My Trip to Beautiful Boston (Day 1)

Boston is a wonderful city filled with historical sights and sounds of a busy modern city.
It was a pretty random and yet pleasurable trip.
I would highly recommend visiting Boston.
I found the city to be tourist friendly, the FREEDOM TRAIL was great and the food was delicious.
This is part 1 of 4.

The Freedom Trail was basically a red line on the ground that you could follow and it would go by all these cool historical sights and interesting events. They also had a lot of signs that provided background descriptions. It’s free and takes about 1-3 hrs to navigate. It made the day planning a whole lot easier ūüôā

Massachusetts State House
Completed in Jan 11th, 1798 was said to the big the most magnificent public building in the new nation.
It’s true I really do like giant domed building. However I got to say our SF city hall kicks it’s …
Anyways, I got a really sweet souvenir pin!

Giant World Exhibit in the State House
I don’t really know why it was there or what they were doing.
Occasionally I would see the world deflating a grown men come out of the world.
How peculiar!

Really old chair in the State House
I’m not sure if this chair is older than America. It well could be.
The guide said the chair was very old and basically held together by inspiration.
I like that thought. A chair held together by inspiration.

Sweets Shop
This was a really adorable cupcake shop.
We got cheesecake cupcake and banana split cupcake.
Both were super delicious! I’m glad we got them.

Some cool old building in North End, Boston
I think it was by a sign that said Paul Revere’s House but it wasn’t. It’s just a neat building.
I like traveling to new places and looking at all the different architecture.
It almost feels like time traveling.

Gourmet Cajun Mac & Cheese from Quincy Market
Quincy market is a neat place that contains a food court, shops and tons of tourists like me.
It’s interesting to think that hundred of years ago people visited the market and here I am.
The mac & cheese was surprisingly delicious and very cheesy.

Prosciutto & Asparagus Pasta  at Pasta Beach
It was creamy and a divine dish! Everything I could have wanted from pasta.
Pasta Beach is a nice, hip restaurant by the pier.
It was bubbling with people and had a very nice ambiance.

Boston Cream Pie Martini from The Omni Parker House
A nightcap anyone?
They sure know how to make a cocktail!
It was strong, sweet and chocolatey.
The Omni-Parker house plays quite a interesting part in history and fairly well preserved.
JFK proposed to Jackie,Ho Chi Minh was a baker there, and Malcolm X was a busboy!

To Learn more about the place click here


I’m back! ^^ ( Beaches, Bakeries, and Boobs!)

I’m back from my extended graduation trip. I have tons of stuff to tell you, tons of stuff I want to show you and a lot of new foodie places I’m excited to talk about. ^^ EEEEeeee!

Geez sorry for the delay! I was trying to blog earlier but I spent like 5 hour organizing my photos. Nevertheless, I’m super pumped to be back and blogging.

It’s funny I took so many graduation pictures but I don’t have a single one on my camera so I guess those will just have to wait. It’s ok because seriously who can pull off wearing a graduation cap? Not me! It looks like a awkward square cardboard piece stuck to your head. Though my friend Luna was pretty baller and her cap lit up with lights!

Anyways, I thought I’d share some of my trip with you. As soon as I have time I’ll post the link below to full blog posts about¬† locations, food reviews, and summer hauls. Oh in case you were wondering I was in San Diego,CA and all over Orange County, CA.

Chilling out at the Dana Point Beach with my Family. ^^ It’s was actually quite a chilly day out as you can see I am still wearing my sweater. Oh I got my hair permed! It took 6 hours to do it at the Paul Mitchell School (more to come about that experience). Ha I guess you can’t really tell in this picture but anyways I thought I’d mention it. (Sunglasses from Walmart, Lipstick in Mac Impassioned, Blue & White sweater from Kohls <3)

Here is my dad and my little brother getting ready to go boogie boarding. There were a lot of surfers out and about. I felt the waves were consistently larger than the ones I’m use to seeing.

85 degrees Bakery (Irvine, CA) We went to 85 to pick up a birthday cake for my Auntie and I had to take quick snapshot of the fruit tarts since they reminded me of Max. Perhaps once he sees it he’ll be enticed to make some for me ^^. All the cakes looked gorgeous and the breads were yummy too.

Be warned you need to line up to buy things and line up to pay for things at this bakery and the line goes out into the parking lot!

Thai This Restaurant (Laguna Beach, CA). I’ve been to this restaurant a handful of times since it’s my Auntie’s favorite thai restaurant. They’ve got a lot of interestingly named dish like the crying tiger and the yellow submarine.

Yachts and Boats (Dana Point, CA) It was a lovely day outside!

Despite my many attempts to wear my sun hat, it longed to fly off my head! After walking along the beach, my family and I went to the Dana Point Restoration trail. It was gorgeous trail on a cliff and you could see the entire ocean. Ocean was in waves of blue, teal, turquoise and ultramarine. I thought gee…I bet this is what Greece would look like. Man I want to go to Greece. Needless to say I loved it.

 Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery (San Diego, CA) It was my first trip there since they opened their San Diego location. I managed to get 3 cupcakes in chocolate coconut, red velvet and key lime. The line was fairly reasonable compared to 1.5 hr wait during their grand opening.

Roppongi Restaurant (Downtown La Jolla, CA)
I’ve been longing to swing by Roppongi’s Happy Hour and I was finally able to this trip with Scott, Lynn, and Max. This is just one of the dishes we got and it cracks me up.¬† The taco was made from raddish turned into a taco shell. The taco was about half the size of a normal hard shelled taco. It was tiny. Seriously…where do restaurants buy tiny little taco holders?

In-n-Out Burger (Orange County, CA) My brother was dying to try out In-n-out burgers because we don’t have this fast food chain in Minnesota. I totally approved going because In-n-Out is hands down my favorite fast burger joint. This is their menu…it’s quite small but is AMAZING…so delicious. So if you are visiting California you’ve got to check them out and they have the friendliest workers! To be forewarned drive through doesn’t mean it’s faster. Usually it’s very crowded and slower service, so just walk in!

Baja Betty (Hillcrest, CA) An excellent recommendation made by my hairstylist. They are open late and have a great late night specials on Mondays!¬† The entree above only cost $3.50 -that’s a sick deal! Great portions!

A pair custom made sterling silver flower rings by Donna Swoboda (donnasserendipity on Etsy)
Graduation Gift to myself (hehe who better to spoil yourself…then well yourself!)

I’ve been staring at these rings on since 2008 (that’s 3 years!) and I finally got them. Boy are they perfect! I really love the care and quality Donnasserendipity bring to her handmade products. I’d highly recommend checking out her site or if you haven’t checked at really should because it’s AWESOME. Etsy is similar to hybrid of Ebay and Amazon but for artists of all mediums and the site only offers handmade/vintage/craft supplies. It allows many creative outlets and niche products. Surprisingly enough you can find some great, one of kind, and affordable items on the site.

Lastly…hahah what do you think those are??? Haha, they look like boob pastries. They actually these giant chinese buns shaped like peaches that Max’s parents bought them to celebrate a family friend’s 90th birthday. The crazy thing is not only are they the size of baseballs but they purchase 100 of these buns as a gift. These are just a couple left over. Seriously picture 100 of these in a pile on a table…it’s like peach boob madness!

Whew …snapshot of my trip accomplished.
If you have preference/interested, post below what kind of post you’d like to read next. ^^

In the next few days I’ll be posting some hauls, summer gears, and gasp! perhaps a video or two.