Cotton On & Forever 21 Haul

Here are some bits I got from Cotton on & Forever 21.
I really like the Cotton On store. If you haven’t been to one they specialize in casual wear for both men/women.
They make really comfy and affordable plaid button up shirts – that’s how I got hooked. 🙂
The store often has stellar sales for $10.
Also they support a charity called the Cotton On Foundation which is pretty neat.

Most people have been to Forever 21.
If not, you are missing out!
I like it because even they always seem to have super trendy clothing and accessories for really affordable prices.
The one thing I don’t like about Forever 21 is their stores are usually a bit disheveled and it’s hard to find stock.

They have very limited stock! Like it? Buy it now or regret it.
They are my main place to go for awesome accessories.
I always manage find a pair that I need to add to my collection.

Forever 21
Boombox Earrings
Style – Hooks
Price $1.50

I really like these earrings because they are funky, small and dangle just slightly.
I’ve worn these several times and I like how they wear and how light it feels.
I’m always on the lookout for quirky new earrings.

Cotton On
Medium Size Red Bound Calendar for 2012
Type – Limited Edition
Price – $5

This may seem a bit odd to get a calendar so late in the year but it was on sale and it’s never too late to start writing.
I’ve already began using this journal. I like the size which isn’t too big.
I love the feel of the red bound cover and how the width of the lines are big enough for my chubby hand writing.
I like to write lists and sometimes when I have the time – I will write whole long journal entries!
Someday I’ll come back and read this… know what the heck I was up to or so I hope.

Cotton On
3 – set of Braided Charm bracelets
Type – Arm Candy
Price – $3

These were at the check out counter and they beckoned to me with their vibrant braids and cute little charms.
I think this was a steal! I loved the colors, it adjustable and easy to wear.
The only con was that after use I felt that the red braid started to bleed color slightly onto the yellow leaving a slight stain.
I didn’t find that the stain transferred on my hands or clothing, just a bit on the other bracelets.
Overall, I really like these bracelets and I felt they were amicable quality except for the stain issue.

Cotton On
Grey Knit Beret
Type – Hat
Price – $2 (exclusive pricing)

Cotton on is quite good at marketing to their customers at the last step of their purchase.
With that being said I quite like this knit beret for $2.
It was behind the counter and on a discounted price if you made any purchase in the store.
I do look a bit silly with all my bangs going crazy every which way.
But I like how the beret is able to control most of it.

-_- It’s simple and sometimes that just what I need.