Review The Body Shop Vit E Intense Moisturizer

The Body Shop
Vit E Intense Moisturizer
Price $20

Since I moved to California, I find myself in a state of very, very dry skin.
First off, I would recommend this for dry skin use as it is a thick moisturizer.

I really like this moisturizer as it’s unscented and my skin drinks moisturizer.
I find it to be gentle and it doesn’t sting when my face is washed or irritated.
It does provide a lot of moisturizer as the lotion leans more towards a cream consistency.

It’s a bit on the higher end scale as $20 for 1.7 oz.
But I use it daily and a tub lasts me about 3 months. So I find it is worth the cost.
Plus the Body shop is always having deals and sales going on.

Feel free to ask a Body Shop employee for a sample to try at home ❤

What Sophie Buys – Makeup Haul

So I don’t know what it is about hauls but I always find myself being such a sticky beak.
I’m always interested in seeing what is trending, what people are buying and why they are buying it.

Anyways, these are some recent purchases I’ve made in last 3 months.
Maybe it would be interesting to you to.

Sephora Lorac Unzipped Palette – This use to be a Sephora exclusive but I think you can get it at Ulta now too.
Anyways this palette makes me a very happy girl! It showcases Lorac super pigmented, smooth texture eyeshadow and it has a array of both shimmery & matte shades. I’ve been using it all week and I adore it! More to come!

Anastasia Brow Pencil in Brunette – This is random but I won it on a Facebook Anastasia giveaway. I haven’t used it yet, I don’t know when I will but nevertheless I have it.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream – Is one word – Amazing! I got this with my Birchbox points because I’ve been looking for a new hydrating cream. This cream has a lovely scent, light, hydrating and overall been great for my skin.

Limited Edition Sephora Mini Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface & Bronzer – This was a sweet deal at the Sephora checkout counter. The duo was $15. I would recommend it for the blush alone because it’s really refreshing pink color.

E got me some Bunny stickers from Ichiban Kan – so very cute!

TheBalm Nude’tude Palette – I’ve had my eye on this palette for some time but it’s rather hard to get because most stores don’t stock TheBalm. I used my Birchbox points and snagged this one. TheBalm has 2 version of this palette’s background – nice / naughty. I wish it was the naughty palette but I suppose that’s a bit risque. I will be doing a review of it soon. But from preliminary swatches I think it’s very pigmented, buttery texture and looks like a winner.

It’s a rare find these days for excellent customer service.
I went to the Body Shop with the full extent of returning some items that didn’t suit me at all.
However, I came out with 3 more. The lovely store manager @ Powell Street, San Francisco, CA help me pick out some new stuff to try after a quick consultation. Oddly, I had never even seen these products before. I’ve been using the Vit E scrub and I really like it. It doesn’t dry out my skin, sensitive but I can still feel the beads at work. I’m trying out the toner. Lastly, I love the Vit E moisture cream but that’s always been a staple of mine. Go Vitamin E! 100% Guarantee!

Vit E Intense Moisture Cream
Vit E Cream Exfoliater
Tea Tree Toner
@ The Body Shop

More goodies from Ichiban Kan which is similar to Daiso so prices ($) – yay for me!
Ichiban Kan Small Eye Shadow Brush
Ichiban Kan Large Eye Shadow Brush
Cute Pencil Case which I’m going to use to hold brushes, other side is mesh
*From Target, ELF Studio Eye Shadow Brush – dense, firm, I’m excited for this one!

@ Ichiban Kan
@ Target

Limited Edition Summer Collection – Sonia Kashuk Brushes
So it’s true I got suckered in by the adorable summer print. However, I’ve always been curious about SK brushes because they are sold at Target and so affordable (sets $10-20). I’m testing these out so I’ll tell you more later.

@ Target

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV
It’s dangerous right now because it seems like Urban Decay has been having a lot of things on sale that I want to try out.
I was drawn to the book of shadows because it was half priced, nice variety of shades, and cool packaging (though you can’t see it in this photo). I really like the shadow colors – Lost & Bust for their pigmentation and texture.
It also comes with a portable speaker, mini perversion liquid eyeliners, primer potion and mascara!
I got my Hautelook but they are still on sale for $29 on their website and I saw at Nordstom Rack.

@ Hautelook
@ Nordstrom Rack

Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette
I’ve been staring at this packaging for ages. If you don’t know now, you will soon enough…I’m a sucker for cool packaging.  I got this off EBay but you can buy it from Urban Decay site for $13 (super on sale). Anyways, I think this is a great alternative for portable Urban Decay Naked 2. It has similar cooler toned neutrals. The colors are pigmented, smooth and very travel friendly. The set also comes with eyeliner/lip gloss.

@ EBay

Black Friday Haul : Walmart, Target, VS, AE,The Body Shop & Hallmark

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. -wiki excerpt. Many retailers open up at 4am but it seems this year stores are opening up even earlier! Walmart opened up at 12:01am!

This was my first year actually going to stores on Black Friday. It seemed that the majority of shoppers this year that I spoke to were also newbies. I usually shop Cyber Monday (11/29) because it’s easier, there’s free shipping, and I don’t have to leave my toasty room. ^^

Don’t worry if you missed out on Black Friday because this is just a sampling what’s offered this holiday season that you might want to keep an eye out for.

Max and I headed out to brave the crowds and see what cool deals we could snag. These are the stores that we managed to hit and simple reviews on how their black friday events were like.
1. Walmart
2. Target
3. Victoria Secret
4. American Eagle
5. The Body Shop
6. Hallmark
Additional Info: Charlotte Russe, Gap, Office Depot, and the Postal Office

Walmart (Clairemont Mesa) -Biggest Haul
Our Walmart is a 24 hour store so we could wait inside the store for the deals, all the door busters were wrapped in black plastic & boxed up, and when it got closer to time the employees would unravel them. Walmart had separate waiting areas dictated by yellow balloons for electronic products. I personally felt that Walmart had the best black Friday deals, an adequate amount of products, it was very organized, and they had the friendliest service I’ve ever experience at Walmart.

There’s always been fear towards braving crowds, toy rage, and danger on Black Friday. But I felt that Walmart did a great job by allowing people inside the store which diffused possible trampling over fear of scarcity.

Con was that amount of people & shopping carts made it difficult to navigate through the store. So bringing a shopping partner is a must! (Checkout 30 min)

*Interesting Event: They handed out free 5 hour energy drinks!

Walmart Kitchen Deals
40 Piece Rubbermaid Tupperware Set $9
Rival mini-chopper $3
Rival hand mixer $3 (these went the fastest with individuals buying 25 of them at a time, review soon!)
Couple of dvds $2-10 (They had a variety of dvds ranging from $2, $5, $10. They went pretty quick)

Corelle 12 piece dining set $12 (we already use these & they are excellent quality)

Walmart – Towels
I purchased both $1.33 & $3.77 towels. The cheaper towels were almost gone in a blink of an eye! The $3.77 were longer in length, Egyption cotton, and very thick. They were 50% off the original price.
Walmart – Electric Blanket
I don’t know about you but I”m freezing! These blanket has 10 settings, it’s a good thickness, and sturdy. I’m so happy that Max got me this item and it appears so did my mom! It was $19 dollars for the twin size.  They had a variety of colors and alternative electric fleece throw.
Walmart Clothing
As I was saying I’m really cold right now! I got this blue fleece pullover for $7. I normally don’t buy Walmart clothing but it was well made and warm. I wish I could picked up more clothing deals but  the clothing aisles were cleaned out by 12:20 am when I checked. So I guess next year I’ll have to position myself there.

Next Shop: Target (smaller Clairemont Location)
We got there around 2:30 am after picking up some mexican food to eat. It was so cold outside I didn’t actually leave the car until 3:30am and the store opened at 4am. The line wrapped around the store, past mattress store, and loop around the parking lot. It was one of the longest lines I’ve been in. I don’t know how people in the midwest or east coast wait outside a store because it is blistering cold! I heard people had been waiting in line outside for 5 hours for the $300 t.v. I was just there for pajamas so it wasn’t really worth it to me to wait so long. I was surprised how orderly the line was when the store opened, and it moved rather slow. I was about 200 in the line. So all the shopping carts were gone and it seemed most of the sought after doorbusters in the bins were empty. But I got everything I wanted.

Con- Pajamas I wanted were not labelled so I had to price check them. The check out wrapped around the store and it took approx. 45 mins. I was so bummed when I realized I could have gone to customer service to checkout because there was no line there. Since checkout was so long I got to see every single part of the store, all the other leftover deals, and chat with my line neighbors. I swear it was that long so they could get me to buy something else. I felt perhaps because it was a smaller location that they had less doorbusters inventory.

Many of the really “cheap” door busters appeared not to be a Target Brand. They had generic labels and Max thinks they were made by the dollar section company. I was initially excited about $5 flannel pants  but they felt really thin compared to normal target goods and were not as nice as the Walmart products.

This was different compared to Walmart where they just discounted their original goods. It felt that Target made goods solely for the Black Friday sale. Target’s appliances were double the price of Walmart’s!

*Interesting Event: There were people selling chick-filas in the parking lot.

Target – Xhilaration Pajamas Set
I am really happy that I got these pajamas because they came with a long-sleeved shirt, shorts, and long pajama pants. The rush wasn’t that bad. These were originally $20, on sale from Black Friday for $10, and I had a target coupon for buy any 3 women’s PJ’s (xhilaration, o’malley) get $10 off purchase coupon. So they came out to be only $6.67 a set!!! Unlike the $5 flannel pants, these are normally sold by Target. The quality was nice, 100% cotton, and super comfy. However the long-sleeved shirts in small were a bit tight so I did go up a size. The girl at the changing room was super nice. ^^
Look cute couple polar bears! This was my big purchase at Target. I also got a bought a coke while waiting in line and picked another mixer. (same as Walmart)

Mall Shopping
I went to UTC mall because I had to get the Body Shop deal. About half the stores were already opened at 5am when we arrived. I think Macy & Gap opened at 4am. Charlotte Russe had a black friday text to get offer deal, some people camping out at Apple but I’m not sure why, GAP stores had 50% off so there was a fair amount of people but overall the stores I went to weren’t that crowded. Perhaps it was still to early since I did stop by later around 3pm and there was a lot more people. Huge crowd in Forever 21 but I don’t think they had any big black friday sales. I guess it is the beginning of the Christmas season.

Victoria Secret
They had 50% off Pink LIVE series, buy 1 get 1 50% off bras, PINK sweatpants $25, 7 for $35 signature body/lotion/sprays and VS secret rewards cards. I love mystery behind the rewards cards valued at least $10, $50, $100, or $500. Last time I just got $10 cards but still nifty promo that you receive with any $10 in store purchase, limit 1 per day per customer, and it’s still going on until the end of November.
This was my haul from VS. I got the LIVE PINK yellow fragrance bottle and with that purchase I got free hipster panties (recently joining PINK club -coupon) & rewards card for spending over $10. (Retail Value of $48, spent $16)
LIVE PINK Yellow Fragrance bottle
I was not expecting to buy anything at VS but I couldn’t pass up on this deal. They rarely have this line for sale. Recently I posted about this fragrance in my holiday wish list. It’s fruity, floral, and enticing scent. I really like the bottle design and I was so glad Max got it for me.

American Eagle
They had $20 hoodies, $5 winter accessories, 7 for $25 panties, clearance, and additional 20% off entire purchase.
AE 7 for $25 Panties
I guess this is one of my indulgences. I really like their underwear but at normally $8 a pop, a tad pricey. But with the sale + 20% entire I got them for only $2.87 each. They are sooo comfy, great quality, and cute. I love the polar bears! They also have the same sale online + free shipping!

The Body Shop
The Body Shop had *ANY* 3 items in store for a total $30 (excluded kits & gift sets). They also had buy a $50 gift card get 200ml body butter of your choice. Lastly spend $30, be able to purchase Joy in a Bag (175 value) for only $25 dollars. I’ve been loving the body shop but not their pricing. So I snagged up all 3 deals and was on of their first customers when they opened in the morning.
$50 worth of gift cards in easy $10 domination set. I really liked this feature because it’s more convenient to give as presents. I also got a 200 ml body butter in Mango which is normally 20 value for free!

My Huge The Body Shop Haul Products
This is my first big purchase from the Body Shop and I’m really loving the sale. Considering that most of their products are  usually $$.

For my 3 for $30 purchase:
Spa Wisdom Morocco Argan Oil & Orange Blossom Souffle -really delicious smelling (retail $24)

Olive Body Butter 200ml -refreshing scent, despite me hating eating olives ^^ (retail $20)

Cranberry Joy Slippers -scented & you can heat them up (retail $26)

Joy in a Bag ($175 value)
Bath & Body Works had a similar tote deal but The Body Shop blew them out of the water! All of the items came in a large metallic tote which is very sturdy and would make a great getaway bag. It came with full size products & 2 samples for $25. I believe Jolly orange items were limited edition holiday set as I only see the body butter online for purchase. I adore citrus scents so this was a perfect deal for me. My calculated value is based on similar products’ retail value without sales or discounts. Joy in a Bag is also great  for splitting up to share the goodness. ❤ I was even tempted to buy another because it was such a great deal but don’t worry, I restrained myself.

Metallic tote -nice patent feeling, sturdy, & really large!
Jolly Orange Scrub (value $20)
Jolly Orange Body butter (value $20)
Jolly Orange Shower gel (value $13)
Jolly Orange Lip butter (value $8)
Jolly Orange soap bar (value $5)
Jolly Orange home fragrance oil (value 7.50)
Star ornament home diffuser
Spiced Vanilla loofah (value $3)
Clear plastic scrub tool (value $9)
Glitter nail file (value $3)
Thick nail buffer in Cranberry Joy colors (value $3)
Peppermint Foot Scrub (value $14)
Carrot moisture cream (value $9)
Hemp hand protector tube (value $10)
Samples of shimmer coconut body butter & women vitamin E
= verified value at least $124.50 -not including ornament & tote

This was my last stop on my Black Friday shopping trip. I wanted to include because i think these items are adorable. However Hallmark did not have a big Black Friday sale so I got these at retail prices. (I heard many DEC issues of magazines have $5 off coupons for Hallmark which could be used for a great gift)
Say Hello to Frank & Corky! Hopefully the person receiving them won’t be reading my blog but if they do, I guess it’s just anticipation now.

That’s the end of my adventure. Max always went to Office Depot and purchased a new monitor. He seems to be enjoying it.

p.s. It’s a great day to mail stuff because the postal office was actually line-free! Finally this was a walk in the park compared to Expo. I could do Black Friday anyday of the year though I would be extremely broke. It’s not as crowded or scary as media portrays it.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with any of these companies, brands, or products. I purchased everything with my own money. I’m not telling you to buy these products or trying to be pushy about what I can buy. I’m sorry if I offended anyone or their tastes.

Just so excited about the deals I got this Black Friday and maybe it can give you some ideas for the future. Cheerio!