It’s Time for Graduation!

Do you see that little boy in the photo? That’s my little brother and dude back then… I was even taller than him! The good ole days ^^. This was a photo taken about 5 years ago during my high school graduation. Alas he grown up quite a bit, grown taller and is now a teenager in high school. It’s really quite remarkable how fast time flies. 🙂

Now I think I finally understand why grown ups never remember how old you are.  I swear there’s one of my parents’ friends for the PAST decade who has kept asking me if I’m 12. Actually that ongoing  joke with my friends about how people think I’m 12. Joke is that one day I’ll look 15 then I can have a quinceanera party.

It a strange feeling growing up, going to university and working full time. Sometimes I forget while I’m growing up that the everyone else is too. To me it feels like the rest world is standing still and only when I look back at old photos do I realize what a change these 5 years have have been. Some people have grown taller, some have gotten wider ^^, some of my friends got married, some even have their own children now but I hope I have gotten wiser. I guess only time will tell.

Anyways, tomorrow I’m taking a flight back to university for the graduation ceremony that I missed last year. Yep me, my entire family, my grandparents and even my relatives came from far away land …ie China. It’s quite overwhelming. I still have to pick up my cap and gown. I seriously hope they don’t forget that I existed.  I just have this sneaking feeling that they might.

Oh my trip agenda!  This trip will be the first time I stepped to campus since my last final and it will be my last time on campus. I feel like if I were to stick around any longer who knows what might suck me back in! I could be there for another 4 years for all I know.

To be determined plans but mostly occurring…going to Vegas with the fam, eating a Sprinkles cupcake, taking the Fam to Soup Plantation (which despite being exactly the same as Sweet Tomato, I still like Soup Plantation more), going to Balboa Park, going to Black’s beach (gorgeous beach), eating some Mister Frosty’s, oh mexican food! Yum! Yum!, and taking LOADS of photos. Don’t worry I’ll try to document it to share it with you.

So if I’m bit MIA…that is why. Oh if you haven’t been to San Diego those ‘above’ things are all highly recommended things to do! Sophie – Approved!



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