Lunch at Skool

1725 Alameda St
San Francisco, CA 94103

Type – Asian Fusion
Lunch Price is $-$$ (sandwich based) M-F 11:30am-2pm
Happy Hour is $ ( at the bar)  is M-F 5-7pm
Dinner Price is $$$ (seafood based) M-S 5-1opm
*They have vegetarian,  vegan & gluten-free options!*

Skool is a very neat Asian fusion restaurant with impeccable service!
Yes customer service is still alive and it didn’t cost a arm & a foot 🙂
During our congratulations luncheon, we choose it for the location, variety and how they have vegetarians options.

I would highly recommend hitting up this restaurant for their lunch specials!
The atmosphere in the restaurant is uplifting with the decor mixing elements of glass, wood, and cactus plants.
They also have a impressive bar selection.

Skool Lunch Box – Crab Cake Sandwich with Ernygii (Mushroom) Fries and Soup $14
This sandwich was beautifully plated, filling and very delicious.
The crab cake was lump mixture of cold crab meat, warm poached egg, lettuce, tomato and white bun.

Ernygii (Mushroom) Fries

These are by far the highlights of the meal.
We ordered extra as appetizers and I was lucky that a side of them came with my lunch box order.
They are amazing! You must try them. They are lightly battered Ernygii mushrooms. Strange?
The batter is very flavorful and surprises my taste buds.
It’s not necessarily fried or crunchy texture. It’s just plain delicious. I don’t know you just need it.

Soup of the Day – Pumpkin

It was creamy, warm and a wonderful compliment to the meal.

Needless to say my experience at Skool was delightful and everyone went back satisfied.  I say I will be back!
P.S. They make their menu on lined school paper and their happy hour is called “Detention Hall” -how cute!