Happy Hour at Roppongi

Roppongi Restaurant
875 Prospect St.
La Jolla, CA 92037
Price: $$$
Happy Hour: Daily 3-6pm (discount food/drinks)
Roppongi Website
*They do no accept Happy Hour Reservations – our wait wasn’t long, immediate seating

I was really excited during my last trip to San Diego that I was able to hit up Roppongi’s Happy Hour with my best buds Max, Scott and Lynn. Usually Roppongi is a bit out of my price range but during Happy Hour they have 1/2 Asian tapas and sushi! ($4-$10 ea.) I really like the atmosphere of the restaurant and their interesting twists on Asian Fusion cuisine.

Tapas portions are similar to asian dim sum usually meant 3-4 people to try one piece each. So it’s meant for sharing. The sushi rolls are standard size.

This is my friend Lynn and her lychee martini. Boy was this drink a kicker! You could definitely taste the lychee and it was a strong martini.

Crispy Buttermilk Onion Rings, Wasabi Garlic Aioli ($7.50, HH price $3.75)
I love these onion rings. They are must have at Happy Hour. They have interesting light batter that is crispy and not too greasy. I love their house made sauce that a bit spicy.

Truffle Fries (Max’s Recommendation)
These are thinly sliced french fries with a pinch of seasoning and truffle oil. It was quite tasty though a bit difficult to pick up.

Hamachi Taro Tacos – Sweet Mango & Asian Guacamole ($13, HH price $7.50)
These are very adorable as they came with their own mini taco holder. The tacos were tiny and came in set of 4. I didn’t have one but they said that were bit mushy on the inside. I just kept wondering if there’s some store that sold tiny taco holders.

Smoked Salmon Roll ($12, HH price $6) – Salmon, Philadelphia Cheese, cucumbers
Spicy Tuna Roll ($11, HH price $5.50) -Tuna, Raddish Sprouts, Cucumber

California Roll ($10, HH price $5) -crab, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds
Rainbow Roll -2 rolls ($16, HH price $8) – crab, tuna, salmon, yellow tail, albacore, avocado, cucumber

I came to Roppongi this time to eat their sushi. I really like their sushi and their 1/2 Happy Hour prices. Anyways, I adored the California roll since it was made with ACTUAL crab meat and not imitation crab. It was sooo good and made a huge difference. The Rainbow rolls were gorgeous. Overall, everyone seems to enjoy the sushi. They were basic but tasty.

Other dishes:
Sorry our 2nd round I forgot to take photos for.

1) Chicken Satay, curried peanut sauce, chips ($11, HH price $5.5o)
These tasted ok, nothing too special.

2) Pan Seared Sea Scallops on Potato Pancakes ($17, HH price$8.50)
OMG I wish I took a picture of these. I believe it came with 4 scallops. The scallops were HUGE, tasty and fresh. I’d recommend checking these out if you love scallops.

Overall, it was a great meal with great friends! I think it’s was worthwhile visit.
Definitely great place for a date, for celebrations or just good eats.

Oh next time I’m going to try Polynesian crab stack. It looked gorgeous and I swear every table got one but us. So I need to go back and try it. ^_^



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