My First JewelMint Order


My first Jewelmint order is Aqua bomb ring -oxidized silver with milky aqua stones sz. 6 (retail $30) (I paid $12 shipped!)

*I can’t tell you about quality yet because I literally just ordered the ring after much debate but the coupon pushed me over. ^^

So I guess the aftermath of being addicted to watching Youtube Beauty videos is that I’m always up for trying something new. There’s been a lot of  ‘buzz’ about this company called Jewelmint. I guess it’s all the rage to have a monthly subscription…well this one is for jewelry.

The jewelry is created by actress Kate Bosworth & Designer Cher Coulter. It’s monthly subscription because you are “charged” monthly a fee of $30 = 1 credit with that you choose a piece of jewelry. All jewelry is limited edition and one of kind design to their company.

..Lastly you do this fashion quiz and you get a “special showroom” created for you. Nevertheless you don’t need to purchase only things in your showroom as I didn’t. I like how you actually can choose from their entire selection.

To be recognized $30 a month is a quite a splurge for me on jewelry.  ..but you can SKIP a month, between the 1st-5th of the month and you can CANCEL anytime. Free shipping and lovely packaging …I saw another youtuber show and it looked quite fancy.

Overall, what I like about this website is that the jewelry not stuff you would see in stores. It’s definitely not something you could buy on a dime at Forever 21. It’s hip and interesting. I also see a bunch of EBay people buying the jewelry and selling them for exorbitant prices since these are limited edition.

Well today I jumped on the bandwagon because FIRST TIME ONLY CUSTOMER get a special Memorial deal.

Jewelmint click here for link
5/28/11 (One day sale)
When checking out use code “Memorial18” and choose any 1  of the pieces for only $12 us dollars. 60% discount!!!

**I paid with my own money because I like the ring – the end**

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