Awesome Ebay Find : Candy-Colored Braided Wrap Wrist Watch

Woot! I’m back with another amazing Ebay Find. Lately, if you haven’t noticed  I’ve been really into “braided” bracelets and I’m on the lookout for the perfect watch. I picked up this watch because I love the colors. They are bright and fun to wear.

The wrap is extremely adjustable as there’s no designated watch holes so you find your size and it hooks into the braid. This is a wide band wrist watch. I think it’s rather nice quality, easy to wear, and got a huge watch face which is lovely since I’m terrible at reading time. ^^  The watch is about medium weight. It’s not too heavy but it’s not so light that you forget you are wearing it. I believe the watch comes in 2 different colors.

Overall, I really like my purchase and it was all that the listing described.

Item: Fashion Girls Lady Candy Braided Rope Wrap Wrist Watch
Cost: $1 + $5 shipping = $6 dollars (auction-style)
Shipping: Approx. 2 weeks from Asia to California

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Funny thing is I actually found this identical watch in a Target store jewelry counter for $12.99. So you can always buy it there or check out before ordering it online.

Disclaimer: Paid with my own money


2 thoughts on “Awesome Ebay Find : Candy-Colored Braided Wrap Wrist Watch

  1. I bought the one from Target a couple months ago and I love it! The many different colors allow it to match so many outfits. Awesome that you found this one for so cheap!

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