My 2013 Birthday Wishlist

It’s that time of year, birthday time!
My birthday is happening in less than 2 weeks so in spirit of celebration and consumerism, here’s my wishlist.
For some reason, wishlists still make me feel young as I’m rushing into quarter life crisis.

[Places I would like to experience]
Statebird ProvisionsYelp Review
Everyone has been raving about how unique and delicious this tapas place is.

Afternoon tea at Garden Court in Palace HotelYelp Review
I’ve really been into afternoon tea after trying crown & crumpet. The Palace Hotel is beautiful!

[Things that I think are awesome and would like in my life]cardsagainsthumanity

Cards Against Humanity Card Game – Amazon

 This is really fun game, we’ve played it a couple of times at our friend’s house. 

sigma dare

Sigma Beauty Palette in DareAmazon

I really like orange and pink eye shadows. I saw that EmilyNoel83 (youtube) was using this and it looked very nice.

Tea for Two Teapot by Shinzi Katoh  – Can be found in Japantown @ San Francisco, CA or Ebay
I think this is soooo freakin’ adorable! I really like drinking jasmine green tea and bunnies.


Personalized Cuff bangle braceletEtsy

I really would something personalized with the “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus
I think it’s too long so maybe just “Invincible Summer” – here in San Francisco, it feels like there’s never summer but quote makes me think about even when the times are rough you can find your strength from within.


Square Peridot sterling Silver Ring (sz 5.5/6) – Caron –  Etsy

A few months back I had seen Caron list this ring in her shop and it’s so gorgeous. Peridot is my birthday stone and I’ve been looking high and low for some Peridot jewelry. I really like how bright and vibrant the color is.
I personally own 2 of Caron’s custom designed rings and they are so beautiful and affordable. She’s a very lovely person.

Just Fab – Entrance Bag (either in Tan/Black)JustFab

I think this bag is very stylish. I’ve been on a handbag kick and I’ve been  loving gold stud look on handbags.
I own 3 JustFab handbags and 2 pairs of their shoes, they are trendy and good quality products.
* Just Fab is a monthly subscription site

Benefit Cosmetics – Rockateur Blush Benefit Site also available on sephora/ulta

Will be released August 20th, it’s this beautiful rose gold blush!

glow-all-outSoap & Glory – Glow All Out Highlighter – Available in United Kingdom ><
I’ve heard fleurdeforce discuss glow all out highlighter being great and being such a fan of her, I really want to try it.
Just my luck that’s not available in the US. I’m interested in the highlighters, blushes and bronzers from them.

Yep that’s my list of birthday wishes.  🙂
Hope you found something things that you find interesting.

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