March 2011 : Another photo week to Sophie’s life

So it’s been a super busy week for me with a combination of work and excitement since M was able to visit me for his spring break. Anyways, it’s easier for me to explain my week through pictures (yes I am a bit narcissistic b/c they are all of me) but I’m sort of limited to what’s in my cube and my webcam. Though I do have bunch of hauls and food reviews in the wood work.

Recently I’ve been really loving black clothing with a pop of color. It’s my first time actually wearing blue eyeshadow in public. What do you think? I’ve been trying to branch out from my usual champagne and brown tones. Oh I really love the feather earrings I got from Charlotte Russe. Best part was that they were free with any purchase. If you want to find out more => I’ve blogged about CR haul.

Say hello to my UGLY sheep! So on Monday night M & I were on “returns” trip to Target. I had cultivated a lot of shoes that sadly didn’t fit. Anyways I saw this sucker in the Easter aisle. It immediately caught my eye! I don’t know why because I think it’s really ugly looking but I just had to have it. It kind of reminds me of lama-sheep. Oh I was also able to pick up $5 jeggings which I adore because they are so dang comfortable. Sigh if only I could wear pajamas to work but in the meantime this is sweet alternative.

I am totally calm. So this work week was filled with deadlines! I mean deadlines is something I’m quite comfortable with. However, this is the face I make when my Excel program freezes my computer every 8-10min. Oh god please Sophie of the past I hope you saved your last changes to the document. Not to mention I also got the blue screen of death from my laptop!!! Also I’m in the dire need of mentor. I don’t know where to find a mentor but it seems that every event I go to talks about getting one and the importance of networking. Actually maybe this is my fear of networking face. Some reason when I think of networking I’d rather go to the dentist. This is a thing I need to work on because I would love to meet new people since being new is rather lonely. Do you have any tips?

My new addiction is not to coffee despite what it seems. It’s actually to whip cream. Bless the Beantree coffee staff who understand and do not question why I need so much whip cream and sugar at 8 am in the morning.

My ugly sheep needs a name! What should I call it? It’s another early morning work day with my daily dose of sugar. I’m currently listening to Lady Gaga’s Born this way single very loudly as it seems to propel me through the work day. I love the song even if the mv is bit odd to say the least. Oh I’m wearing my new shirt from a store called Cotton. Cotton seems to focus on affordable teenage clothing. There’s like all these sale signs and tons of stuff under $10.  The shirt coral-pink flannel with cute silver buttons all for $10. Sweet! M says I have a affinity towards stripes. I got to say striped buttons up are indeed my ‘cai’. ^_^ Also WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! We made our deadline deliverance. It took a lot of changes and work but pretty cool to see the outcome.

Weekend Activities
SuckerPunch Movie (C-) It had no substance as a movie, limited character development, and inadequate plot. However it’s got killer action scenes and the characters are very sexy. I think the movie  more suited to have been developed as a video game rather than an movie. It was just a bunch of action scenes pieced together like someone wanted all these scenes but nothing really clicked.

Saigon Restaurant for HK dimsum, I loved the pineapple cream buns. It was very fun family event!

Sushi 85 (ask for Alex) Cool sushi restaurant with all you can eat sushi $25. I tried my first hand roll.

Wal-Mart I picked up a white sweater and I was finally able to pick up NYC ultra moist lip colors. Best part only $0.97 cent each. I love the NYC formulation, staying power and red shades are to die for. After EmilyNoel83 recommendation for “sheer red” I was determined to try the whole line. So inbetween Walmart & CVS haul I’ve gotten: blossom, petal, sheer red, ruby, and violet shine. My favorite is violet shine (319) it’s like if my lip color was perfect. I’d recommend checking them out and I’ll be doing a review on them soon.

Oh M and I also stopped by a charming milk tea cafe where I had QQ pearl milk tea. It was pretty tasty but right now the name escapes me. I also went on adventure to find a plain Hanes charcoal gray sweater. Unfortunately I’m still looking if you know where they sell them that would be swell.

Rounding up my weekend with FACE SHOP pomegranate face mask, walking pearl to Petco,and buy some tiny fish for the empty fish tank (actually they sadly look like they are dying right now), watched tv on hulu, and painted my nails makes a awesome week.

This is a photo of me and some other co-workers helping out last weekend for the non-profit called PRINCESS PROJECT where we help girls find their prom dress. It’s free  and safe environment for girls in need to come pick out a dress/accessory for their special event. When I mean need it doesn’t have to mean that you are in poverty but with hard times like these, every bit helps.

These dresses were fantastic! Even though Prom is just one day out of your life, I’m really glad I was able to be a part of this project. As I grow older, I find I’m very appreciative of the opportunities I had in high school, my high school friends and our memories have allowed me to widen my horizons.

To see those girls find the ‘dress’ was a joy. I think it’s such a confidence booster for these girls to branch out and take risk and find that it was worth it. Their eyes light up! I think we need to embrace those moments in our chaotic lives that we are perfect the way we are. Everyone is a Princess. The project helps thousands of girls every year and the staff is stellar nice!!!

Oh if any of my lovely readers out there have prom dresses collecting dust in their closet I’d highly recommend donating them to Princess Project or similar project in your area or even start your own dress drive!

Yep so that was my week…blah …blah …blah. I’m so long-winded.
So how was yours?


4 thoughts on “March 2011 : Another photo week to Sophie’s life

  1. lol sophie, your work pics are so silly. does anyone notice you take pics at work? haha. the princess project looks really fun! =) I just had a blog explosion and wrote 3 posts. I havent posted for so long! haha

  2. I realize this is totally random and rediculous. But, my daughter got a sheep just like this two years ago at Target, and it was her favorite stuffed animal. We lost it in the rain in the park yesterday, and despite many hours searching, we could not find it anywhere. She has been crying, and I have been madly searching the internet to see if I could find one to replace it. If, for some reason, you felt like parting with your sheep, I would gladly pay you for the replacement, and the shipping. Or, if you know that the Target near you has more (mine does not for sure) I’d gladly pay you to buy one for us and send it. Yes, I know, you probably think I am nuts. But, I thought i would ask. And some day if you are also a mother, you might actually understand. 🙂 Sincerely… Eve… from South Florida.

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