Confetti Nail Polish in Belle of the Ball

This is my current favorite nail polish. It’s from Confetti and it’s called Belle of the Ball. I purchased it at CVS for only $2!
I was pleasantly surprised that the color looked exactly like it did in the bottle. It’s true lilac pastel purple. Great for the springtime. I think the colors really elongates the appearance of my finger nails.

Confetti is a inexpensive nail polish brand ($2 each). They have a decent selection of colors.
So far I’ve only seen them at CVS drug store.
(2nd finger – Confetti Belle of the Ball + Art Deco Silver)

It took 2 coats (no top coat) of this nail polish and it lasted me without chipping for a whole week. That’s serious business! I love wearing polish but I hate it when it chips. However I’m always hand washing dishes and busy typing away so I’m really excited about this product.

I’m looking to get more colors.

Nail Polish Information:
1. Opaque color
2. Nice pigmentation
3. Smooth Application
4. Easy to use brush
5. Great Value


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