Another week in the life of Sophie…

Time sure seems to fly and oh how I dread daylight savings!

I’m using my favorite new Daiso cup filled to the brim with mocha.
It’s great that the company has initiatives to be more earth-friendly & green.

I seriously always have my hair up. What else…hmm I really like my white cloth blazer. I find it very comfortable to wear.

Gah…how to tackle this spreadsheet?!#? Grrrr! Stop freezing my computer! Oh yeah I like to eat oranges.

Oh my co-worker gave me this dessert from India. It’s like a cube of mango and coconut goodness. It’s very rich in taste. I wish I could remember the name. At first it reminded me of a cube of chicken stock but he assured me it would be delicious and it was.

Ha you think this was an I love Fridays photos but no this is Monday again. What happened to the other days? I don’t know. But I am wearing my new tank top so perhaps that’s why I am so happy.

Anyways, busy busy busy week. I can’t wait for my friends to come visit me during spring break even if I am still working. 😛


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