A Day in My Life … Taking You to Work at Yahoo!

This was sort of project I’ve been working on for my mum so that she can see what my new life is like. I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Due to busy schedule at work, please note these photos have been pieced together from various days of work. Thus I will have different outfits on in my photos. I’m only saying this so you don’t get the misconception that I change outfits during my work day.

Some background information is that during the day time I work as data analyst at Yahoo! I mainly create data dashboards. This mean I compile data from loads of different data markets, create templates and deliver a compilation of metrics utilizing Excel, Access, pivot tables, graphs, special keys and somehow stick it all into one super report.

A super report that is beautifully informational! ❤

Some people might call me a data minion. I think I’d prefer something like Data Artist …lol. Anyways it’s pretty good fit for me right now because I’m learning a lot about the company, cutting edge technology and I enjoy the organizational aspect of the job. Ok, the secret is out…I’m sort of detailed orientated organization freak.

This is my building! It’s absolutely gorgeous day out. Though I can’t guarantee it’s always going to be nice because last week it was quite rainy and gloomy weather.

Say hello to my breakfast. I’ve been really loving these Nature Valley Yogurt in Strawberry Yogurt. It is a bit on the sweet side but I feel like the sugar really helps me wake up in the morning.
Oh yes, a great perk at being at Yahoo is that we have complimentary Bean Tree coffee bar. I have to say that caramel macchiato are my new poison of choice. The coffee people are quite friendly. They also have other beverages such as teas, organic coffees, milk, chocolate milk and a pop machine. I like my coffee with bunch of whip cream.  Anyways that how I start my morning -food wise.

My mornings work wise .. well I dock my laptop, I take a deep breath and open my outlook, I watch e-mails pouring into my inbox, I handle replies, bugs, and updates. I check the meetings I have for the day and I begin looking into our databases to see what data is available. My relationship with data is basically love and hate. I love getting my data and I hate waiting for it. But alas that is life. We use Yahoo messenger a lot for work. Recently I upgrade to Yahoo Messenger Version 11 beta which I like a lot more. You can choose funky layouts.

It’s a bit odd for me to think of websites I use daily as businesses or even competitors. Since previously I basically used the internet for leisure or to dig up information for my academic papers. Thus this job has been quite eye-opening experience for me and has allowed me to take a peek inside people side of the net. Man! There’s a lot of work involved in maintain websites, applications, search engines and keeping up with Jones so to speak. 

No longer should you associate the Internet with mindless code, robots, and doodads. You can think of me! ^^ ha. I’m there too.


This is me going to lunch!! Go! Go! Go!

On this day the campus was set up for some of our lovely clients. Yahoo does it big, we even roll out a special purple carpet. The first time I saw this I was afraid to walk on the carpet in case it was for like celebrities.

For lunch I decided to get Indian food which was the chicken Marsala. So after years of eating cafeteria food I’d have to say hands down this is the best cafeteria food I’ve had. I guess with the trend of eating organic and healthier has really impacted our chefs. Since they are always having little organic food sellers come to the campus and many of ingredients are local/organic/healthy/free-range.
Anyways in the main cafeteria they offer a grill, seafood special, grill special, pizza, salad bar, soup, Indian cuisine, pasta bar, other Asian cuisine, Mexican cuisine and pizza/sandwich line. In the main cafeteria they have chefs there for you and they make your food fresh sort of like if you went to a deli or a cafe.

The company subsidize food costs a bit so usually about $5-6 a meal which isn’t bad considering the ingredients, portions, and overall taste. I think my favorite food would have to be the sweet potato fries and their morning raspberry yogurt parfaits.

So this has been a first glimpse into my life …as I strive to become DATA GURU instead of a  data minion.

Do you know what Yahoo’s favorite color is?
Answer: PURPLE…they seriously love purple at Yahoo.

Anyways, tootles and I hope this was interesting.
Comment below if you’d would like me to post more “lifestyles-style” posts.



3 thoughts on “A Day in My Life … Taking You to Work at Yahoo!

  1. Ahhhh, Sophie, this post was super cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    PS, made the pineapple zucchini cake again without any salted pineapples, and it tastes sooo much better!!!

  2. Sophie, this is an awesome blog post. I’m glad to see what life is like on the “inside”….lol. when are we going to hang out again?
    P.S. You look cute in all your photos, as usual.

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