Bath & Body Works: B&BW LUV CLUB (January Freebie)

So back in December Bath & Body Works started a B&BW LUV Club.
It was free to sign up and you got mailed a monthly punch card where you receive monthly free items.
This is what I picked up in January…I was glad I waited because I was able to snag some tropical items for free!
January Month Freebie: You got to choose a full size hand soap, pocketbac santizer and pocketbac holder
I got Caribbean Escape in Anti-bacterial hand soap with pump. ( I LOVE THIS, it makes me want to wash my hands 24/7)
I got Citrus Crush pocketbac which is cute color combination and great citrus scent. Also I really like the new pocketbac holders that they came out with to match all the wonderful tropical items.

Lastly this is a silly photo of what I did with my pocketbac that are going to my cousin…in the meantime they’ll become a really rather strange and fantastic art display.

Beyonce’s Heat Perfume (Mall Freebie!)

When I was looking through my Seventeen Magazine I saw that for the month of Jan you could get a FREE ‘deluxe’ sample of Beyoncé’s Heat Rush at Macy’s department stores. You can either bring your Feb Seventeen magazine or print a copy of the home page. It lasts until Feb or when 10,000 samples run out. For more information click here.

For those in the San Diego area, the UTC Macy’s does not carry this fragrance. You can find it at the Macy’s in the Mission Valley mall.

Anyways, yesterday M and I were at the mall hoping to catch the tail end of the Bath & Body Works 75% semi-annual sale so  the way I stopped by Macy’s to pick up a sample. The lady at the fragrance counter was very nice. I tried both Beyoncé’s Heat (red bottle) and Beyoncé’s Heat Rush (newer one, orange bottle). I found that I liked Beyoncé’s Heat more than Heat Rush. Heat Rush seemed a lot sweeter while Heat had more gradually enticing scent.

The sample was wrapped up like a sweet. It is 2.0ml or 0.06 fl oz. It does not come with a spray but rather you left the cap and dab on the fragrance. I find that with sample sizes, it allows the sample to last longer.

I’d seen reviews about Beyoncé’s Heat being No. 1 selling fragrance at its launch. The fragrance is created by Coty Fragrances. Coty is considered one of the largest fragrance houses in the world. They create both high-end fragrances and celebrity fragrances.

Anyways, I have also seen Beyoncé’s Heat at variety of retailers such as Target, CVS, and RiteAid. You can purchases it a variety of sizes from 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 1.7 oz, and 3.4 oz. Thus prices range from $15-$59. You can also buy the perfume in gifts sets.

Now down to business: What’s in Beyoncé Heat ?

Top Notes “first impression”
-red vanilla orchid
-Neroli Orpur
-Magnolia Delavayi
-Blush Peach

Heart Note “gradual scents that give a fragrance dimension”
-Honeysuckle Nectar
-Almond Macaroon
-Creme de Musk

Base Note “long lasting scent”
-Giant sequoia milkwood (who knew they put wood in fragrances?)
-Tonka Bean
-Modern Amber

Blah.. Blah…Blah… well overall I give it 4 out 5. I find that it has a very distinct scent, smells fruity & floral without being overpowering, and I love the shape & design of the packaging. I’m not sure yet but there’s one note inside the fragrance that makes me think of yummy Asian like fruit that’s almost like edible. Maybe it’s the blush peaches. Until I realize what it is I can’t give it 5 because it’s driving me crazy! I recommend trying a sample seeing if you like it.

*Information comes from Beyoncé Heat Website here.
*Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Coty fragrances, Beyoncé or Beyoncé Heat perfume in any way or shape. This is just my personal opinion upon the subject