March Favorites (makeup, tv series, and the web)

Hi Everyone! Can you believe it another month has zipped past us and now we’re in April. I can’t wait for Spring! The weather in Norcal is already getting warmer and sunnier. I’ve been loving the new spring trends like color blocking and explosion of summer dresses.

Now I’ll stop chit chatting and here are my personal March 2011 Favorites of the Month:

Coral Pink Striped Button Up Shirt from Cotton On (100% cotton)
This was my first purchase from Cotton On and I’m loving it. I really like coral-pink color and I feel that the stripes are very flattering. The best is that the shirt is 100% cotton so it’s easy to wash, really comfy and versatile (work casual – more girly).

White Faded Glory Cable Knit Sweater from Wal-Mart
Normally I don’t buy clothing from Wal-Mart but this sweater was on sale and I’ve been looking for more medium weight long sleeved attire. Boy am I glad I got this! It’s really comfy, medium weight, good quality and white is great way to brighten up my look. Also the white color is easy to accessorize and allows the freedom to match with more intense pieces.

Mini Slatkin & Co Pineapple Orchid candle from Bath & Body Works (B&BW Club March Freebie)
If you haven’t gone into B&BW since winter time you have to check them out. Right now they are rolling out all their lovely summer time scents and candles. I am seriously in love with the store. My favorite this month is pineapple orchid candle. It’s beautiful pink color and has a lovely tropical scent. Best part is that if you don’t want to invest in a huge candle because they have mini sizes for 3 for $5.

Tarte Recreate Primer from Sephora
With this product, a little goes a long way! I’ve been using the primer in conjunction with my Hard Candy face primer and it does a great job of holding my eye shadows in place. I like how the texture is similar to a light lotion, blends in easy and is scent-free.

The Face Shop Pomogranate Face Mask
The month of March was super busy for me and my face was super busy too …freaking out that is. I find that this mask to be very smoothing, easy to apply, and has a decent amount of product. I’ve already tried Aloe mask but I feel I like this one better. It’s more hydrating.

Aerosoles Aerolite Ankle Boots
I got these in Black Leather (sadly can’t find the photo). They fit and are comfortable! Score and only $30 bucks with 2-day shipping! So far these have been my favorite shoe purchase after a long exhausting hunt for shoes. I like how simple the design is and in the black leather version you can’t even really see the trim so it’s very plain and I like that. I bought these from which has 2-day free shipping for all their shoes, free returns and you can use Amazon gift cards! Seriously, it was a great deal! I’ve been really loving how shoe websites have free shipping, free returns, and great styles to choose from. Other websites to check out are : &
*Shoes do have height (2.5in) and are comfortable relatively for 6 hours of moderate wear… or about 2 hrs active wear

Gain Original Dryer Sheets
I purchased these from my local Wal-Mart since awhile back in the Sunday Newspaper they had $3 off coupon so they were only $0.26 cents. These are super useful not only as dry sheets but as odor eliminators. I put them in my shoes and my clothing drawers. I really enjoy the scent and I would recommend them!

NYC Ultra Moist Lip sticks $1 each
I’ve been waiting and waiting for my Wal-Mart to restock these. They are fantastic and only $1 each. The formula has high pigmentation, hydrating, and great to pop in your purse. In the future, I’ll be doing a  detailed review on the entire line. My favorites are: violet shine, blossom and sheer red.

Smashbox Double Ended Lip Pencil in Guava
This was a full size freebie I had received with my let’s do lunch purchase from The color is beautiful, works great as lip primer/color and I’m very pleased with the product.

Bean Trees Caramel Macchiatos ==> They keep me awake and alive. Yep foodie favorite of the Month.

Favorite Websites: (free personalized internet radio) (listen to any song for free, create own play lists)
Youtube: ClothesEncounters (2 girls that talk about their clothing style – thrift store – high quality videos)
Tv Series: Castle, The Big Bang Theory, Outsourced and Modern Family ( &

(-_-“) Least Favorite of the Month: Suckerpunch (the month)


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