Another week in my life exposed ^_^

It’s quite amazing…another week I’m still going.

[Monday] Sorry about the angle I was attempting to get the classroom sign in the picture. Well you thought you were done with school when you left college…think again! On Monday, I attended a really awesome Excel training course taught by SBTRAIN. The instructor was fantastic and I was able to pick up a bunch of shortcuts that hopefully will enable me to triumph over the mischievous gremlins inside my laptop. My tip of the day is (alt + ; + copy = pasting heaven!) Try it out sometime if you have hidden tables or data you don’t want re-pasted this tip allows to select only want is seen. Oh I’m rocking my duo-color sunglasses I picked up from Wal-Mart ($5) and 100% UV protected!

[Tuesday] Say Hello to my new cube plant, the Kalanchoe! It’s described a “succulent plant” that is low maintenance. The blossoms are quite refreshing after staring at spreadsheet all day long. The only thing is that they aren’t fragrant at all. Oh they are grown in Michigan. This is very first time I have ever seen this plant. Sort of reminds me of lotus blossoms.

[Wednesday] I’m currently jiving to Lilly Allen inspired internet radio on But I’m also really enjoying Sara Bareilles (Love Song), Bruno Mars (Lazy Song), Maroon 5 (Hands All Over), Lady Gaga (Born with It) and La Roux (Bulletproof).

[Thursday] Best Thursday EVER! Well, maybe not but it was a really great Thursday. I was on the potluck team and we had a very successful team potluck. There were a lot of delicious foods.  It was great being able to chat with other team members since I’ve been quite busy with work. Overall, I’m happy with my job and I’m quite pleased with our progress. Oh my pineapple zucchini cake was a hit! Though a lot of people avoided it because of the frosting looks intimidating. But eventually the cake won them over and they were asking for more. It’s really delicious cake!

[Friday] Ok so it felt like Thursday and Friday were switched around. Friday was busy to say the least. I had a tough day fighting the gremlins in my laptop. One coffee later and concentrated effort of team I have to say we made out decent with Team 9 Gremlins 2.

Weekend: I spent deep in the tv series: Merlin. It’s syfy show about coming of age of Merlin & Arther, their adventures. I got some grocery shopping done ( 15 lbs of Cuties..yes I may be cutie clementine obssession), exercising, and playing with the dog pearl.

So watcha all been up to?


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