I love the Post! – Australian Makeup Swap

This is my oh so wonderful swap package from the lovely blogger Michelle from www.eatpaintsniff.glue.com.

As a beauty blogger, I love trying new things but what I love more is trying things I can’t buy in the States.
Yes it’s quite the dilemma! Thankfully this is where Michelle was able to step in and we had a jolly good time swapping.

All the goodies made their way over from Australia and are mainly Australian-based high street/drugstore brands.
This being my 1st contact with Australian cosmetics. I’d have say I’m quite pleased with the pigmentation, quality and overall packaging. Oh I love nice packaging!

Face of Australia – 3 in 1 Primer
Bourjois – Healthy Mix Foundation Serum – in shade 53
Bourjois – Baked Blusher – Lilas D’oro
BYS – Lipstick – Fuschia
BYS – Blusher in Coral
BYS – Eyeshadow Quad in Animal Instincts
Australis – Paparazzi  Perfect Blusher in Screen Screen
Australis – Paparazzi  Perfect Eyeshadow Quad in Snap Attack
Face of Australia – Lip Quench in Lychee Crush 30+spf
Australis –  Lipstick – Flamenco
Face of Australia – Liquid Eyeliner
Face of Australia  – Divine Shine Lip Gloss in Cosmic Rush
Maybelline –  Mineral Blush in True Peach
Glamour Doll – Eyeshadow in Royal Assassin
Australis –  Mascara in Lash TLC
BYS –  Eyeshadows in Browns
Nutrimetrics – Marble Rouge Baked Eyeshadow Duo – Jupiter

Australis Paparazzi Perfect Blusher in Screen Siren – blends together for a bold rosy color

BYS Animal Instinct Eyeshadow Quad
I heard from the grapevine that BYS was a very affordable Australian highstreet/drugstore brand and I had to try it out.
Man I really enjoyed using these shadows as they are smooth, pigmented, satin finish and great for a neutral look.
I would highly recommend checking this one out.

Australis Papparazzi Perfect Eyeshadow Quad in Snap Attack
This is the item that started this swap. Randomly, one day while looking for new shadows to try out I stumbled upon Michelle’s blog. I really enjoyed her beauty blog and this little gem immediately caught my eye in one of her favorite posts. It’s great for day look, the shadows are amazingly buttery and smooth!

For all those of you curious to see what I sent over to her from the US, feel free to check her post here.

Anyways, this is quick glimpse of my makeup swap and upon further use I’ll will be providing more detailed posts and information about each item. If there’s a certain item that’s caught your eye please feel free to comment and I’ll expediate the process 🙂

As always it’s wonderful to find a kindred beauty blogger and if there’s any of you interested in international swapping
I might be able to help you there …contact me at  sophiesdish@hotmail.com