My Trip to Beautiful Boston (Day 1)

Boston is a wonderful city filled with historical sights and sounds of a busy modern city.
It was a pretty random and yet pleasurable trip.
I would highly recommend visiting Boston.
I found the city to be tourist friendly, the FREEDOM TRAIL was great and the food was delicious.
This is part 1 of 4.

The Freedom Trail was basically a red line on the ground that you could follow and it would go by all these cool historical sights and interesting events. They also had a lot of signs that provided background descriptions. It’s free and takes about 1-3 hrs to navigate. It made the day planning a whole lot easier 🙂

Massachusetts State House
Completed in Jan 11th, 1798 was said to the big the most magnificent public building in the new nation.
It’s true I really do like giant domed building. However I got to say our SF city hall kicks it’s …
Anyways, I got a really sweet souvenir pin!

Giant World Exhibit in the State House
I don’t really know why it was there or what they were doing.
Occasionally I would see the world deflating a grown men come out of the world.
How peculiar!

Really old chair in the State House
I’m not sure if this chair is older than America. It well could be.
The guide said the chair was very old and basically held together by inspiration.
I like that thought. A chair held together by inspiration.

Sweets Shop
This was a really adorable cupcake shop.
We got cheesecake cupcake and banana split cupcake.
Both were super delicious! I’m glad we got them.

Some cool old building in North End, Boston
I think it was by a sign that said Paul Revere’s House but it wasn’t. It’s just a neat building.
I like traveling to new places and looking at all the different architecture.
It almost feels like time traveling.

Gourmet Cajun Mac & Cheese from Quincy Market
Quincy market is a neat place that contains a food court, shops and tons of tourists like me.
It’s interesting to think that hundred of years ago people visited the market and here I am.
The mac & cheese was surprisingly delicious and very cheesy.

Prosciutto & Asparagus Pasta  at Pasta Beach
It was creamy and a divine dish! Everything I could have wanted from pasta.
Pasta Beach is a nice, hip restaurant by the pier.
It was bubbling with people and had a very nice ambiance.

Boston Cream Pie Martini from The Omni Parker House
A nightcap anyone?
They sure know how to make a cocktail!
It was strong, sweet and chocolatey.
The Omni-Parker house plays quite a interesting part in history and fairly well preserved.
JFK proposed to Jackie,Ho Chi Minh was a baker there, and Malcolm X was a busboy!

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