Cheap Thrills $2! LA COLORS 5 Color Metallic Eye Shadow Palettes

I found these gems tucked away in a little beauty store called INVU at the Great Mall (Milipitas, CA). Yet I found these palettes can be a bit elusive as I haven’t seen them in any local drugstores. But I would check local beauty stores, the Dollar General and they are available online at  Cherry Culture.

Anyways, I was psyched to find them!
I purchased LA COLOR 5 color metallic eye shadow palettes for $1.99 each.
I was really impressed by the color selection available, the intense smooth pigmentation, and the slim packaging!
These have a no-frills packaging. They have a easy view clear lid, comes with a  double sided applicator, the pans are  nickle sized, and travel friendly.

The quality of these shadows are much better than the LA COLORs $1 line!

I’ve taken photos of the individual palettes, swatches on my skin and on plain notebook paper.
These are 1-2 swipes of product with no primer.
*All the eye shadows have fine shimmer *

This palette is a frosty pink gradient with a shimmery silver base.
Anyways, I picked this up as I’ve been on pink kick.
The palette’s gradient effect limits the color selection = lots of pink!
The colors are soft, buttery smooth, and pigmented.
I think this great for a inner corner highlight.

Tease is a rainbow of colors (similar to Lush)
All these colors produce strong pigmentation.
These colors lean more towards metallic rather than shimmery shades.

(The white doesn’t show up on white notebook paper but it’s there)

It’s interesting that in the pan the color look like bold primary colors. (similar to Tease)
However when swatched  the colors lean towards bright, bold and pastel hues.
They are very pigmented and easy to apply.

This palette has a set of deep smokey colors.
Unfortunately, I’ve found a dud.  😦
These colors lacked the intensity and appear to have a muddy black base (without primer).
However the 1st color (gold) is lovely and unique.

– Affordable
– Buttery texture
– Intense color selection
– Smooth Application
– Travel Friendly
– Very Pigmented

– Hard to located in local stores
– Some palette quality varies (Mesmerize not great)

Would I repurchase? > Yes! I would love to get more colors!


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