Cheap Thrill Awesome Eye Lash Curler for $7

Say Hello to my new favorite eye lash curler!

Sonia Kashuk Eye Lash Curler
Purchase – (Online Only)
Costs – $7
Buy Here.

Prior to really venturing into the world of makeup, I was really quite frightened of eye lash curlers and I still maintain a love-hate relationship with mascara. The fear of the strangely shaped tool that suddenly goes way too close to my eye.

However, I longed for my short and pin straight lashes to be swooshy and beautiful.
I came upon this eyelash curler on a whim while skimming and I was intrigued by the price. Seriously I own from the cheapest $1 ELF eye lasher curler to the $17 Sephora gold eye lash curler so how would this particular lash curler fit?!? (BTW Sephora curler is equally awesome but pricey)
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The Sonia Kashuk has become my go-to model. It’s performs like a much higher-end tool with a affordable price tag.
The tool itself look similar to any run of the mill lash curler. It’s simplistic, satin black finish, comes with handle grips and one lash plastic piece. I suppose that’s the downside there’s only 1 lash plastic piece when tools usually come with 2 but I’ve never used a curler to the put I need a new one so I’m ok with it.

I like the simplicity of the design. It’s lightweight and there’s no spring.
I find the curve of the tool fits perfectly my eye shape without pinching my skin.
It gives a wonderful curl and very easy to use.

– Affordable
– Simplistic
– Slim
– Satin Black

-Comes with only 1 lash plastic
Available only online => free shipping $50 & go to coupon mountain to find $5 off $50 coupon

Overall, I’d highly recommend this tool if you are in the market for a new one!