Fantastic Fridays! Here’s another week in my life ^^

So another week has come and gone! This week was eh then it AHHHHHHHH and finally it ended with exclamation of joy.
There’s something you should know about me and that is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mondays. Normally people love the weekend but my favorite day out of the week is Monday’s. I love the idea of “brand new” week with potential and possibility. The fact that for me there’s usually no homework, deadlines or tests on Monday. If I buy new clothing, Monday is the first day that I can wear it. That’s why I love Monday.  Say hello to Ketan, my cubemate. He’s very small in the photo but I’m pointing at the back of his head. Lols.  He likes Cricket. There’s a big international Cricket cup tonight where many people (or so I have heard) think Sachin will get 100 international century…  I will have to learn more about Cricket sport because until 1 month ago I didn’t even now it existed. All I know now that it’s like a very long game where there’s a bat, a ball and tons of rules.
I went to Great Mall and I picked up this dress from Charlotte Russe. It’s mid-length, white ruffles and  navy blue sweetheart cut. I suddenly realized that’s it’s Spring time for more dress shopping.

Way too busy with work to remember to take a photo. My excel spreadsheets are being stretch to the limit. I catch my breath as I hope it doesn’t crash. Question! Why does all my numbers randomly change into date format for no reason?

Thursday is a uphill battle. I do not like Thursdays it always reminds me of elementary school spelling tests days. Yuck. There was a sudden heat wave!

Friday (Best Day of Work)
I had a sudden breakthrough in productivity, the sun was out, I had yummy fresh fish for lunch and onion rings and I’m holding a Japanese dessert eraser.
I’m starting to see why everyone loves Friday’s so much. I feel like it’s summer!!! P.s. seriously who uses these things as erasers, it doesn’t look like a good eraser but sure is dang cute.

Plans this weekend: laundry, vacuum, clean, and did I mention laundry? Yes lots of laundry!


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