Snazzy New Sunnies

Sunglasses $5.80
Forever 21
The Shops at Mission Viejo Mall

Hi Everyone,
Recently I lost my favorite sunglasses and with the prospect of a cruise on the horizon I needed to find a new pair.
So I’m very excited to show off my new sunglasses that I picked up at the Mall today with my friend Mike.
I absolutely love them! They are plastic with a floral inlay print and they are quite comfortable to wear.

Forever 21 had tons of new sunglasses at for really affordable prices.
Some that were similar in design, others were bold one-color and they also had a large range of aviator glasses.
Best part was that I get 100% UV protection and that’s important!

What do you think? What are your favorite style of glasses?

*Other things I’m wearing white flower clip from Pink Zone, Earrings from So Good Jewelry,  Teal Knit Striped Sweater from Forever 21 and Sunglasses from Forever21*


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