2012 New Years Resolutions

2012 New Years Resolutions:
1. Buy a red bike helmet
This way I can finally take my red huffy cruiser out for a run and not die

2. Learn SQL, UNIX and PHP
I’ve been told these are useful things to acquire
I think I will try to enroll into our local community college, quite exciting!

3. Make efforts to utilize the public library more
Books are pricey and I don’t own a bookshelf.
Therefore I can only store so many book underneath my bed
Also I would like to start reading some non-fiction
Current Book I’m reading: Clockwork Angel

5. Take more photos of people 😛 (in general take more photos)
Semi-recently I purchased my camera: Canon S95 (fab find thanks to Kirbie’s Cravings)
My friends have been saying that I apparently take too many food pictures.
I’m not going to stop those, I love food! But I’m going to make a strong effort to add people too

6. Stay in Touch with the People – Plan
Blog at least once a week
Send more postcards = more traveling ++
Call my grandparents every week
Make more definite plans instead of tentative plans!

7. Make time and plans to travel more!
I have spent a lot of life dreaming about traveling, waiting on others to go but this is me year.
I want to go to Chicago, New York and maybe a cruise? I still really love to go to Greece…
Yes it’s time to start living!

8. Be Healthier…
Current Snack of the day: Cherry Tomatoes
Current Plan: Learn how to cook more = save money ? + eat less greasy?
Heck! I may even use that Shape dvd I bought….or maybe not 😛

Can a mouse count towards my non-food photo goal?
It’s a very fancy mouse with a cup of tea ❤

Did you create New Years resolutions??? Please tell me about them.


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