual See’s store.