My Favorite Brush – High Definition Angled Blush Brush

Brand: Paris Presents
Item: High Definition Angled Blush Brush
Type: Makeup Brush
Store: Wal-mart (I’ve only seen it sold at Wal-Mart stores)
Item Number: 004618969
Cost: $6 dollars

I’ve tried a lot of inexpensive makeup brushes and I have to say this brush is my absolute favorite! I loved it so much I purchase 2 for myself for daily use and another for my best friend. I’ve only seen it available at Walmart stores.

Pros –
Duo Fiber, soft
Easy to Clean, never sheds brush hairs or color
Sturdy handle
Dense fibers, grabs to pigments
Affordable, accessible

sometimes if your blush is too pigmented, this brush tends to pick up too much product (light hand)
duo fiber, it’s easier for the brush to look dirty (but also a pro b/c it will remind you to clean it)

There’s seriously tons of ways to clean your brush. If you don’t like my suggestions feel free to search up brush cleaner on Youtube there’s loads of tutorials on how to clean your brushes. Most importantly, do clean them!

1. Store Bought Brush Cleaner (sold at most makeup counters)
2. Baby Shampoo, Soap & Warm Water
3. Antibacterial Hand Soap
4. 90% Rubbing Alcohol
5. Mixture of olive oil, dishwasher soap and water

I currently use a plastic container, clean rag, ELF brush cleaner $3 (sold online & Target stores) and warm water.

I run my brushes under warm water, sweep it through the gel brush cleaner, rinse, ALWAYS dry with bristles down/handle up, and then I place the brush in a container with a clean rag. I feel like the rag helps to dry the brushes faster and I can always wash the towel of any leftover makeup residue.

***ALWAYS dry brushes with bristles facing down and the handle facing up. This way the water will leak down faster and it WON’T drip into the feral ruining the glue of the brush***

Yes I would repurchase this brush. It’s high quality, affordable and everything a blush brush should be.
I highly recommend it! A+


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