Cheap Thrill Forever 21 Love & Beauty Romantic Palette $5


Forever 21 (exclusive)
Love & Beauty Makeup Palette
Price $4.80

*Can usually be found in displays and buckets near cash registers

I was immediately drawn to how cute the packaging was for this palette, the easy to handle $5 price point and how it looks almost identical to the style of Stila Palette seen here. * different from texture of Stila

I actually took this palette on my cruise with me so I’ve been able to better test out the shadows and wear.
I’m impressed with how sturdy the packaging is and how it is very travel friendly.
The packages comes with a clear plastic protective cover (reflective glare in photo) but it can be easily removed.
It also comes with 2 sponge tipped applicator. I prefer to use my own brushes.

Swatched on Hand without Primer (In order from Top Row to Bottom Row – L to R)

All the colors do have shimmer.
I find them to be smooth and fairly pigmented.
The colors themselves are in the lighter range.

Easy for application
However there is a tiny bit of shadow fall out when the brush is hard pressed
I really love the color variety as it projects both pinky colors and neutral shades.

Top Row
Cream Beige
Walnut Brown
Light Pinky Purple
Light Rose Pink
White Grey

Bottom Row
Champagne Pink
Soft Gold
Royal Purple
Ballet Slipper Pink
Medium Grey

Overall, I am pleased that I have purchased this palette and I think it’s good value for the price.

Bonus! Love & Beauty Makeup Line doesn’t test on animals 🙂

Cheap Thrills – Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Review

(Love & Beauty Line are all FINAL SALE item at Forever 21)|

There’s something both alluring and fatal about buying cheap makeup.
Often it can really suck but it’s so cheap that the dent won’t be big.
Yet when you do find a goodie it’s just extra great because you saved so much!!!

Now the question is are these worth the worth the risk?

Well I’m trying to figure it out.  ( read on)

Here I am in the crowded store with my hands clutching these new makeup items from the Forever 21’s makeup line.
I haven’t seen many reviews on Love & Beauty products.
I also find many of the items have non-descriptive names making it incredibly difficult to research.
Yet they are so reasonable priced even compared to drugstore prices  it’s hard not to want them.

Forever 21 / Love & Beauty Makeup
– Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in  Natural / Multi $3.80
– Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Brown/Multi $3.80
– Love & Beauty Blush in Pink $1.80

* I want to thank my good friend Emily for giving me the Love & Beauty – Brown/Multi palette.
All other items were purchased by me.*

Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in  Natural / Multi $3.80

It comes with 4 Shadows, tool and case (no specific labels)
– Pale Pinky with a white sheen
– Light dirty gold with a golden shimmer
– Toned Olive Grey with a golden flecks
– Rustic brown with a golden shimmer
– Double Ended Sponge Applicator
– Slim clear cover, hinged with black base

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

The eye shadows are very easy to swatch and appear smoother than expected.
They aren’t chalky. However they lack the buttery texture of higher end eye shadows.
I find the colors to be true to pan with except of the olive green which appeared duller.
There’s no glittery but it has a shimmery/sheen based formulation.

(Swatched on Watercolor Paper – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

I think these colors would be great as stated for a “Smoky Eye”.
I can see myself using the two lighter shades for brow and inner corner highlight.
The two darker shades can be used for all over the lid and crease definition.

The difficulties I experienced with this eye shadow palette were minimal.
For the price I am I found the eye shadows definitely better than standard $1 shadows or large 88 palettes.

I really like the slim and simplistic packaging
I like the size of the pans (quarter)
I felt it was fairly pigmented and easy to use for the price
It’s a cheap thrill, priced better than drugstore item

I felt the olive lacked depth in the color
The texture wasn’t spectacular but use-able.
I felt you needed to wear primer as the color fades quicker (3hrs)
Caution – you need to dust underneath the eye area after application because in direct sunlight I did notice small amount of shimmer fallout

Overall Would I buy this one again – No b/c I mainly got it for the olive shade. I think it’s a fair price and a – ok product

Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Brown/Multi $3.80
This is amusing because my friend Emily originally got this eye shadow as I convinced her mattes are the way to go.
Unfortunately for her it didn’t really jive with her very pale pinky toned skin.
Yet I found that I really enjoyed this palette a lot more than that previous one due to the light brown tones.
Ha – perhaps next time I’ll just have to switch with her 🙂

It comes with 4 Shadows, tool and case (no specific labels)
– Pearlscent Shimmery White
– Matte Soft Tan
– Shimmery Pinky Peach
– Matted Dark Brown with a hint of reddish shimmer
– Double Ended Sponge Applicator
– Slim clear cover, hinged with black base

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

They are formulated exactly the same as the 1st set with the except of the matte tan.
The tan to have a soft quality about it, a bit powdery if you press your brush harder.
Personally even though I felt they showed similar feel and texture. It appears this set is a hint more pigmented.

(Swatched on Watercolor Paper – Without Primer – In order of Palette Layout)

I found these to be great for my Asian skin tone that leans a bit more yellow and tan.
I like to use this quad for work as it simple, neutral and easy to carry.

I didn’t experience any fall out or chalky texture from this palette.

I really like the slim and simplistic packaging
I find it pigmented
I think it would be great for work environments
I really like the matte soft tan color

I felt you needed to wear primer as the color fades quicker (3hrs)
Caution – you need to dust underneath the eye area after application because in direct sunlight I did notice small amount of shimmer fallout

Overall Would I buy this one again – Yes, I really like the color combination with matte / shimmer.

Love & Beauty Blush in Pink (clear plastic outside packaging) $1.80

Currently, Love & Beauty offers many different blush options.
It’s sort of hard to differentiate between them as they look very similar with slightly different exterior packaging.
The packaging is simple, sturdy and easy to view.
I found the pan size to be generous close to wide bottle cap.

(Swatched on Hand – Without Primer, Love & Beauty Blush in Pink)

This blush is pretty.
It comes off a light pink with a pearly sheen. It’s not glittery or shimmery.
The texture is smooth and has strong pigmentation.

– Easy and Simple Packaging
– Large Pan size
– I like the satin sheen finish rather then shimmery
– Pigmented
– Super Cheap!

– Wear time (3-4 hrs) you will likely need to reapply during the day
– Line not distinctively labelled

Overall, Yes I would buy again.

Was it worth the risk? Yep, I would do it again 🙂 …actually pretty soon I have a really awesome Forever 21 dupe post!

Cotton On & Forever 21 Haul

Here are some bits I got from Cotton on & Forever 21.
I really like the Cotton On store. If you haven’t been to one they specialize in casual wear for both men/women.
They make really comfy and affordable plaid button up shirts – that’s how I got hooked. 🙂
The store often has stellar sales for $10.
Also they support a charity called the Cotton On Foundation which is pretty neat.

Most people have been to Forever 21.
If not, you are missing out!
I like it because even they always seem to have super trendy clothing and accessories for really affordable prices.
The one thing I don’t like about Forever 21 is their stores are usually a bit disheveled and it’s hard to find stock.

They have very limited stock! Like it? Buy it now or regret it.
They are my main place to go for awesome accessories.
I always manage find a pair that I need to add to my collection.

Forever 21
Boombox Earrings
Style – Hooks
Price $1.50

I really like these earrings because they are funky, small and dangle just slightly.
I’ve worn these several times and I like how they wear and how light it feels.
I’m always on the lookout for quirky new earrings.

Cotton On
Medium Size Red Bound Calendar for 2012
Type – Limited Edition
Price – $5

This may seem a bit odd to get a calendar so late in the year but it was on sale and it’s never too late to start writing.
I’ve already began using this journal. I like the size which isn’t too big.
I love the feel of the red bound cover and how the width of the lines are big enough for my chubby hand writing.
I like to write lists and sometimes when I have the time – I will write whole long journal entries!
Someday I’ll come back and read this… know what the heck I was up to or so I hope.

Cotton On
3 – set of Braided Charm bracelets
Type – Arm Candy
Price – $3

These were at the check out counter and they beckoned to me with their vibrant braids and cute little charms.
I think this was a steal! I loved the colors, it adjustable and easy to wear.
The only con was that after use I felt that the red braid started to bleed color slightly onto the yellow leaving a slight stain.
I didn’t find that the stain transferred on my hands or clothing, just a bit on the other bracelets.
Overall, I really like these bracelets and I felt they were amicable quality except for the stain issue.

Cotton On
Grey Knit Beret
Type – Hat
Price – $2 (exclusive pricing)

Cotton on is quite good at marketing to their customers at the last step of their purchase.
With that being said I quite like this knit beret for $2.
It was behind the counter and on a discounted price if you made any purchase in the store.
I do look a bit silly with all my bangs going crazy every which way.
But I like how the beret is able to control most of it.

-_- It’s simple and sometimes that just what I need.

Forecast in the Midwest: 100% snowy & totally random things…

This is my porch covered in tons and tons of snow. I have this paranoia that there’s going to be too much snow it will collapse my porch. Thus my goal  today is to venture outside and tackle it! If it wasn’t for my strange paranoia I think it’s rather beautiful to be layered in snow.

Getting ready to go outside in my bright pink snow pants, silver foil colored boots (too bad not in the picture, they are a hoot!) and large shovel. It has been incredibly cold but thankfully not today. This is my first snow outing of the season!  

Snow Angels anyone? Thankfully the snow was not icy since it was very powdery! *Shakes head* ah not very good snowball or snowman making snow. My mom was egging me on to make a snowman the last time it snowed. 1 hr later and loads of help from my dad the porch is now safe 😀

Other totally random things:

On Friday I went with my mom to Mall of America for some last-minute browsing. I got cat-rimmed glasses necklaces from Forever 21 Jewelry Store. $2.80 dollars. It’s been quite a hit! My family thinks they are hilarious. Maybe fake glasses will be the new “fake” mustache trend. Who knows? LOL. Anyways, Forever 21 has really trendy, good quality and inexpensive jewelry items if you are still looking for a little something extra. Their pricing is great! ($2-$10) I’d never consider making jewelry again. They also had some cute bow hair clips I might have to get next time.

Cuties are my absolutely favorite fruits! They are on sale again this week at Rainbow Grocery Stores for $2.78 for 3lbs (with rainbow coupon). I love citrus fruits however I usually hate peeling them because it’s gets everywhere and in my nails. But I love cuties because they are so peel-able! I seriously eat like 6 at time or until my stomach hurts.
Christmas came a bit early this year for me. My parents got me this red (metallic red-pink or what we like to call Japanese ‘Red’) Sony Ereader for the holidays since they were able to snag a good deal on Black Friday at Wal-mart. This is quite a treat because I was attempting to slowly save up swagbucks amazon gift cards to get a Kindle. I really wanted to get back into reading and I have no idea where non-campus libraries were. Anyways, I really like it. I’ve only read 4 books on it but everything seems to running smoothly and easy to navigate. My favorite part about ereader technology is the long lasting battery life. I hate charging electronics and this one last weeks! Only odd thing is Sony decided to add these 1-9 buttons on the side so you can type in page numbers but I haven’t really used that function. However when you turn off the reader and turn it back on it automatically saves the page you are on.

Max told me of about this free online service called Project Gutenberg here. It’s totally legit ebook downloads for FREE!!!
You don’t need a ereader to use it as you can download and read it on your laptop, ipod, portable device… etc. You can download in all sorts of different files.

1. Project Gutenberg is Free, downloadable books
2. There’s 33,000 available
3. No fee or registration

The catch is that these books are OLD and have since had their copyrights expired. So you can find great classics but not new novels.
*Project Gutenberg is for US use because copyrights have expired in the United States. For other countries, you need to look at copyright dates.

Last but not least… if you have a Lunds or Byerlys Grocery store around you, you must try their Favorite Recipes chocolate chip cookies!
They are absolutely without a doubt the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve had. I don’t know what it is but the texture is OMG good. My dad sometimes gets them from his work and I’m normally not a fan of chocolate chip cookies but these are really good!!! They also have this delicious raisin, chip, and nuts cookie. I don’t know how they give their cookie so much flavor and texture. It tastes better as you eat it. It’s quite addicting!