My New Love for French Macarons & Miette’s Bakery

449 Octavia St
San Francisco, CA 94102
Price ($)
*I think there’s also stores in Ferry Building and Oakland.

Welcome to Miette’s!
Jennifer and I stumbled upon Miette’s when trying out Smitten ice cream across the way.
This incredibly cute bakery and sweet shop has now become one of my guilty pleasure.
The staff is very friendly, the sweets are delicious, colorful atmosphere and they have a macaron happy hour!

Yes you heard me a french macaron happy hour at this location on Octavia!
– Monday to Friday from 5-7pm
– French Macarons are $1 each (reguarly $1.75)
– Limit 6

This is a photo of my 1st french macaron ever.

It was a hazelnut french macaron from Miette’s.

It was slightly nutty, a bit of crunch, chewy, sweet and Nutella flavored cream.

…It was divine. Now there’s no going back.
Anyways, I didn’t know I would love macarons. I always thought they would be very airy, crunchy and taste a bit like chalk. I don’t know why I thought this but I did …until Miette’s.

They have 6-7 flavor of french macarons and they can vary day to day. So far I’ve had the liberty of tasting rose, orange chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, and chocolate. Yes they are all amazing!!! I do love the hazelnut the best.

This is love.
So you may think this is a bit silly to declare love for the 1st French macaron that I meet.
However, I assure you with the utmost ability that yes! this really is a delicious macaron.
I know it in my heart we are meant to be.

The other goodies I got from the shop were equally as delicious!

– Miette Chocolate Sable Cookies dipped in Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate – highly recommended for chocolate addicts!
– A piece of Caramel
– A assortment of black licorice from the candy jars for someone special

I saw at Costco and that Miette has a cookbook out.
Has anyone tried it? I’m very interested in picking it up!