Day 1 – Grandparents Cooking

I’m a very lucky girl.
Currently, I’m getting to visit my grandparents in their new house.
I can’t believe how quickly they have settled into the warm and sunny coastal town.

I don’t know if it’s all Asian families but it seems our lives revolve around food.
We never really talk about how we are doing as much as “Have you eaten yet?”
Life in my family does require some food training as we tend to eat many courses and many different types of food.

Here is my lunch: fresh tasty mangoes, fried eggs with soy sauce, rich beef cubes with daikon (white carrot), and some sort of mochi pastry my mom made.
Then my grandma made some more noodles and I think we might had some battered fish too! So much food! Yum! Yum!

What do you usually eat at home?
Do you eat interesting mixtures of this and that? Or are your meals very structured?

p.s. Man it always seems to amuse me how after you “grid” the mango, it pops up and become so much easier to eat 🙂