Haul: Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree
8040 Glen Lane
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-5354

So over the weekend my mom and I went to the Dollar tree in hopes of picking up some table cloths for our New Year’s Eve party. I love the Dollar store because despite how many times you ask everything is still $1 dollar. I guess it’s equivalent of my love for $2 kuai & $10 kuai stores in China or San Diego’s Daiso when it  still was a buck & fifty. It’s sort of amazing store because in a regular store there is so little that you can get with a buck.

Eden Prairie location is a larger store front then the dollar store we usually visit in the Mall of America. It was relatively clean and organized. They had a ton of party supplies, gift bags, and variety of household items. I don’t remember if it was cash only but a lot of dollar stores are CASH only.

Anyways, this is a mini-haul with some things that I was really excited to be able to pick up! I normally stick to household items. I decided to be adventurous and it paid off. (Most of the Dollar Tree stuff comes from overstock, limited editions, or store closing so it’s still good stuff)

In accordance to the Dollar Tree: EVERYTHING IS $1 USD – serious it’s just one dollar! 

LA Colors Art Deco Polish (silver)
I really like this product. I hope to go back and get the other colors they have in stuck. Unlike regular nail polish, the tip is very thin and long to enable nail designs. The silver glitter is bold and I want to say “pigmented” as  you get a lot of glitter. I’ve been wearing it for 5 days and it’s going strong.

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Gloss (Dazzling)
Ok I was hesitant because I’ve never gotten makeup at any dollar store and I had a poor experience with the Sally Hansen lacquer gloss. However you can purchase Sally Hansen products at most big retailers and this item regularly $5-7 bucks. I also seen a Smashbox gloss that looked very similar. Well it’s absolutely wonderful! The gloss is minty smelling without bothering my lips, it’s moisturizing, and gorgeous color!!! I’m not sure if it brightens my lips but it’s worth its money.

E.L.F. Studio Line Lip Stain Duo (Lucky Lady)
E.L.F is inexpensive product line that usually sold in my Target stores for $1-3. They are usually hit or miss for me. They had bunch of different E.L.F colors at my Dollar Tree and since studio line is usually $3. So like 66% off ^^. The lip stain color is matte rosy brown. It’s a shade I normally would not go for but I’d had a Estee Lauder gloss which was similar that I loved so I thought why not. The product packaging is wonderful and doesn’t look cheap at all. It’s very similar to Nars matte black. The lip stain goes on matte, true to color, and it’s not too drying or weird smelling. I think the redeeming factor is the addition of the clear gloss which really transforms the color to be very pretty & wearable. So if you don’t see this product in your dollar store, it would be worthwhile to check out at your local Target. (They have variety of colors)

Other than that we got our usual kitchen sponges and a spray bottle.

** I was lucky that my dollar tree had these products. However despite being a chain store, Dollar Tree’s inventory vary by time, area, and location.


Indispensable Makeup Picks of 2010: All under $10

These are a few products that I absolutely adore! If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I love getting great deals. I find that these products not only are great at what they do but incredibly affordable and accessible at your local retailers. Thus you don’t have to fiddle around for deals.

NYC Liquid Lip Shine (554U) Sungold Pink $1.99 (Sold at Wal-Mart, CVS)

  • Applies on smooth with pinkish gold shimmer
  • Yummy coconut-like scent

NYC Color Lipstick (407B) Smooch $1.99 (loca retailers such Wal-Mart, CVS)

  • long lasting, no strong lipstick smell
  • gorgeous coral pink color

The above picture is the color swatch for both of the products. Top is the lip gloss, Bottom is the lip stick, and Left Side is the combination. These two products are stand-alone very nice. However I think they create a spectacular blend when combined. (It’s not as light pink on the lips but more of shimmer coral-pink-gold.)

Baby Shampoo $1-3 (most local retailers)I use baby shampoo all the time for cleaning out my makeup brushes. It’s really effective, gentle and cheap! I saw it once on youtube makeup tutorial and I’ve been using it ever since. It gets eyeshadow, waterproof eyeliner, and makes brushes like new. Plus you can get this for $1 travel size in most local retailers and that will last you a long time!

Baby Oil $1-3
This may sound a bit crazy at first but this stuff really works at getting makeup off your face. I usually just dab some oil on a tissue and wipe off my makeup.I use to have issues with my makeup remover not being able to handle waterproof makeup or it would take a long time to get off. Well this stuff works great even on waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and heavy makeup without leaving residue. Afterwards I just wash my face with my normal daily face wash and no oily ness/smell is left behind. It’s gentle! (just make sure not to get in your eye, make sure to wash oil off)
*I’ve heard that cold cream, baby wipes, and some lotions can also easily remove makeup.

Ulta Automatic Eyeliner in (Black, Olive) $7 (sold only at Ulta, ulta.com)
This eyeliner goes on smooth, is long-lasting, and twistable! I have it a bunch of colors. My favorite is the black which is really black and the olive which is subtle but has that pop of color to change-up your routine. Plus Ulta often has coupons for their store, BIGI and I was able to snag some for only $2 each during one of their sales.
Burt’s Bee pomegranate Oil Lip Balm $3 (sold at most local retailers: Riteaid, CVS, Wal-Mart, Target)
Oh man I’ve tried a lot of different lip balms since I have sensitive lips that are always chapped. I have to say so far this is my favorite lip balm out of huge array from Carmex, Bath & Body works, C.O. Bigelow, the Body Shop, EOS, Chapstick, Nivea, Avon, Smuckers, Soft Lips and etc. I’ve even tried other lip balms made by Burt’s Bees but none of them are as effective as this one. It’s has a pleasant smell, light hint of color, goes on smooth, and keeps my lips moisturized for longer. I don’t find myself re-applying as often.

Olay Quench Lotion $5-10 (Most local retailers : Wal-Mart)
This product came out in 2009 so it’s relatively new but I love it. I tried it on a whim because they were doing a rebate for Olay products. I really enjoy using this product. The lotion is moisturizing without being too thick, lightly scented so it smells good, and there’s a hint of shimmer. I use this lotion all over. It doesn’t irritate my face. It really easy to use bottle with a pump.
Physician Formula Baked Collection: Baked Sands $7.28 (local retailers: Target)
I love trying out new makeup but this one has managed to stay in my makeup bag the longest. I really love the brown tones in this trio, you can apply it dry or wet, and it’s really bang for your buck. I’ve been using this one for forever it seems. My favorite is that golden brown color which highlights your eyes and beautiful color.

Almay Intense I-Color for Brown Eyes $7.49 (most local retailers : Riteaid)
First off I’m not positive that this makes my brown eyes pop like they advertise but it’s a really good product. The color palette is conceived in a manner that really blends together and has the ability to be build-able. My favorite is shimmer pink-purple eyeshadow for highlights and all over color. The colors are pigments, easy to use and long-lasting.

Vegan Bamboo Angled Eyeliner Brush $5 (www.theallnaturalface.com, www.theallnaturalface.etsy.com)
This is the only product that is solely online but I felt for the value I had to mention it. I purchased mine while I was scanning through Etsy mineral makeup sellers. The all natural face has super cheap starter sets for mineral makeup, great customer service, and she gives out tons of samples. While back I was desperately looking for an affordable eyeliner brush but everywhere I looked brushes where $15-20 dollars! Then I remembered about this one which is a fraction of the price and it’s good. It’s angled, stiff enough to make a thin line, and it’s vegan! I use it for applying my gel liner and I’m loving it.