My Birthday Wishlist 2012


So first off I want to say I know this list is very long.
Secondly, I don’t expect anyone to buy me anything for my birthday.
Lastly, wish list make me nostalgic and suddenly I do not want to age one bit but …
…it’s just that this list been stuck in my head, swirling around and I feel it needs to be set out into the internet void.

Mostly it is a bunch of makeup. I love makeup. The gleam of new packaging, the fresh pressed eye shadows and the buttery texture of powder. Others are bits and bobs for our place, the fact that I now cook and mostly I like a lot of things.

BTW I made Duncan Hines fudge brownies for dessert with walnuts and white chocolate chips.
They are yum!

Also to be noted many of the items are new releases so that could be interesting to you if you want to see what’s hot now or what I think is pretty cool. This won’t be a review of the products because well I don’t own them. However I do write why I’m interested in them and who I think they would be suited for…though that is my own opinion.

Lorac Cosmetics – Pro Palette $42
* New Release, Available at Sephora,, Ulta, Online
* The packaging is deliciously slim, portable and easy to use
* Eyeshadows are buttery and saturated with color
* It’s bang for your buck, comes with primer and large array of shimmer/matte shades
* Perfect for those who love vibrant, full impact colors

Benefit Coralista Set $28
* New Release, Available at Sephora,Benefit Counters, Online
* It comes with blush, highlighter, shimmer and matching gloss
* The new gloss formula is amazing! It feels great on the lips.
* It’s a great way to try 4 sample size Benefit products for the price of 1
* I really interested in Cha Cha Tint and Coralista blush. They are peachy pink with golden shimmer.
* Perfect for those in love with peachy pink with golden shimmer color scheme.

Smashbox Master Class 11 Combo Palette – $59
* New Release, Available at Sephora
* It comes with eyeshadows, blushes, eyeliner creams, brow colors, highlights …basically the whole she-bang!
* It’s great value, sturdy packaging, and multi-purpose
* I’m really interested in the newly formulated shadows as they appear pigmented, smooth and plenty of variety
* The blushes also appear to be full intensity and unique colors I don’t own
* This is a perfect set for anyone wanting to try a bunch of Smashbox products and expand their collection

Lorac Pro Cheek Powder Stain Blush in Coral Crush – $20
* New Release, Available at Sephora, Lorac Cosmetics, Online
* Simple black packaging, plenty of product
* This is absolutely gorgeous coral with golden shimmer.
* It’s smooth, pigmented and has slight duo-chrome (pink/gold) effect
* This is a definite must to try out, leans more pink coral than orange coral

Tokidoki Airways Palette – $19 (on sale)
* Limited Edition, Available at Sephora, Online
* Tokidoki’s line is being discontinued at Sephora stores – 40% off!!!
* I’m attracted to the incredible attention to detail and cuteness of the palette’s lunchbox exterior
* Tokidoki shadows do seem fairly nice and this is a steal.
* I’m really into for the packaging 🙂

Tarte Into the Wild Palette – $44
* New Release, Limited Edition, available – Ulta Exclusive
* Wowza I saw Beauty Junkie’s swatch post of this palette it looks divine
* The colors look versatile enough to achieve a neutral to smokey eye
* I like how this is a bit different from Tarte’s original palette selection
* Pefect for those looking versatile everyday palette

Sephora Palettes : Izak Baked Palette, Primal Instinct Palette,
Moonshadow Baked Palettes, Collection – $30 each

* Sphora palette offer array of colors at affordable price points
* The packaging is usually quite beautiful, portable and easy to use
* I like these palettes in particular because of the baked quality which would be great for foiling
* There’s a combination of baked, shimmer, matte, neutral and bolder varieties
* Perfect for those who aren’t brand-conscious but still want quality shadows

Coastal Scents Hotpot Palette – Forever Natural $13-20
* Online Exclusive, Available at, (fast shipping)
* The 12 shadows come in a magnetic palette with mirror
* I’m fairly interested in this palette due to price point, good quality of hotpots and the variety of “neutral/natural”.
* I see this palette being able to achieve an array of looks from the color selection
* Perfect for those who want a more wearable look

Coastal Scents Hotpot Palette – Fall $13-$20
* Online Exclusive, Available at, (fast shipping)
* The 12 shadows come in a magnetic palette with mirror
* At first these colors didn’t call to me but after seeing blog swatches I’m hooked.
* These shadows are fairly pigmented, vibrant and bold.
* I can see using them in the fall season and for more night time looks
* Perfect for the upcoming season and bolder smokey eyes

–Drugstore —

Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel in Dry Skin (Pink) $6-9
* New Release, available at most mass retailers / drugstores
* I quite enjoyed Garnier Original Moisture rescue (Green) and I found the consistency to be very nice.
* However, my skin didn’t get along well with the grape extracts.
* Pink jar is made with antioxidant fruit water and for dry skin which is more suited for my face
* It’s affordable, easily accessible
* Perfect for budget gals who looking for some more hydration

Maybelline Studios Baked Duos $6-8
* In particular these shade: (Teal Takeover, Mocha Mirage, Petal Pink (LE))
* Available at most mass retailers/ drugstores
* I love how beautiful these duo baked shadows look. One side is solid color and other is a bit mixed with shimmer/glitter
* Dude that Teal takeover color is just drop dead gorgeous!
* They are easy to apply, accessible and portable
* Perfect for those who want to dabble in foiling and baked cosmetic products

Sonia Kashuk Dual Makeup Remover $10
* Available at Target, Online
* There’s lots of rave reviews for this product being able to efficient remove makeup
* I’m interested! Will it be greasy? Will it be drying? Can it remove mascara? I ponder these questions.
* Perfect for those who use high-end removers to try slightly cheaper alternative

Sonia Kashuk Instructional Eye Palette in Neutral / Fall $20
* Available at Target, Online
* The Youtube Beauty Gurus are suddenly raving about the Neutral Palette.
* It’s all matte palette, a rarity among mass retailers!
* I hear the eyeshadows are fairly nice and well priced but I’ve never owned any Sonia Kashuk shadows to know for truth.
* Perfect for those who love matte shadows that are very wearable

Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Quad in Fair & Square (Pink) $14
* Available at Target, online
* It’s portable, sturdy packaging, and nice see-through top
* Honestly, I don’t hear many reviews about the quads.
* My personal interest stems for my love of pink shadows and it comes with both shimmer & matte shades
* Perfect? I don’t know …maybe people like me who love pink

–Other Items —

Chevron Patterned Pillowcase (yellow, lime, blue) $14-20
* Available fabric stores, Etsy, Online
* My couch is lonely and it needs a pop of color

Proust was a Neuroscient by Jonah Lehrer $9
* Available at bookstores, Amazon,
* I really enjoyed his “How we decide” and I just want to read more

Miette Cookbook $15
* Available at bookstores, Amazon
* Miette is my favorite SF bakery and I totally want to try some of their recipes myself
* It’s got cute pictures through out the book

A nice cutting knife $$?
* Available – who knows?
* Lately,we’ve gotten more into cooking and I would to expand my collection of kitchen utensils
* I don’t really know of any particular brands or styles of knifes but my current one is getting old
* Do you have any recommendations?

A Cutting Board (non-plastic, non-wood) $$?
* Available – somewhere
* We cook, we clean and yet our cutting board gets kinda of gross.
* Now I’m on the hunt for a nice cutting board that isn’t plastic or wood and in it for the long haul.
* What would you recommend?

A ring from artwearbycaron $100+
* Available – Etsy Seller – Art Wear By Caron
* She’s fabulous! I love her jewelry and it’s all custom-made for around $100
* I want something that symbolizes this new phase in my life – adult hood? freedom? … I don’t know quite what to say about it yet
* I’m thinking something sparkly and Peridot, which of course is my birthday gemstone

Darth Vadar & Son (Book) $9
* Available at bookstores, Amazon
* I saw this exhibit at the SF Cartoon Art museum and it made me smile
* It’s quirky, funny and cute.

Game of Thrones Triology Books $20
* Available at bookstores, Amazon
* Everyone I know is watching the HBO series and enjoying it.
* It’s piqued my interest as I always need more books to read.
* Do you like it? Is it good?

Lonely Planet Street Food Cookbook $14
* Available at bookstores, Amazon, Online
* I love street food and I’m learning how to cook.

Hard Candy Kaleidoscope Baked Duo – High maintenance $6
* Available – Walmart Exclusive
* I’ve always been intrigued by these.
* Lately YT’s Emily Noel has been saying good things about them.
Perfect – For people like me 🙂

6 Piece Revolving Entertainment Set $40
* Available from Joyus Website
* I want to entertain more house guests and eat more delicious food.

Whew what a list! Are you still alive? Anything tempt your purse strings?

[I do not take credit for any of the photos. Most photos are the professional website merchandise photo.]

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