Bonchon’s Korean Fried Chicken

Bon Chon Chicken
572 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

I was really intrigued about Bon Chon’s Korean fried chicken after seeing Kirbie’s Craving’s post here.
This place was packed on a Friday night so we waited about 45 min. The waiter kept saying 15 min every time I asked how long it would take. Anyways, the atmosphere is nice and friendly. Their menu is pretty simple. It’s either original or spicy, drums or wings, and you get to a side dish with your order of wings. The wings come out to be around $1 each and drums $2?

I’m not sure what is about Korean fried chicken but this is no KFC. The batter is sweet and tangy sticks to the chicken. We got a mix of original and spicy. The drums are considerably bigger than the wings. The chicken was fresh, juicy and tender. I liked how it came with salad and diced radish which were quite refreshing. The portions were decent for two people. We ordered 6 mixed pieces with a side of french fries. We were stuffed from the meal.

It’s not complete without some curly fries!
Btw though we didn’t have any, I do believe they offer a variety of flavored sake. It seems like an interesting combination.

Price – $
Taste – Tasty!
Atmosphere – Friendly place for gatherings with friends
Service – Meh 45 min wait, food arrival was prompt and waiter was ok.
Options – Limited focused on chicken

Overall I would recommend trying out this place as Korean fried chicken is a interesting variation, moderately priced and I thought it was quite tasty. However it is quite a unpredictable wait time so I’d probably either go on weekday or get takeout. 🙂

Yummy! Yummy! Chicken Cacciatore

For the recipe please check out Pioneer Woman’s website, linked here!

Hi Everyone!
I’m back with a lovely and delicious chicken recipe. I’ve been gone for awhile due to work and summer biking. Oh in my next post I’ll show you my new burgundy cruiser named Rusty. It’s amazing and old-school style bike. Anyways, I can’t believe summer is almost gone and everywhere is preparing for the Fall season. Heck no! I’m not ready for  the end of summer.

No fear, this weekend I will be heading back to my hometown to take full advantage of summer. Woot! Woot! Minnesota! Here I come! ^_^

Ok now to the good stuff!!!

First off, this chicken cacciatore is freakin’ delicious! However, I would say this is “intermediate” recipe and if you haven’t fried anything before I would recommend having someone assist you with this recipe. In my case, it was Max’s mom because I am horrid at preparing chicken. If you are skilled cook, this should be a walk in the park. =)

Ingredients (see above link for specific amts)
Chicken with “skin” on > used for more flavor!
Onions, Peppers, Mushroom, Tomatoes, Garlic
Black Pepper, Salt, Tumeric, Olive Oil, Butter
White Flour
a Splash of White Wine
a sprinkling of Parmesan Cheese
Pasta…yes lots of pasta!
a large 9 X 12 cooking pan
Parsley *optional
Tin Foil * easy cleanup

Remember to cook & drain your pasta a la dente
*** Start preheating your oven to 350 F so it will be ready when you are ***

Oh yes flour and brown your chicken in a deep pan.
It may seem gross but keep the chicken skin on. When it browns the flavor increases and really delicious in the final product. However if it’s too fatty you can always just keep some on for flavor but not all.

Watch out as frying can be dangerous! Sometimes the oil will splash out or pop.
So be cautious while approaching this step.

Umm yummy veggies! I love how beautiful the colors of the vegetables are. It really spices up the dish and makes it more aesthetically appealing. After you  lightly stir fry these vegetables, they will be further cooked in the oven.  However, this step does speed up the process and ensures everything is cooked.

The baking in this recipe…makes this quite a long recipe. After you cook the pasta, dice the vegetables, flour & brown the chicken, stir fry everything with a splash of wine and finally scoop it all into tin foiled enrobed pan for the oven. Keep the liquid from the pan as sauce!

I believe it cooks and simmers in the oven 350 F for 45 min and then 375 for 15 min.
This is really builds up the flavor and brings the dish together.

[Note] By this point everything should technically be cooked at least once before you put it in the oven. Thus you don’t need to worry to much about the baking.

When it’s done you can do a extra step of separating out the liquids and re-cooking it to a gravy – like sauce. By this time, I had personally skipped this step due to hunger.

Then pour the chicken cacciatore over some pasta, sprinkle Parmesan cheese, a pinch of parsley and you are ready to go! ^_^

I should start off first saying this was a tragedy. Corvette Diner

Corvette Diner
2965 Historic Decatur Rd
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 542-1476

Last Saturday, Max decided to surprise me with a restaurant date. We went to the Corvette Diner for some quick eats and a re-match of air hockey. Max always says he’s the best at air hockey but we all know different (wink). Anyways the Diner was packed on a Saturday night with waits up to 45 minutes but heck we’d thought why not check it out since we had time.

The Diner is 50’s style with crazy 50’s decorations, their waitresses in poofy wigs and get ups and they serve diner food (burgers, fries, shakes, chicken). Also what makes this restaurant special is that they had this connected ‘gamer garage’ with arcade games.

We were seated in a black light room, with neon prints, and green table that could hold your shadow. Our waitress held a big blond wig, 50’s attire filled with flair, and was prompt with her service.

Unfortunately, yelp did not prepare us for the chaotic environment we were soon to experience. It seemed the rest of the patrons were all there for their child’s birthday party so there was a lot of yelling & screaming, the staff participated in birthday songs/dances about every 20 mins, and  there was a traveling balloon person. It was like being stuck with tons of children on a sugar high who were just let loose! But nevertheless I liked the 50’s classics that they played and I was actually impressed by the balloon artist. He seemed very talented.

I ordered the Oreo & Cream Milkshake $6
The shake was very thick but the portions were nice so technically you could share. This treat is usually one of my favorites. But don’t forget this is tragedy not a romance! ( to be continued…)
Chicken Strips & Honey Mustard $9
I ordered this as my entrée since I was carving chicken fingers since Lobster Wednesday. Anyways the chicken was ok, it was run of the mill chicken strips. The honey mustard was absolutely DISGUSTING. It tasted like the kitchen just mixed a sauce and it was an afterthought to add honey to it.
The Western Burger with Fries $9
The diner had a lot of strange-sounding burgers like the Elvis with peanut butter and bacon. Max opted for the Western which came with onion rings, cheddar cheese, and BBQ sauce. It looked so big due to the fried onion rings but was manageable to consume.

The meal costs us about $30 with tax + tip. I felt it was bit pricey as the food was mediocre compared to Studio Diner. The environment was too crowded and loud on a Saturday for me. But up to this point none of it was a tragedy. However like most tragedies it strucks when you least expect it to.

This is a picture of their “gamer’s garage” on the other side with the hockey tables (which they had two of). You buy a gamer card with points on it and their games costs $1-2 each.

Sadly, tragedy struck and I found myself feeling nauseous. I’ve always had a alert stomach so if something is wrong I know almost immediately. I attribute this talent due to my study abroad in China. Anyways, I soon found myself face to face with toilet puking up my shake and chicken. After I attempted to walk outside to get some fresh air.

Max went to speak with their manager about the situation and inform them about my sickness. I returned feeling exhausted after puking again to an short haired blond shift manager denying the possibility of the situation and telling us to leave!

She kept arguing that is was IMPOSSIBLE that I could have gotten sick because they follow health codes and it has to be HOURS after consumption that food can make you sick. Her final argument was that I must have I eaten something earlier and there was NOTHING they could do. At this point the restaurant was staring at us, I was attempting not to puke again, and frustrated we left.

The whole oddity of the situation was NEVER ONCE did the Manager apologize, offer any concern, or attempt to check in the kitchen.
The whole time she spent yelling at us when we did not ask for anything but to explain the problem.  At the end of the debacle she offered to take our names & number to check up but a 3 days later still no call.

Her complete and firm denial that their food had caused my illness was something new to me. Why would I lie? Puking is not a activity that worth engaging in especially with milk products! !! But since we had already paid the bill it seemed that she could not care less.

Anyways I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom to Max’s dismay.

{Question for Readers}
This is not my first debacle with a restaurant mishap but this my first time the staff in return yelled at me and denied the problem.
Have you had a poor restaurant experience? How did you deal with it? How did the the restaurant staff react? Do you have any suggestions on to handle a such a situation?

Recipe: cornbread, chicken, and vegetable casserole

I’m trying to take better step by step recipe pictures because I just oogle Pioneer Woman’s blog and she takes the most gorgeous pictures that make you crave food you never thought would be delicious!  Well this my first time so bear with me since it’s an easy recipe.

Recipe: ( I found mine on the back of Stove Top box, but it’s very basic/substitutable)
1 lb of vegetable medley, it’s easier if they are frozen so you don’t have to pre-cook them. I just used leftover vegetables some were frozen, some were canned, and some were just raw. My mistake was not pre-cooking the carrots! So they were harder than I would have liked.
1 lb of  chopped chicken, cut into small 1in’ cubes
-4 tablespoons of butter (1/4 cup)
-1 Stove top box (I used cornbread variety)
-3/4 cup of milk or 1/2 cup of sour cream
-1 can of cream of chicken
-Oven, timer
-Cutting Board
-Measuring cup
-Knife, peeler
– 9X 12 pan
( I used a pyrex glass one)
Small Pot with lid
-Small frying pan

Instructions: Vegetables
If you are using raw vegetables make sure to wash, peel, and slice them into dime-size pieces. Remember to slightly cook them or you could adjust the baking time accordingly. However, with frozen vegetables you can by pass this step.
Next: Vegetables
Since I used a medley of raw, canned, and frozen vegetables I just thought it would be good idea to mix them. Skip this step when using a frozen medley package by just opening the bag and putting the vegetable in your 9 X12 pan. Start to pre-heat your oven at 350 degrees!
Make Stove Top stuffing as direct on box (water, butter, pan with lid)
Don’t worry if I can do it, you can too! It’s super easy!

Preparing Chicken
I used a 1lb of chicken thighs. I don’t think what part of the chicken really matters. So remove the chicken skin, safely cut up the chicken into 1in’ cube sized pieces, and lightly saute in cook pan until it’s not pink. I believe the original recipe said that you could just put the chopped raw pieces in the casserole but we preferred to play it on the safe side.
Creating the Casserole
You should already have your vegetable medley in the 9 X 12 pan. Then put in the chicken and pour in the can of chicken and milk into the pan. Mix the mixture around to get a even consistency. Take your stuffing topping put in on top of your casserole mixture and pop it into the oven (350) for 30 minutes. Don’t forget to set your timer!
Viola! Yummy casserole is Done!
It serves around 5-6 people. I really liked how easy and versatile the recipe was. It was my first time using stove top stuffing and cream of chicken which was pretty exciting for me but perhaps not for veteran cooks.

The Outcome was DELICIOUS! It did have a soupier  feeling than I expected. I think it’s very similar to what you would expect chicken pot pie filling to taste like and I like the added texture & flavor the stove topping gave it.

It cost me less than $5 dollars to make! ^_^