Recycle old brushes for NEW free brushes from ECO-TOOLS

So I was alerted by that Eco-Tools is once again revving up their brush recycling campaign. I love Eco-Tools because they are 1% for the planet company and they make all their products from earth-friendly and/or recycled materials. You can purchase them at, Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Wal-Mart, and Target.

I currently own 3 brush sets from Eco-Tools. I really like them. They are soft, affordable, portable and high quality. Plus when you buy them in a set you get a lot more value for the price. If you would like to read more detailed review just comment below and I will create more comprehensive post.

Eco-tools 5 pc Brush set $10.99 (check it out here)
(eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush)
I got mine from Target Store. My favorite brush out of this set is concealer brush and it came with $1 off coupon in package.
Eco-Tools 6pc Bamboo Eye Set $8 (check it out here)
I got this set on using my free Amazon card from Swagbucks through internet surfing.

To learn more about Swagbucks and free swag you can go here... I’ve been a member of swagbucks since 2009 and I’ve redeemed $150 in Amazon swag. Swagbucks is a free search engine website that give you ‘points’ for searching.

Eco-Tools 5-pc Mineral Brush set $13 (check it out here)
This is by far my favorite Eco-tools set. I bought this one at Ulta stores (you can use Ulta coupons on this item.) I was weary at first because it does have 2 blush brushes. However this is very high quality and I love the blush brushes. It’s very portable set and I prefer the mineral fibers hairs to the original set.

I bet now you are interested in recycling your USED & OLD brushes…ng better!
To find out more about it the Choose to be Beautiful Campaign: click on their website here.

How it works:
Mail in your new or used beauty items* to the Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign. In return for your donated product, you will receive a coupon [valued up to $7.99; limit two coupons per person] for a complimentary EcoTools product.
Single brushes are $4-8, I bought brush sets so a bit more.

Instructions:  Mail products in or Go to Eco-Tools Recycling Event
(campaign is per person, so I believe if you live with others, they can participate too)

Mail in your products, along with your full name and mailing address to:

Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign
c/o Skirt Public Relations
2320 North Damen Ave, Suite 2D
Chicago, Illinois 60647

*Please allow up to six (6) weeks for us to process your request
*Eco-tool is having recycling events in Chicago, IL, Santa Monica CA, and Washington DC.

Beauty Items include (new or used):
-Cosmetic brushes
-Containers which hold body wash, lotion, scrub and beauty creams
-Body mist containers
-Body Sponges

No Expiration date on the Campaign  but sooner you mail it, the earlier you get your freebies!

Remember this crazy looking brush I have? Guess what…it’s going to go bye bye. So I can get a lovely new Eco-Tools brush!

I sent in this brush + one of the wet n wild brushes from their compacts and it costs around $1.20 to mail them to Eco-Tools address. I’m giddy with excitement for my new Eco-tools as I really want a bronzing brush and face finishing brush.

*Everything was paid with my own money ^^

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