My First JewelMint Order


My first Jewelmint order is Aqua bomb ring -oxidized silver with milky aqua stones sz. 6 (retail $30) (I paid $12 shipped!)

*I can’t tell you about quality yet because I literally just ordered the ring after much debate but the coupon pushed me over. ^^

So I guess the aftermath of being addicted to watching Youtube Beauty videos is that I’m always up for trying something new. There’s been a lot of  ‘buzz’ about this company called Jewelmint. I guess it’s all the rage to have a monthly subscription…well this one is for jewelry.

The jewelry is created by actress Kate Bosworth & Designer Cher Coulter. It’s monthly subscription because you are “charged” monthly a fee of $30 = 1 credit with that you choose a piece of jewelry. All jewelry is limited edition and one of kind design to their company.

..Lastly you do this fashion quiz and you get a “special showroom” created for you. Nevertheless you don’t need to purchase only things in your showroom as I didn’t. I like how you actually can choose from their entire selection.

To be recognized $30 a month is a quite a splurge for me on jewelry.  ..but you can SKIP a month, between the 1st-5th of the month and you can CANCEL anytime. Free shipping and lovely packaging …I saw another youtuber show and it looked quite fancy.

Overall, what I like about this website is that the jewelry not stuff you would see in stores. It’s definitely not something you could buy on a dime at Forever 21. It’s hip and interesting. I also see a bunch of EBay people buying the jewelry and selling them for exorbitant prices since these are limited edition.

Well today I jumped on the bandwagon because FIRST TIME ONLY CUSTOMER get a special Memorial deal.

Jewelmint click here for link
5/28/11 (One day sale)
When checking out use code “Memorial18” and choose any 1  of the pieces for only $12 us dollars. 60% discount!!!

**I paid with my own money because I like the ring – the end**

Minnnesota Readers! Mystic Lake Casino is Having B1G1 Free or 1/2 off Buffets (w/coupons in Jan ’11)

Mystic Lake Casino
2400 Mystic Lake Blvd NW
Prior Lake, MN 55372

Normally I would never encourage going to a casino but when it is buffet related all bets are off. Since Mystic Lake is having Buy 1 get 1 free buffet coupons on their website here. Best part is that if you have a party of 3 or going alone you can still receive half-priced buffet discount with coupon. The coupons last until Jan 29th and some exclusions apply, not valid on seafood buffet. On Jan 29th it is half price all day without coupons.

They have wide arrange of food buffet choices: American food, prime rib, dessert bar, salad bar, soups, Asian-style food, pasta, ice cream and much more. The drinks are included with price. Even though you can’t use the coupon the special seafood buffet, the everyday buffet does have seafood like Alaskan cod, salmon, and grouper.
It’s very clean, classy, and the food is good. A+++ establishment!

Guess what the average costs only $13 so with B1GI only $6.50 a person!
What a great deal!!! My family just went yesterday and we had a blast! You don’t need to spend money gambling or special card for the discount. Just a home printer and big appetite! (My review will be coming soon!)

*disclaimer not associated with the buffet or casino in any way, shape or form. My family just loves buffets!